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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor June 12, 2012

Jon Alexander only seems to care about drug abusers

I’m writing in regard to the June 5 letter, “Alexander a good man who doesn’t deserve persecution.”

I do not agree that we know who Jon Alexander is! We do know what he pretends to care about and wants our town to believe, but in all honesty I think Jon Alexander is one of the most self-centered, selfish people I have ever had a chance to meet.

I do not believe that he cares about any case that comes across his desk unless it involves drug abuse, in which he tries to make an example of the people and prosecutes to the fullest extent.


Letters to the Editor June 9, 2012

Your vote might make the difference on Election Day

Tuesday, Election Day, was a new experience for me. Oh, I voted.  Wouldn't miss it.

But for the first time, I worked at a polling place. And what an experience.

We got there at 6 a.m. to set up.  The polls open at 7 and there is a lot to do beforehand.  We got to go home at 9 p.m., after the sheriff picked up the ballots. It was a long day of cold coffee and cold sandwiches. I am glad I did it, and I'll do it again. Wouldn't miss it.


Letters to the Editor June 7, 2012

Half a dozen reasons why Alexander is a good man

Does the district attorney have problems? You betcha!

1) He has a great big heart; too big for his own good.

2) He is a real friend. When you cry help, he comes running. He doesn’t stop to think if he is going to get into trouble; helping you is all that matters.


Letters to the Editor June 5, 2012

Sunset students: Improvements in school food making difference

Thank you very much for your recent coverage of the organizing activities that resulted in the well-attended public meeting we held at our school on May 15.

This letter is in response to the May 17 article, “Students push for better meals.”

We are thrilled with the improvements that have been made to our school lunch program since May 21. Not only do we receive a fresh, hot entrée three days each week, we have an ample salad bar that provides us with lots of nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from.


Letters to the Editor June 2, 2012

District 1 needs Gitlin, who supports limited government

District 1 presents a choice for the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors between Roger Gitlin and Leslie McNamer. Roger is a real limited government conservative who understands the Constitution and that individuals are the key to a great community.

McNamer is a big-government supporter who continues to seek state and federal handouts for our community and forgets about all the strings attached.

Roger would implement fiscally responsible and job growth-encouraging policies that will help our community grow whereas McNamer is satisfied with the status quo of being a welfare community where a majority of the people are either employed by or get assistance from the government.


Letters to the Editor May 31, 2012

McClure treats supporters’ money as she does taxpayers’

Elections are always the epitome of misrepresentations with the normal repeat list of cronies of which the editorials have adequately represented. If you follow the Triplicate ads one can only wonder what the other four supervisors did while Martha McClure was singlehandedly saving the county. Yet with all her accomplishments you have to question why is it that a 16-year incumbent feels the need to spend nearly two-and-a-half times the amount of her challenger ($16,200 to $6,700 as of May 18) in an effort to convince you that she is worthy.

Of course it could be she treats supporters’ money like she does taxpayers’ money. I have witnessed her assertion that if you don’t spend your allotted budget you won’t get it next year. What’s wrong with returning it to the county General Fund?


Letters to the Editor May 26, 2012

Vets died to keep you free — do your part to keep America free

Here’s something for all Americans to think about this Memorial Day.

Most Americans remember the Classic Poem: “In Flanders Fields.” But do we really know what that is all about?

It is about Americans dying on foreign soil to liberate defeated countries from the oppression of war. Wars that we did not start but without our help of materials and manpower would have left them as conquered nations.


Letters to the Editor May 29, 2012

McClure knows how system works and how to use it

For Del Norte County to survive and prosper, we need Martha McClure on the Board of Supervisors.

She realizes that we have to work with the state and feds who dominate our county. Making believe they will go away or change their spots isn’t real and won’t work.

Martha cares about Del Norte County and has shown how much she cares by her activities and actions as a citizen and supervisor. She is noted for doing her homework. Her approach to problems that confront her or the county is that she will study and thoroughly understand everything about it, then formulate a reasonable plan to attack the problem. No arbitrary, impractical or vacuous plan from Martha.


Letters to the Editor May 24, 2012

Recent transplants can bring refreshing approach to county

Following the race for Del Norte County supervisor positions, I find that being a long-time resident of our community and having experience doesn’t mean you’re right for the position. What’s interesting to me is here we have two newcomers to our community and now residents have found in their short time here the many problems that face our county year after year and the years of promises to fix our community just haven’t happened.

Oh, but we have a new sewage plant that cost us twice the price it should have, and we have a new noise ordinance and we did manage to put a band-aid on our road for the last Fourth of July so people visiting wouldn’t see how dilapidated our roads are. And just what will be the final price of our airport?


Letters to the Editor May 22, 2012

Don’t hold individual’s behavior up as example of all pot patients

In response to Sarah Dumas’ letter (“Unfair to stereotype medipot patients based on individual”), I agree. Don’t hold it against everyone because of some inconsiderate person that hopefully doesn’t do it again.

Walter Boyd Jr.

Crescent City


Regionalization of hospital poses grave threat to us all


In October of 1985 the Del Norte Healthcare District made a decision to lease Seaside Hospital to Sutter Community Hospital Group. The decision was made as a result of declining patient volume, the ensuing complexity of hospital financing and the desire to improve the delivery of medical care to the residents of Del Norte County. Twenty-seven years later, the Board of Directors voted 8-1 to regionalize Sutter Coast Hospital and transfer ownership and control of the hospital to Sutter West Bay Region. That decision has since been put on hold.

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