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Warrior Memories: 1992 DN graduate D. Ridgley

During the years that I have been associated with Del Norte athletics since returning to Crescent City in 1980, I have been really impressed with the quality of the young people who have been a part of the Warrior athletic programs.

Not just with their ability to compete, but with the great character that they show over and over. This goes for both the boys and girls programs.

This is why I enjoy the privilege I have to write about so many of these individuals. Dylan Ridgley, a 1992 graduate, is one of those special people. When Dylan entered Del Norte in the fall of 1988 he immediately made his presence known as a running back on the freshman team. As a sophomore he continued to show great improvement.


House Calls: Common virus can afflict kids in cold months

House Calls runs every two weeks. Today’s column is written by Aleen Huston, respiratory care practitioner and certified respiratory therapist at Sutter Coast Hospital.

During the cold-weather months, hospital facilities are on high alert, especially Sutter Coast Hospital, for Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

RSV is a childhood infection as common as influenza. It’s responsible for one of every 13 visits to a pediatrician and one of every 38 emergency room trips. It infects most children sooner or later (usually before the age of 2). It often starts out with cold symptoms. For many babies and young children, the virus is no more troublesome than a cold. RSV infections usually occur during the winter months, with its peak in January and February in the Del Norte County.





Yoga Bites: It’s autumn: Build warmth, burn the trash

Editor’s note: Yoga Bites will appear every four weeks.

Here we are again, cycling into the season when crunchy leaves fall and you can feel the crispness of the earthy air at earlier and earlier sunsets.

We are entering the time of year when practicing heat-building yoga postures can help us stoke up a bonfire at center to increase warmth and circulation throughout the body, as well as burn “the trash,” whatever we do not want or need any more.

Remember as a child how being fully present was all you knew? Around this time back then you were usually planning your next greatest costume. Let your childlike nature emerge as you pretend to be a valiant Warrior-Sage.


Healthy Living: Echocardiogram: What’s really in your heart?

House Calls runs every two weeks. Today’s column is written by Randy Landenberger, a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer at Sutter Coast Hospital.

I think there’s an echo in here, an echo in here, an echo in here…

An echocardiogram, that is. The first thing I’ll say about this test is that the name is confusing because “echocardiogram” sounds so much like electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG). Specifically an echo is an ultrasound exam of the heart, and is also known as an echogram or a cardiac ultrasound. Many patients tell me they’ve had echos on their gallbladder, their neck, or their legs. What they really mean is that they’ve had ultrasound exams on those areas. Echo refers specifically to the heart.


Del Norte People: Remembering boat that went the wrong way

As we grow older I think that we look at our life’s experiences a little differently than in our younger years.

I have had a chance to reflect more on the unbelieveable experiences of coming out west in 1946 with my father, Wes Blackburn. He had such an impact on me in teaching me about living, surviving, working and having good moral values.

I wrote my book, “Kneebockers,” to honor my father and what he did for me. He died on Easter Sunday morning in 1976 of a heart attack.


Del Norte Students: Homecoming: How it all comes together

Emma Card
Del Norte Students is a new column that will appear periodically. Today’s column was written by Emma Card of Del Norte High School.

The beginning of another school year for us Del Norte High students inevitably comes around at the peak of our summer fun.

The sound of that tedious alarm clock early in the morning brings with it the stresses of grades, sports and school in general. Any teenager can be overwhelmed by these responsibilities.


House Calls: Mammogram: Have you had one recently?

House Calls runs every four weeks. Today’s column is written by Wendi Workinger, supervisor of diagnostic imaging at Sutter Coast Hospital.

I have been doing mammography since 1999.  I learned from the master of mammography in Del Norte County, Susan.

That same year I was sitting with a close family member and we were discussing my work. I asked her if she had a mammogram yet.  She answered “No,” and I was kind of surprised.  Here was a smart woman in her 50s and she had yet to go in for her first baseline mammogram?

Her father was a doctor and she was well versed in medical issues. It didn’t make sense to me. I asked her, “Are you afraid of the test?” She said, “No, I am afraid of the results.” I convinced her that she needed to make an appointment with her doctor and discuss getting a mammogram.


Del Norte Gardening: Plant a winter cover crop in order to protect soil

Del Norte Gardening runs monthly. Paul Madeira and Julie Jo Ayer Williams own Ocean Air Farms in Fort Dick.

As October draws near, there is one job on our minds that takes precedence above all others.

It is the winter cover crop, which we feel is the most important and time-sensitive task that will be the most beneficial to us in the spring.

For those of you who have never heard of a cover crop, we will do our best to explain. A cover crop is any plant, such as winter rye grass or clover, planted between periods of regular crop production to prevent soil erosion and provide humus or organic matter. Also known as a green manure, these crops tend to grow quickly and achieve a large mass of plant, or “organic matter,” as is commonly phrased.


Hey Ranger: Enderts Beach: overlook to history

Enderts Beach looking south: beautiful and rich with history. Photo courtesy of Redwood National and State Parks
The “Hey Ranger” column written by employees of the Redwood National and State Parks  is published monthly. Today’s column is by Park Ranger Michael Poole.

As a park ranger I am often asked which, out of all the abundant wonders of the parks, is my favorite place.

That’s easy! For me, it’s got to be the Crescent Beach Overlook area — partly because it’s just a beautiful place and partly because it’s rather historic.  

The overlook is one of the prettier coastal viewing spots in Redwood National and State Parks. Atop a 200-foot cliff, it commands a view that stretches from Point St. George to the bluffs north of Damnation Creek.


House Calls: Physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners are vital

House Calls runs every other Thursday. Today’s column is written by Christopher B. Cutter, a physician at Sutter Coast Community Clinic.

Rural areas such as Del Norte County present many complex challenges to the delivery of high-quality health care.

They tend to have many people who are elderly, disabled, unemployed and often with limited resources. When this is combined with a limited number of primary care physicians and specialists, the difficulty is obvious.

Without ready access to qualified primary care, it is very difficult to keep a population well while attending to day-to-day needs. People need competent providers to manage their medications, ar­range for appropriate monitoring, and take care of their urgent medical concerns. Without a primary care base serving the population, all of the specialists in the surrounding areas could never accomplish much lasting good. People need family doctors. Period.

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