Guns need to be outlawed to prevent more massacres

In light of another school shooting, I just have a few questions. Why? How many … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Looking back on Billy Graham

They tell me Billy Graham died this week… He was born in 1918, months before … Read more

Berkowitz, Gitlin make Del Norte ‘Wild West of Weed’

Thank you, Bob Berkowitz and Roger Gitlin for deregulating cannabis businesses in Del Norte County. … Read more

Kudos to officials for furthering relations with Rikuzentakata

It is heartwarming to read of the continuing saga of the Rikuzentakata-Crescent City relationship. Kudos … Read more

Do your part to clean up our streets, neighborhoods and byways

Dear residents of Del Norte County, our streets, neighborhoods and byways are looking very trashy. … Read more

I Was Thinking … : Now is the time for this discussion

Three years ago, I was teaching journalism at a beautiful high school in Florida, and … Read more

A great production is reminder to support LRT

For anyone who saw the Lighthouse Repertory Theater production of Edward Albee’s play “Who’s Afraid … Read more

Berkowitz, Gitlin have done irreparable harm

By their irresponsible, short-sighted action in refusing to extend the temporary moratorium on local cannabis … Read more

Arrogant way that Charter is treating customers is a disgrace

As per article in Del Norte Triplicate on Feb. 6, it was stated: On it’s … Read more

Corporate tax cuts, deporting taxpayers a depletion of funds

I feel like doing a little math. Huge corporate tax cuts plus deporting millions of … Read more

Letter: Let Spectrum know how you feel about them

As you all have noticed, specifically if you are a Spectrum (Charter) customer, you no … Read more

Letter: Disc golf making positive impact on Crescent City

Today, I would like to talk to you about the benefits of Crescent City’s strong … Read more

Thanks to Supervisor Gitlin for parking lot fix

I’d like to thank Supervisor Roger Gitlin for taking care of the Veterans parking lot. … Read more

Coastal Voices: Cannabis regulations victim of political posturing

On Dec. 12, the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted for a 45-day … Read more

Supervisors, like the rest of us, need to start doing their job or be replaced

About 15 years ago I retired from Red Bluff and moved to Crescent City where … Read more

Keep trying with unresponsive staff at Sutter Coast Hospital

I am concerned about the care the patients are getting at Sutter Coast Hospital. My … Read more

Board Chairman Howard has besmirched Gitlin, Berkowitz

While I have been disinclined to submit any writing to what is left of the … Read more

Howard has no right to demand anything from anyone

What a shock. When I looked at the headline on the editorial page of Tuesday’s … Read more

Finally the board has voted on legalizing recreational cannabis

About a month ago, I attended the (Bob Berkowitz’s) Daily Town Hall meeting and I … Read more

Howard’s Coastal Voices piece brings shame to entire board

After reading Tuesday’s Triplicate and the latest attack by the chairman of the Del Norte … Read more

Coastal Voices: Where do the supervisors stand on cannabis?

Here is the headline in the Del Norte Triplicate from the discussion on cannabis: “Supes … Read more

Many of us happy country is thriving

Thank you for publishing an alternate view by Cal Thomas in today’s paper. So often, … Read more

Triplicate is an arm of socialist Democrats

I have tried to remain a subscriber to the Triplicate so that I can get … Read more

Why does Sutter keep Feller on the board?

Sutter Coast Hospital, retains a board member, Scott Feller, who settled a sexual harassment lawsuit. … Read more

It is others who don’t work well with Gitlin

The writer of a letter to the editor Jan. 20 got it wrong: “Berkowitz, Gitlin … Read more

Coastal Voices: Gitlin, Berkowitz must be held responsible

As the chairperson of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors I have strived to … Read more

Certain County Board members stuck in past

Have certain members of the Board of Supervisors lost their collective mind? I’d really like … Read more

Letter: Time to end practice of artificial breaching of lakes Earl, Tolowa

Comes around again the time when supervisors ritually resolve that Lakes Earl and Tolowa be … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Healthcare District for helping bring Dr. Dorgan

I would like to thank the Del Norte Healthcare District for being instrumental in bringing … Read more

Letter: Law Enforcement is doing nothing to stop the unending waves of so-called “petty” theft in our community

I am fed up and frustrated with what I see as so-called law enforcement. I … Read more

Letter: We can make Del Norte great, but we must think more clearly about what is needed here

Having lived in Del Norte County since 1997, I’ve seen numerous articles, opinions, etc. saying … Read more

Letter: Friends of the Crescent City Harbor looking for new members, ideas for the Pirate Run/Walk, and more

My name is James Ramsey and I am the chair of the Friends of the … Read more

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