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Updated 10:31am - Apr 1, 2015

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Jan. 12, 2013

Obama a bad choice

Those who voted for President Obama’s re-election should have done your homework, and here are some of the reasons:

He buys votes by giving our money to various groups such as unions, money bundlers,or increasing time on unemployment. According to the Wall Street Journal of April 19, 2012, food stamps were used by 45 million people; a 70 percent increase from 2007, and this will continue to grow through 2014. He is buying votes.

According to The Foundry dated Oct. 18 2012, 18 of 33 companies that have been offered or received our money have gone bankrupt and the others have filed for bankruptcy. Many of the CEO’s have been bundlers for Obama.

The Institute for Energy on Nov. 6, 2009, stated that “Obama’s stimulus plan of $1.05 billion went to overseas companies, not to our companies.

The New York Times reported on Aug. 23, 2012, the income of those between 55 and 64 years of age declined from $53,508 to $50,064 during the period since the recovery officially started in 2009.

The Examiner reported on July 24, 2012, that Obamacare will cost us $4 billion more in taxes. This president often uses the term “the rich should pay their fair share,” but he never states what that amount should be, instead he uses that as a means to divide groups of people.

Also, if you listen to him he never mentions the 48 percent of people who do not pay any federal income taxes. Why? He knows they will vote for him and he, as a Chicago politician, buys votes.

No one has responded to my question about what the difference is between President Obama’s desire to share the wealth and the communists' statement “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

I don’t know why liberals are unable or unwilling to see who this person is; i.e., someone who has a deep aversion for our Constitution and is destroying our freedoms and the greatness of America. I hate to see what he is doing, and liberals either have no clue or are willing to keep their heads in the sand.

Marlowe Thompson, Crescent City

To thief of my tools ...

This letter is to the “tweaker” who stole my carpet tools on Sunday night.

Twenty years ago I’d have hunted you down like a dog and made you pay a serious price for your transgression against me.

Instead, I’ve decided to forgive you because I also was a “speed freak” in my early life. And I did some things I truly regret because of my addiction to meth.

But one day at the end of my miserable life, I reached out to Jesus Christ and he forgave me and asked me to do the same and he would make things right.

Well, I’ve been clean over 20 years now and even though the old me cries out for your blood, I forsake my anger and revenge and offer to you the same forgiveness that he offered me.

Make no mistake, brothers and sisters, as you sow, so shall you reap.

Edmund Sinicrope, Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Jan. 10, 2013

How Sutter Health laid waste to Auxiliary

How Sutter Health laid waste to the Sutter Coast Auxiliary (volunteers): Their first step was to make us a department of the hospital. Volunteers have always been a stand-alone unit in the hospital they serve, never a unit of the hospital. By making us a department of the hospital, it gave them the opportunity to take us over.

First under the guise of making things easier, they relieved us of our bookkeeping. Followed by closing all our accounts and moving them to their bank under the umbrella of the hospital.

But this was not the end of it. When they took the accounts, they also took our checkbook. At this point we are now unable to pay our expenses, or issue checks for any purchases, such as merchandise for the gift shop.  We must now give them something like a work-order to issue checks on our behalf.

But even that was not the end of it. A few months ago came the final blow, when the Auxiliary Board voted to drop our bylaws. When this was done we ceased to be an Auxiliary, but were reduced to a department of unpaid employees, who happen to wear green smocks. Finally, whatever monies we bring in from our gift shop or the many fundraisers need to be turned over to the accounting office that night.

Marie Timm, Crescent City

Point of park officers if they don't respond?

I’d like to know what the point is of having state parks law enforcement officers if, when they are called, they do not call back?

Since I moved to Del Norte in 1997, I’ve “fallen in love” with many spots in and around our parks, national and other. And, although I do not like to be considered a “cop caller” I will and have no problem calling about some idiot whose lack of consideration or disrespect for nature or other people’s property could be the cause of yet another of my beloved spots to be closed off to me.

Letters to the Editor Jan. 8, 2013

Prevent closing jetty with better warnings 

Regarding “Risky rescue on jetty,” Jan. 1, well, here we go again! People rescued from jetty!

I have a feeling the stupidity of the few is eventually going to outweigh the desire of the many and someone is going to close off our jetty. I’ve been going out there for 45 years and have never had a problem, even when I was young and dumb! But I’m starting to think I had better get out there and enjoy it as much as I can before they do make it illegal.

Here’s a thought. Make a sign that says, “STOP! WAIT! LOOK! If there is water on or waves breaking onto any part of jetty do not attempt to enter!”

You’ll still get some idiots that disregard the sign and get in trouble, but it may save a few. Now the problem is keeping some punk from writing graffiti on the sign!

