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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor May 30, 2013

Is Waste Authority time-wasting a witch hunt?

Would a bottle of hydrogen peroxide help our elected officers at the county and city clean out the ear wax in their ears? 

At the joint meeting of the city and county (“More talk, no action on waste,” May 23) the majority of the community spoke to keep the Solid Waste Authority. To the current members of the Solid Waste Authority Board, I hope that you hear what the people said at that meeting. 

Are there problems in the way the transfer station is run? No. Are there problems with how Recology picks up our garbage? The answer is no. I would hope that people who went to the meeting would come to Solid Waste Task Force meetings as it starts to work on its “five-year plan” that has to go to the state. Public input would help the members of the task force design that plan. 

I would also hope that if there are problems with the bottom line at the authority that members would focus on that problem and stop playing the soccer game that they have played for so long. If there are problems with the bottom line, how much money we are spending to run the operation of the transfer station?

Why have they wasted so much time and haven’t solved the problem with the books of the authority? 

Maybe they have other reasons to play their soccer game. Is there a witch hunt, as some claim?

Richard Miles, Crescent City

What's Gitlin's motive in blocking airport?

I am struggling to understand why county Supervisor Roger Gitlin has stated that he will oppose the proposed set-aside of some Pacific Shores lots to enable the congressionally mandated airport expansion project to go forward.

Letters to the Editor May 28, 2013

Gitlin says McClure is blocking vet monument

After reading the May 18 Coastal Voices opinion article by county Supervisor Roger Gitlin, “Supreme Court must rein in Coastal Commission,” I am reminded of my personal loss. This weekend is Memorial Day and I hark back to the day my parents shared the terrible World War II telegram that my older brother was missing in action (and later pronounced dead).

My other older brother was also killed in action. I was 11 years old. I am sure you can all relate to human loss and the devastation it leaves.

Today, according to Gitlin, the California Coastal Commission and county Supervisor Martha McClure, who serves as a commissioner, can throw a monkey wrench into the process which would approve the permit to allow the construction of Point of Honor at the S curve because of “the effects of on-site illumination and how lighting would affect our local bird life.”

Allow me to say, I am not a veteran because I am the sole surviving son of my family. I was exempted from the draft. I am not a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but my heart is with it in its struggle to have the permit granted.

It saddens me to believe that Supervisor/Commissioner McClure places the importance of birds over humans. It makes me wonder why it has taken so long to expand our airport and how much we have to give up to bring our community into modern times. Could Martha McClure be the reason we have not expanded our airport and we do not have a Point of Honor Memorial erected?

Leroy Bieber, Crescent City

Letters to the Editor May 25, 2013

Resounding opposition to highway improvements

Recent articles concerning the Caltrans 199/197 road project could have some people believing that only environmental groups are opposed to the introduction of the huge STAA trucks on our Wild and Scenic route.

However, a review of the draft EIR and final EIR shows a resounding opposition to the project. (See Caltrans website www.dot.ca.gov/dist/1/d1proj
.) In the final EIR, Caltrans states it received 398 public comments. I could only find three letters or comments that were in favor of the project published in Volume 3 of the final EIR.

Also published in Volume 3 of the final EIR, is a report by Smith Engineering and Management (starting on page 4-2-16, volume 3 of the final EIR) which explains in detail the dangers STAA trucks would pose.

Do the research on this project and if you feel it’s unwise to proceed, contact your local supervisor, the local transportation board, and the Governor’s Office urging them to withdraw support for this project.

Donald Bruce, Gasquet 

Letters to the Editor May 21, 2013

Why spend more on question that's answered?

There is movement afoot to dissolve the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority despite public sentiment in favor of the agency and despite county officials being unable to find any substantial way to improve the agency after two years of searching.

The authority is a local public entity created to monitor the local landfill (now closed, and for good reason) and to handle the county’s trash flow. It is highly efficient, keeping much of our garbage from ever reaching a landfill in the first place.

Run by living-wage employees under public scrutiny at no cost to the taxpayer, the authority contributes to the economic development of the county, contracting with multiple local businesses.

Personally, I am grateful for their good work. The endless waste of our consumer society is a serious environmental problem, affecting water quality and hence, public health. The best way to manage public health is through public oversight and the authority does that well.

Business owners producing large volumes of rubbish feel burdened by fees. But frankly, so does everyone else. That’s the point! People should have to pay to pollute and, despite the formality that it’s legal, dumping in a landfill is still pollution.

Commercial pickup rates proportionate to volume will create the incentive to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Consequently, businesses that provide their services with minimal waste will be rewarded. Who wouldn’t want that?

Letters to the Editor May 18, 2013

Dissolving Waste Authority expensive 

Something stinks in our county and it’s not coming from garbage. The push to dissolve and privatize the public agency that manages our trash by some supervisors makes no sense and is a really bad and ultimately expensive idea.

Our nearest neighbor, Curry County, privatized all of its solid waste handling, which has resulted in a steady increase in fees to their customers. This has been consistent with other communities in the nation that have done the same.

Is it any wonder that Curry residents travel to Del Norte’s transfer station to dump their trash? It’s certainly not to benefit from California’s high gas prices! 

What’s really behind this obsession to get rid of the Solid Waste Management Authority? After a one-year study by a public committee and then another year with 10 city and county officials forming a new board revisiting the issue, the authority received a satisfactory if not exemplary report card for its services … and no recommendation for dissolution or privatization.

Letters to the Editor May 16, 2013

Boston bombing shows need for tighter border

The Brothers Tsarnaev have just delivered a pressure cooked meal of steel to the streets of Boston America as groggy citizens  try to blink away incredulity from awe-struck eyes.

