Letter: Thanks for help to fight, recover from SR fire

Letter: Where did all the money for roads go?

Letter: How many women does it take for RHS to listen?

Letter: Dictator 101 — Find scapegoat, discredit media, blame others

Letter: Gitlin should stay the course and ignore his critics

Letter: New leadership needed at Rural Human Services

Letter: Make sure to check dentures within a year

Letter: Outrageous that Feller keeps his job despite factual allegations

Letter: Circus — especially C&M ­— is bad for their animals

Letter: Cost for tests — numbers speak for themselves

Letter: Much better conservative columnists than Thomas

Letter: Rise of elderly prison population must be stopped

Letter: “Financial counselors” Hanna mentioned feel like a scam

Letter: Clean up our redwoods with ecosweeping

Letter: Another patient tired of overpriced care

Letter: California liberals raising taxes

Letter: Roundabout will back up traffic

Letter: We should do anything we can to build bypass

Letter: Out-of-network ER costs cause more suffering

Letter: Shame on city for eviction after criticism

Letter: Questions about city waiving hookup fees

Leter: Service animal laws being abused in stores

Letter: Best way to secure your future is getting that diploma

Letter: Health care costs vary, but you can get an estimate

Letter: More rhetoric about Last Chance instead of action

Letter: Time to fight back against president’s dismantling of EPA

Letter: Will Howard be smart with divided board?


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