Letter: Article on guns was outstanding

The article on “What my gun means to me” was outstanding. Very good work. We … Read more

Letter: Cal Thomas article a great read

I just wanted to congratulate Cal Thomas on an elegant and well written article in … Read more

Angels and Desperados: The content of our character

It was a cold Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 5, 1964. I’d come home from a friend’s … Read more

Letter: Special thank you to CHP officers for acknowledging my mother

My mother, Vivian Malloy, who is 85 years old, was surprised and honored on Dec. … Read more

Letter: Brookings-Harbor High thanks those who supported charitable work

On behalf of the Brookings-Harbor High School Youth Transition Program we would like to thank … Read more

Letter: Regarding the loud boom box car thumping problem in Crescent City

Considering the loud boom box car thumping problem that Crescent City had: law enforcement gets … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Praise for forgotten angels

Much praise has often been bestowed in my articles and elsewhere upon our law enforcement … Read more

Del Norte should team up with Humboldt for quality air carrier

Reading that Humboldt County is also having problems attracting a quality reliable air carrier, we … Read more

Letter: Special thanks for care at Sutter Coast

A special thanks to the Sutter Coast doctors, nurses and support staff. I am writing … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Sutter Coast for attentive care

In the week of Nov. 5, I contracted an allergic reaction to the air in … Read more

From the Source: A mission ended by one act of malice

Around noon Thursday, I got a call from a man who was obviously upset about … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Gale force, the wind blew off the ocean. As the temperature plummeted toward freezing, the … Read more

Letter: Polidores will be sorely missed

We are so sorry to see Dr. Tom Polidore go. Dr. Tom and his wife … Read more

Yes We Can: In support of a healthy Board of Supervisors

It has been a pleasure for me to stay involved in this community after serving … Read more

Letter: Experience with poor care provided by Sutter Coast Hospital

After reading about the problems with patient care at Sutter Coast Hospital, I want to … Read more

Letter: Departure of great surgeon, Polidore, great loss to community

This is to express sadness at the news of Dr. (Thomas) Polidore’s announced leaving of … Read more

Letter: As children study current events, help them process difficult issues

As adults, we depend on the news as our primary source for information about the … Read more

Letter: Too many taxes already; no to harbor tax

Building permit tax, cigarette tax, corporate income tax, county fair tax, dog license tax, federal … Read more

Letter: Community losing a skilled surgeon in Dr. Polidore

Our community has been blessed to have Dr. Tom Polidore be a part of it … Read more

Letter: If you don’t believe, let the rest of us celebrate the way we wish

It’s so absurd how some people who do not believe in God want to impose … Read more

Letter: Healthcare District listens while Sutter Coast offers only deaf ears

I am writing in response to Sutter Coast Hospital Administrator Carlos Priestly, who advises patients … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Coming together to solve a problem

It appears to be a yard or so, the width of the aisles between the … Read more

From the Source: Be ready for scam HUD phone calls

A call Monday from a resident alerted me to a possible phone scam with the … Read more

Letter: Lack of recycling center is hurting seniors and homeless

It looks like we have a big problem in Crescent City now. With the recycling … Read more

Letter: Thanks to garbage collector who went the extra mile

I want to thank the nice garbage collector who picked up my bag of refuse … Read more

Letter: Cranberries articles informative, worth sharing with others

We wanted to commend you on your Nov. 11 article on Cranberries. Its depth and … Read more

From the Source: The bicycle thief

While I had a beautiful Thanksgiving in the company of lovely people and expertly prepared … Read more

Letter: DNHS girls golf thanks community for support

On behalf of the Del Norte High School Girls Golf team, I’d like to extend … Read more

Wood's Way: Mental health care needed to reduce shootings

The Second Amendment is the law of the land. I wore the uniform of this … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Healthcare District for improving local care

Thanksgiving is just around the corner Nov. 23. I want to give thanks to the … Read more

From the Source: “I Am Jane Doe” — Get mad and spread the word

Triplicate Staff Writer Jessica Cejnar and I attended a recent Screening of “I Am Jane … Read more

Angels and Demons: Thanksgiving and the Rebel Jesus

“We pray to get well; they pray not to get sick. We were told to … Read more

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