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Editor's Note: Hooks, slices and other notes

I don’t know why it took me three-plus years to get out to Del Norte Golf Course.

Well, yes I do. I’m a hack golfer, sometimes willing to go years between outings to spare myself embarrassment. My standard line of self-deprecation: Only if the mistakes that cause a slice and the mistakes that cause a hook are in balance do I hit my shots straight.

And before you go telling me that I could cure all that with practice, consider this phenomenon: The more I golf, the worse I get. The first couple of holes always constitute the highlights. The lowlights spread out over the rest of the round, manifesting themselves in so many incompetent ways, from worm-burner, Mulligan-inspiring tee shots to errant trajectories off irons that threaten fellow players in my party and adjacent fairways.

Coastal Voices: Park labyrinth proposed

I believe that creating a labyrinth in Front Street (Beachfront) Park would be a wonderful community project, resulting in a peaceful, healing and inspiring area in which others can gather for special (or everyday) events.

Several labyrinths exist in our extended area (see labyrinthlocator.com as a means to search) and serve their communities and clientele (some have been created in gardens at hospitals because of their healing properties), but wouldn’t a labyrinth in Front Street Park, perhaps with some sheltering bushes and benches encircling it, be a wonderful and natural addition to our beautiful community?

As a relatively new member of our town, I have been wondering this for a while now, and in talking to others have discovered that they, too, think a public labyrinth would be an asset to our community.

Coastal Voices: Time to look under hood

Mr. Obama has a new vocabulary: “We need to invest in America,” “Time to hire and invest in America” and “Win the future.”

While I personally applaud the words, I am skeptical about the substance in these nifty new buzz words. Since 2009, our national deficit has exploded by $1.3 trillion dollars thanks to a “progressive” Democrat-controlled Congress and a willing “progressive” president. Our national debt is $14 trillion and counting.

If you had money to invest, would you seriously take investment advice from a guy who spends trillions more than he has?  Didn’t Wall Street’s Bernard Madoff, who swindled billions from investors, just get his butt thrown in jail for this same kind of misconduct?

Our View: Eyes-wide-open approach

Welcome to the unification movement, Mayor Slert.

Right now, Crescent City isn’t really Crescent City. It’s one contiguous area of residential and commercial development, but most of its inhabitants are residents of unincorporated Del Norte County.

One community, two agencies of law enforcement. One community, two sets of land-use regulations and planning commissions. One community, two chief administrators. One community, two governing boards.

Obviously not the most efficient way to run things at a time when every iota of efficiency is needed at all government levels, from Washington, D.C., to Del Norte.

Coastal Voices: A city worth expanding

It’s a new year and the cycle of the winds of change has been set in motion once again. This past Nov. 15, our City Council selected me as your new mayor. I am honored to have the Council’s confidence and to have the opportunity to serve you and our city.

Although our local newspaper hasn’t chosen to conduct an interview with me, to date, regarding my goals and objectives, our local National Public Radio station conducted a mini-interview with me back in early December. Moreover, NBC Channel 3 News out of Eureka has conducted three interviews with our City Manager Rod Butler and I about our current Crescent City renaissance and my goals and objectives. I have a relatively aggressive agenda for our city in 2011, therefore I am writing because I wanted to share my vision with you.

Editor's Note: About those ‘regulars’

Regular readers of The Triplicate’s Opinion page know that there is another type of “regular.” As in prolific contributor.

While some people are rarely or never moved to write a letter to the editor or a longer Coastal Voices piece, there are others who always seem to have a missive in the works.

Fearful of letting the latter take over the page, the newspaper had adopted an informal policy before my arrival three years ago of publishing only one letter a month from any one individual. I must admit I have bent that rule a few times for various reasons. Sometimes an opinion prompts a critical response to which the original writer deserves a chance for an immediate counter-response. Other times, there is dearth of contributions and it makes no sense to hold back on a new letter from someone who had one published a couple of weeks earlier.

Coastal Voices: Shooting used to boost Obama

Even as acrid gunsmoke hung in the winter Arizona air, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dopenik's bulldog countenance was thrust onto TV screens across America as he inveighed upon what he termed the “vitriolic climate” of America’s political scene.

He cited Arizona as the mecca of America’s acrimonious political warfare. He was, of course, referring largely to the recent passage of the anti-illegal alien law in Arizona. He was so absorbed in his self-appointed role of moral pontificator that he had no apparent interest in the role he was being paid to perform. He was out to lambast the passions of a segment of the Tucson community who oppose the invasion of Arizona lands by illegal aliens.

As if on cue the lights went on like a Christmas tree across media land. Chris Matthews excoriated talk show host Michael Savage as a raving commentator that begins his show in anger and ends it on the same tone. It would seem that Mr. Matthews is ultra-sensitive to vocalizations as when he experienced the “tingle” up his leg when Obama spoke in one of his campaign speeches. Other media attacks were focused on Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh as the hacks ramped up the very rhetoric they were decrying. One blogger even described Laura Ingraham as the “high priestess of hate.” The common thread among these disparate commentaries was the blame being placed on the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin and AM radio personalities for the Tucson shootings. The actuality of the event couldn’t be further from the truth.

Coastal Voices: Look closer at the NCCS

Months ago, when The Daily Triplicate published a story for the local Tea Party announcing that it had booked a Constitution seminar for Crescent City, I was curious to find out about the origins and principles of the National Center for Constitutional Studies that was presenting the seminar.

I was kind of wishing the Triplicate had been similarly curious, as it was printing a news article at the request of local initiators who, it appeared, had not received sufficient response to their own publicity. I propose to offer a little balance by way of information.

I found the NCCS home page and there were the chubby, pink jowls of Glenn (“God spoke to me”) Beck! Turns out, he is the one who now peddles this course and all the other stuff featured at this site. Aha! So this seminar has his brand of “authenticity” for this interpretation of what the Constitution “really means.” Glenn Beck-ons and the Tea Party now knows what to think.

Our View: A fight we can’t lose

Here we go again, Del Norte.

State park closures are being considered as part of Sacramento’s belt-tightening, just as they were two years ago.

In 2009, Gov. Arnold Schwarz­enegger’s wild fiscal gyrations in the face of massive state debt included a plan to close up to 220 of California’s 279 parks while cutting parks spending by $70 million. It never happened.

You might think that, by comparison, Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to cut parks spending by $22 million is less significant. The problem is, while Schwarz­enegger specialized in launching trial balloons and changing his budget-balancing schemes almost daily, Brown may be serious.


Coastal Voices: Education — Play your role

Let me begin by saying thank you to Jan Moorehouse for opening the door with her Jan. 5 Coastal Voices piece, “Conversation, education-style.” This takes courage to open a dialogue you know can be polarized.

But I am saddened that no one has responded as of yet. So we’re essentially saying that everything is okay. I don’t know about you, but things aren’t okay. The world is getting more competitive every day and we’re falling behind. 

As a representative of a local employer, I’m concerned about the basic qualifications of future employees.  As a father of a young child, I’m concerned my child will not get a good enough education to be competitive, no matter where and what he intends to do with his life.

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