Letter: Must ignore evidence to deny climate change

I saw a survey which showed that a few people in the United States still … Read more

Letter: New book sheds light on Sutter’s greed

For years, our community has worked together to stop the health care Goliath known as … Read more

Letter: BHC has outlived its welcome in Crescent City

I think Building Healthy Communities has outlived its welcome in Crescent City, if there ever … Read more

Letter: No wonder Sutter doesn’t post its outrageous charges

I am writing regarding Sutter Coast Hospital’s high charges for care. Here are some examples, … Read more

Letter: Micks deserves every cent for keeping DA’s office afloat

As a retired employee of the DA’s office, I am in agreement with Jim Fallman’s … Read more

Letter: Constant lack of professionalism in DA's office from top bosses

I’m chagrined at the lack of professional dedication that is rampant at our DA’s office … Read more

Triplicate newsroom receives awards

The Del Norte Triplicate brought home several top awards and honorable mentions this year from … Read more

Letter: Big thanks for flower donation to DNHS

Del Norte High School would like to thank Home Depot for the donation of four … Read more

Letter: Judge Follett has long history of supporting victims of crime

I was greatly surprised and horribly dismayed to hear The Honorable Judge William Follett getting … Read more

Letter: Pulling RHS funding hurts poor while pervert still on SCH Board

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The alleged pervert running RHS resigned after accusations … Read more

Letter: Men, make some room at the top for women

Henry Fawcett, a male journalist at the Telegraph, wrote, “The role of men in the … Read more

Letter: Enforce overnight parking ordinances

Well folks it’s tourist season in Crescent City and Del Norte County and time for … Read more

Letter: Info on applying for RHS Board opening

There is at least one opening on the RHS Board of Directors due to Katie … Read more

Letter: To the criminal who stole my bike …

On May 10 a criminal stole my only transportation, my bike, while I was metal … Read more

Letter: Thank you to all who helped with food drive

Rural Human Services (RHS) food bank and Community Assistance Network (CAN) food bank would like … Read more

Letter: Sanctuary cities need to go away

Regarding sanctuary cities I just have one question — why? These people already broke the … Read more

Letter: Thanks for help to fight, recover from SR fire

As a resident and business owner in Smith River having received some fire damage in … Read more

Letter: Where did all the money for roads go?

I think Governor Brown upping our taxes to improve our roads is great. But where … Read more

Letter: How many women does it take for RHS to listen?

It seems clear that at least so far, the directors of Rural Human Services believe … Read more

Letter: Dictator 101 — Find scapegoat, discredit media, blame others

It’s been awhile since I talked about authoritative dictators with my grandmamma, so here’s the … Read more

Letter: Gitlin should stay the course and ignore his critics

Saturday’s lone Letter to the Editor was one of the dumbest, ill-thought out opinion pieces … Read more

Letter: Water service is expensive and customer service rude

I moved to Crescent City in March 2016 and had to pay $250 deposit to … Read more

Letter: New leadership needed at Rural Human Services

The front page article about the sexual harassment lawsuit settled against Rural Human Services and … Read more

Letter: Make sure to check dentures within a year

For those of us who didn’t know, when you get dentures at the Wellness Center … Read more

Letter: Outrageous that Feller keeps his job despite factual allegations

It’s egregious that in today’s professional world we continue fighting for justice in gendered issues. … Read more

Letter: Circus — especially C&M ­— is bad for their animals

“Circus Comes to Town.” Sounds exciting maybe fun. But here are the facts: Circuses that … Read more

Letter: Cost for tests — numbers speak for themselves

My doctor ordered blood work for me. Because of my insurance deductible, I did some … Read more

Letter: Much better conservative columnists than Thomas

As a former journalist I cannot let Cal Thomas’ April 28 column in the Triplicate, … Read more

Letter: County supervisors hardly function, Gitlin at the center

I’m writing about a growing problem here in the county. I’ve lived here for many … Read more

Letter: Rise of elderly prison population must be stopped

It’s like the Wild West. This is a disgrace. It’s not good to die in … Read more

Letter: Picking up trash won’t solve cause of problem — homeless

I read Mr. Hawkins idea of cleaning up our redwoods by ecosweeping with interest. But … Read more

Letter: “Financial counselors” Hanna mentioned feel like a scam

I read with interest the recent Triplicate article, “County Supervisors Grill Sutter Coast Hospital CEO,” … Read more

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