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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Dec. 13, 2012

How can Sutter Health continue stonewalling?

Sutter Coast Hospital has served our community for over 25 years. Another way of looking at that for me is that SCH has operated and managed a monopoly on health care in Del Norte County for over 25 years and that monopoly has included lucrative tax advantages.

Now, because of economic changes, the “powers that be” at Sutter Health, a not-for-profit organization, want to downsize our community hospital and limit access to local health care because, they say, of potential future financial losses.

I know the members of the Board are our community members too, and our neighbors. They care about health care in Del Norte and Curry counties as much as we all do. What I still don’t understand though is how, after almost a year of opposition to this “regionalization” business, the Board and “‘powers that be” at Sutter Health can continue to stonewall the community and refuse to engage requests for public information or question and answer sessions.

What do they have to hide? It seems at this stage, they are focusing more on the financial aspects for Sutter Health than our local community’s access to health care! Should regionalization go forward, Sutter Health will continue to prosper but our local health care will definitely suffer.

Letters to the Editor Dec. 11, 2012

Homeless shelter concept

The days of near-freezing weather, in addition to our famous rains, are soon to arrive. Sadly, and as it has always been, Crescent City and Del Norte County by and large lack emergency homeless shelters.

There are legal issues this city and county presently face anyway — over a fairly institionalized callousness that strongly works against the homeless. Many good folks and entities have tried to serve our homeless, but have, especially with respect to being able to provide consistent and well-run basic shelter, failed for one reason or another.

Yes, some groups give out food rations. Yes, vouchers for hotel stays are offered on occasion.

But these present as a whole, a very difficult and scattered approach, for a homeless person on foot, to manage. A thought occurred to me: Perhaps it is time for the wealthiest commercial businesses to partner up with the folks who’ve always tried so hard to provide shelter to the homeless, but for one reason or another, have yet to do what they dream of, having a permanent shelter with permanent funding.

Letters to the Editor Dec. 8, 2012

Hospital should look at expanding

Dr. Gregory Duncan, chief of staff at Sutter Coast Hospital, wrote a Dec. 1 Coastal Voices piece, “A closer look at Critical Access at Sutter Coast,” about the plight of our local hospital should an agreement not be reached with
Sutter Health, the parent company.

It’s very important to keep our local hospital intact with the number of beds needed to accommodate our community and the Emergency Room as a full-service department just the way it is, because our community so depends on it.

Lets use an analogy and compare it to Walmart. Look what its has done in its expansion. It also depends on business coming from a wide area, not just Del Norte County. Our hospital also has patients from this wide area, not just Crescent City.

Letters to the Editor December 6, 2012

Letter criticizing DA was right and long overdue

In her Dec. 1 letter, “Spare us DA’s ramblings,” Karen Olson is spot on, I’m glad someone finally spoke up and said what many of us are thinking.

It is very annoying to attend a public assembly and having the district attorney grab the microphone and give his standard spiel of what a great guy he is.

Jon Alexander, the election is over. The newsprint space the DA takes up with his opinion of what a great guy he is would be better utilized by your staff investigating subjects such as what happened to the fire tax we sent to Sacramento? Is there a chance it will be returned? What is the status of the lawsuit? How will the tax be spent? What is the status of the Assembly bill to repeal the tax? An Assembly bill was submitted, then the Assembly went on vacation just before this last election.


Letters to the Editor Dec. 4, 2012

Triplicate website not timely

The Triplicate guidelines for submitting a letter state that consumer complaints will not be accepted. I will let the editor decide if this letter is a consumer complaint.

I have lived in this county for more than two decades and have relied on the Triplicate to provide me with local news as well as national headlines.

I enjoy the articles written by local writers, I really miss Inez Castor. While I have never been a subscriber, as I did not want another plastic mailbox in front of my house for vandals to prey on, I do put coins in machines around town to buy editions that seem to have articles about something relevant that piques my interest.

Letters to the Editor Dec. 1, 2012

Spare us DA’s ramblings

Regarding the Nov. 10 Coastal Voices piece, “Storm damage pales in comparison to meth’s toll,” please, please, spare your readers from any further ramblings authored by District Attorney Jon Alexander.

His prose are merely self-serving, name-dropping drivel and far less than entertaining. We all know Jon is infatuated with himself and that his 50 kool-aid drinking followers are still blindly enamored.

But why continue to subject the rest of this community to such boring twaddle, spewed from a charlatan?

Karen Olson, Crescent City

Editor’s note: Karen Olson is a local attorney.

Letters to the Editor Nov. 24, 2012

Fire fee refund help needed

I am writing this letter as a public request for information about the Cal Fire fee that I paid last August.

I filled out a form to get a refund. I received an answer that my application was denied because I had gone beyond the time limit. I reread the statement and did not find any information about a time limit.

If anyone with a suggestion on a recourse of action, please contact me. My phone number is 464-2454. Thank you.

Robert Ames, Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Nov. 22, 2012

Rep.-Elect looks ahead

With the election over, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the more than 160,000 voters from throughout this great coastal district — from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border — who placed their trust and confidence in me to represent them in Congress.  

Our strong victories in both the primary and general elections wouldn’t have been possible without my first-rate campaign staff and the hundreds of volunteers and grassroots supporters who worked so hard on my campaign over the past eighteen months. My sincere thanks to all of you!


Letters to the Editor Nov. 17, 2012

Why I'm a Republican and why Dems make trouble

A very good friend who just happens to be a Democrat asked me recently after the (thank God it’s over) election, “Why are you a Republican?” which made me start thinking, why am I a Republican? After some thought I came up with my answer. 

Do you wonder why we have to stop working on our harbor by Nov. 15
and can’t start again until June? (Where’s our resident costal commission person?) Do you wonder why
we cant dredge our harbor, and if and when we are allowed to we have to barge all the dirt from here to off of Eureka? 

Letters to the Editor Nov. 10, 2012

In disaster's wake

We’ve suffered a national disaster, which is still going on with snow on top of all else. Have any countries offered assistance? We should still help others, when we can, but it’s interesting that we stand alone? I’m still hopeful for our nation and praying that Obama and our nation are able to solve our many problems; if we all work together, we can do it! Good thoughts to all as we give thanks for having been blessed by being born Americans. Let us focus on what we have, not on what we don’t, and as JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” 

California Martin, Crescent City

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