Images of corpses and shredded flesh  imbed on the national psyche as medical teams cart the human carnage away  to be swathed in yards of comfort cotton. The rigors of  sweating  flesh pounding miles of pavement ended with the  flash of  searing heat, and the marathon would never be the same.

Nor would America. Nor should America. It is so past time to review our immigration policy. What does it benefit America to keep up the literal river of humanity pouring into our increasingly impoverished nation? And what are our political leaders thinking by allowing immigrants of nations that continue to pronounce America as their mortal enemy?

Chechnya is a known cauldron of terrorist activism  directed more toward Russia than the U.S., but Islam is the driver  and the West  is radical Islam’s mortal enemy.

Let us not forget that 16 Chechan terrorists were apprehended after crossing our red carpet southern border in 2008 and they weren’t heading here for a picnic.

The immediate question is how many other terrorists have crossed that notoriously porous  border?

Not only are terrorists crossing into the U.S., but terrorist organizations have reportedly collaborated and colluded with the Mexican butchers whose penchant for violent terror makes them akin to the terrorists themselves.

Letters to the Editor May 14, 2013

We've gone extremely far from Constitution

I can’t help but wonder how many folks, besides myself, if any, have noticed how extremely far away from our Constitution and/or Bill of Rights we’ve gone?

We’ve gone so far that, in my opinion, the founding fathers would be ashamed!

Teri V. Markanson, Crescent City

Sheriff's oath precludes enforcing arms control

After rereading all of the many letters and opinions regarding Sheriff Wilson and the recent gun control legislation being considered at the state level, there seems to be several issues that remain voiceless.

Chief among them is a troubling detail that all elected official must give an oath of office once elected. That oath says that they will defend and support the Constitution of the United States which includes the Second Amendment regarding the right to bear arms. While the wording of that amendment could be subject to a wide range of interpretation, it is useful to understand why that amendment exists and how narrowly focused it was meant to be.

Within the melting pot of the formation of the Constitution, one of the greatest fears of the framers of that document was their perception of the historic growth in size and subsequent abuses of the many governments that proceeded our founding. As a result, much of the finished product was directed first at limiting government and then providing the citizenry with the means to resist all the way up to and including by force if necessary.

Letters to the Editor May 9, 2013

Kids homeschooling after racial bullying

I am a grandmother and grew up in the Arcata area. In the ’50s and ’60s it was not uncommon to hear of racial bullying.

I for one stuck up for the person being bullied. I thought as a country we had evolved to a better place dealing with racial issues. I taught my kids not to see color, just the person.

Now when I was told my grandkids were being racially bullied, I must admit I saw red. My grandkids are what I with lovingly call “Oreos,” they are black and white and sweet as can be!

My grandkids will be finishing out the school year being home-schooled because the kids calling them the “N” word and other nasty ignorant names people call black people are not being stopped. I have a gut feeling that this nasty little problem may have happened to other families in Del Norte.

If you are having these kind of problems call Superintendent Don Olson at the school district office.

Is our decline in school enrollment due to bullying problems at the schools? As a community we need to work to make our kids feel safe at school. No child should have to endure emotional or physical bullying. Remember these kids are our future.

Shirley Dollahite, Crescent City

Being policeman of world a corporate scam

It’s a crying shame this country has spiraled down to the level it is currently at. It started with the original illegal invasion of Iraq.

Letters to the Editor May 7, 2013

Looking back on time of crash and recovery

Aloha, our dear friends in Crescent City.

It has been almost a full year since a terrible car wreck in Houichi on May 20, 2012, aborted our six-month “Grandmothers Whisper” book tour, and nearly ended our lives.

A Triplicate reporter found us in the Sutter Coast Hospital, where my injuries were considerable after having been wedged between an intoxicated driver and a giant redwood.

She wrote: “Miller said she’s ‘truly blessed to be breathing,’ but also to be in such a ‘compassionate community.’ 

“Her husband said there’s been an outpouring of generosity from Del Norters: they have been offered homes to stay in and a car to drive (theirs was totaled).” 

We had travelled widely — 95,000 car miles in five years of speaking about the Native Hawaiian culture and sharing our book “Grandmothers Whisper.” We have found graciousness and generosity in many towns and cities. But the compassion we experienced in Crescent City, at a time when we were struggling, is unmatched.

Letters to the Editor May 4, 2013

Like sheriff, can the rest of us pick laws we obey?

I find it disgusting that Sheriff Dean Wilson is willing to push aside any attempt to make our communities even a tiny fraction safer by disregarding any forthcoming gun control legislation from the state.

We can’t just proclaim “2nd Amendment,” lower the flag to half mast every other week and carry on, business as usual. 

And if, indeed, Sheriff Wilson chooses which laws he’s going to enforce, can the rest of us choose which laws we’re going to obey?

Diane Blackberry, Crescent City

Gun opponents don’t care about anyone but selves 

Our sheriff is only trying to look out for everyone and protect all our rights as a whole. I wonder how many of you who are against what Sheriff Dean Wilson is doing are anti-ownership of firearms of any type?

Why should any of us suffer for the wrongdoing of others? I’ll bet no one has considered that golf clubs, baseball bats, kitchen knives and other items have been used to murder, to name a few. Let’s ban or put restrictions on them and start with single-swing golf clubs first.

Oh, you don’t like that because you have used them for golf? Well, how do you think those of us feel who have used our firearms for hunting or target shooting and never have harmed anyone with them? From the letters to the editor, you don’t care how anyone feels but yourself. How quick you are to turn on others when things don’t go your way.

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