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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Sept. 25, 2012

President hasn’t shown any leadership in Mideast uprisings

It should cause concern for all of us that this president has not shown any leadership with the uprisings in the Mideast where a U.S. ambassador was killed, along with three other Americans.

Where has this president been? Has he met with his security council? No, he had more important places to be: on Sept. 14 he had to give an interview to the entertainment magazine People en Espanol and have a photo-op with photographer Omar Cruz, according to Breitbart reporter Warner Huston.

He did, however, attend the remains ceremony at Andrews Air force Base at 2:15 p.m., according to the presidential schedule of Sept. 14. In a Sept. 13 article by Washington Post opinion writer Marc Thiessen, the president’s schedule indicated he was to hold a security meeting on Wednesday, the day after the attack, but canceled that meeting to comfort grieving State Department employees. Rather than reschedule the Security Council meeting, Obama decided to go to Las Vegas for a fund-raising event.

Letters to the Editor Sept. 22, 2012

Hospital regionalization awful

On my recent visit to my orthopedic surgeon, I was more aware of this recent push to “regionalize” our hospital services.

I am appalled! Hasn’t our community lost more than our fair share of medical services already?

More and more of our citizens are being forced to commute to Eureka or Medford for the services we direly need to remain local. We’ve already suffered a mass exodus of doctors and other health care professionals. Isn’t this more of the same?

Speaking from personal knowledge, the “cutting” of our medical transport bus has already made it close to impossible for me to get to the pain clinic in Arcata so that I can have a semblance of “quality of life.”

Letters to the Editor Sept. 20, 2012

Reasons why Gitlin received Republican Party endorsement

Buried deep in a Sept. 6 article by Emily Jo Cureton, “Local election season about to get rolling,” was an interesting quote of the county supervisor of the 1st District, Leslie McNamer, in which she lamented her missed opportunity to make door-to door visits to her constituents during the primary in her imperiled race with her strong opponent for the position, Roger Gitlin. Gitlin’s enthusiastic face-to-face presentations in District 1 were greeted by approving voters, placing him in a lead position for the position on the county board.


Letters to the Editor Sept. 18, 2012

Hospital regionalization would devastate area’s economy

I have never written a letter to the editor before but I feel strongly this letter should be published. This letter concerns the regionalization of Sutter Coast Hospital and the devastating effect it will have on the community.

We will be left with no adequate health care in two counties. It will reach the same status as Gold Beach Hospital. Not only will there not be adequate care but it will devastate the county financially. Doctors and nurses will have to leave the county to find employment. The staff that keeps the facility maintained, housekeeping, medical records personnel, computer staff etc, will find themselves let go or under-employed. 

The financial effect could leave this county with an added burden of unemployment and welfare. Homes will be lost and the tax revenue will be lost. There are many senior citizens such as my husband and I that will have to consider if we can continue to live in the area we love so much. One of the reasons we felt that we could retire here was there was quality medical available to us.

I have spoken to many others in our situation and most of them would consider relocation if medical help should diminish.

Karen Berry

Smith River

Letters to the Editor Sept. 8, 2012

Local public encouraged to take advantage of historical museum

I volunteer at the Del Norte County Historical Society Museum during the summer. It is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April through September.

The museum is visited by so many people from all over the United States as well as other countries. The visitors log shows so many great responses.

The original large lens from the St. George Reef Lighthouse is one of the many main attractions. Native American, industry, commerce, local society, medical and hobbies are some of the many displays of interest. Farming also. There is a gift show with clothing, souvenirs and many books of historical interest available — good gifts. 

Come visit the museum before it closes for the season.

Bob Ames Jr.

Crescent City 



Letters to the Editor Sept 11, 2012

Extreme right to thank for uncivil discourse in politics

I was pleased to see Sam Allison check in (“Do not simply accept lies about Obama,” Aug. 30) and quite puzzled by Lilyan Wood’s take on his letter (“No longer any civil discourse at critical time in our history,” Sept. 6).  I admit I smirked a bit at Ms. Wood’s asking “the editor to withhold any further letters regarding the upcoming national election,” envisioning that should our editor have acceded to that request, he might not have printed hers.


Letters to the Editor Sept. 6, 2012

No longer any civil discourse at critical time in our history 

It is time to ask the editor to withhold any further letters regarding the upcoming national election! After reading the Aug. 30 letter (“Do not simply accept lies about Obama”) regarding the Republicans, the writer stating his spin on item after item without one shred of evidence, it brings home the fact that there is no longer any civil discourse in this country. There is a total elimination of the truth when it comes to winning. These attacks further divide us and breed hate and mistrust in our fellow man and in our election process.

This is, without a doubt, the most important election of our generation, deciding how our country will be governed and by whom we will be governed. All of us must take on this responsibility by being registered to vote and to vote!


Letters to the Editor Sept. 4, 2012

Annual fire fee is irresponsible, economically devastating

The $150 State Responsibility Area annual fire fee now being levied against rural communities throughout California is the most asinine, irresponsible and economically devastating attempt to balance the cooked books in California.

Who in their right mind would believe the inhabitants of these rural areas, mostly low and fixed incomes and our senior citizens on social security, even have the funds to pay such a huge annual bill?  Our elected officials in Sacramento, that’s who. Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro of District 1 has introduced SB-1040 to repeal this fiasco. At least there is someone using common sense.  Let’s see if there is anyone else in Sacramento who can.



Letters to the Editor Aug. 30, 2012

Do not simply accept lies about Obama

I am a registered independent and have no great love for President Obama. But I have become disgusted with the attempts of right-wing extremists to demonize him. For three years now, I have listened to the following charges over and over again:

Obama was not born in the United States and so his presidency is a violation of the Constitution.

Obama is a Muslim and will try to establish sharia law in the United States.

Obama has a deep hatred of white people.

Obama is a socialist and is bent on the destruction of our capitalist free market.

Letters to the Editor Aug. 27, 2012

A thank-you to two good
Samaritans who helped mom

I would like to thank the two gentleman who took it upon themselves to help save my mother from a very dangerous situation. She was the victim of a freak accident on US Highway 101 at Anchor Way when the driver of the vehicle she was riding in blacked out and ran off the roadway.

My mother, who is 83 and blind, had no idea where she was or what happened. When the vehicle came to rest she opened the door and fell about 10 feet into the creek, which leads to the ocean. She cannot swim, let alone see. She grabbed hold of some weeds and screamed for help.

She was in about 5 feet of cold water and was scared to death as she had no idea where she was. These two men came to her rescue, crawled down the bank and grabbed her arms and pulled her out of the water.

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