 Mike Cuthbertson, Gasquet

Thanks for community’s defense of hospital

I write with special thanks to the Del Norte Triplicate for printing letters supporting our community’s fight to keep our hospital under local ownership. Also, thanks to our County Board of Supervisors, City Council, mayor, sheriff, district attorney, Board of Realtors, Healthcare District Board, Chamber of Commerce, senior center, United Indian Health Service and all the private citizens for the letters that they have written in support of our effort to stop Sutter Health from attempting to quietly take over our hospital for its profit.

Also, thanks to Dr. Kevin Caldwell and Dr. Greg Duncan, the only two independent voices which Sutter Health has recently allowed to sit in our hospital board room, for all the hours and “guts” they have given on our behalf in this fight against “Big Brother.”

Remember everyone, Sutter Health makes its own decisions, which affect your health in a closed board room. Without a local newspaper willing to print this, most of us would never have known of Sutter’s plans.

We have a chance for something good to come out of all of this. Now that fishing and timber have been “downsized” by forces beyond our control, let’s not let Sutter Health downsize our hospital. We need to upgrade local health care, and Asante is interested in helping us. This is a critical issue for people considering moving here to work or retire.

Bev Hussey, Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Jan. 5, 2013

Put officer in downtown 

I am aware of something that I would like to share with the readers of this newspaper.

Members of the Business Improvement District have asked my city to have more police patrols in our downtown area in the past. But have you seen an officer walking our streets?

The city, in all fairness, will tell you that the lack of law enforcement is caused by budget demands. There is one person on my City Council who would give a lot of our Transient Occupancy Tax funds to two groups, the Del Norte Visitors Bureau and to our Chamber of Commerce. Yes, Kathryn Murray.

My question to Ms. Murray: If our streets are not safe and there’s been a bank robbery on one of our main streets, will people visit Crescent City?

I believe until we can protect our children in our schools and protect the people who make their home here, both the Chamber and Visitors Bureau should take a back seat to the amount of funding my city gives them.

My city needs to find a way to put an officer back in our schools and put an officer in our downtown area and our parks.

Richard Miles, Crescent City

Trouble with hospital board

My last update from Dr. Greg Duncan, chief of staff of Sutter Coast Hospital, was so degrading and appalling. When I heard that he was asked to leave the Board of Directors meeting it was disturbing to me. 

We have many names on many petitions not to allow this regionalization to diminish our hospital. Why can’t whoever started this mess get it through their heads that we don’t want down-sizing done to this hospital? If this goes through, it will hurt many who have found it necessary to use this facility.

Regarding the patients who may have to be transported to another hospital, can this hospital afford to return us back home when we are dismissed?

Many seniors don’t have family or friends who can pick them up. I am one of those seniors. 

Why can’t Dr. Duncan be a part of those board meetings? This hospital gets paid my medical and medicare. We have a right to know of any changes that are made. If this hospital is in the red, then someone is not doing their job and a change in that direction is needed. Many of us worry about the economy and all the cuts; do we have to worry about this, too? 

I myself do not want to see this regionalization materialize. The people in this community have a right to know what we are facing.

Rita Moore, Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Jan. 3, 2013

Cost and quality of life in Del Norte is lacking

I haven’t written a letter in a long time because I honestly had little to say until now. Crescent City and Del Norte County are in a world all of their own and everyone wants to know why and I am included.

Hospital dramas that continue on and on. Then there is the communication problem. In no other populated area in this country is there restrictions on bundling services and that means that no one can bundle anything! Or having only one company delivering fuel making this one of the most expensive places in the country to live.

Crescent City has no real night life, which is hard for most singles or couples that want to go for an evening out. From the minute that Elk Valley started planning an event center I thought it would be so much fun; buy tickets to an event, hire a taxi or if it were multiple couples hire a limo. It never happened and so we are going out of town again along with other couples.

This area’s loss is another city’s gain. Young doctors that have come here have left for the same reason one doctor wrote about a little over a year ago, the one’s before just didn’t put it in writing.

For those that can, going out of town to see a doctor is just part of life and everyone I know including my family all have paid for ground ambulance and air ambulance coverage to be on the first flight out.

If and when that happens and we have to face the fact that we either have to rent a room, apartment or buy a house far from our homes it becomes a question of why live here. Then it is also time to wonder why we or anyone else really would want to live here over any other coastal community in this country where a person can have all services at an affordable price instead of here.

Letters to the Editor Jan. 1, 2013

Disgusted at theft of mobile dental van

Bah humbug to the person or persons who stole the industrial diesel generator, trailer and all, that was parked next to the Open Door Community Health Center Dental Van.

This mobile Dental Clinic was the result of a huge collaborative effort between the Community Health Center and the Building Healthy Communities Initiative. Del Norte County was selected as one of only 14 communities in California to receive funds to improve the health of our local residents. One of the biggest concerns raised was regarding the oral health of the children in our rural town.

The mobile clinic, dubbed the “Tooth Ferry,” was providing access at the schools for our local youngsters to receive much-needed dental care and education on the spot. The generator ran the entire mobile clinic, which was virtually a rolling dentist’s office.

It is going nowhere now. Whoever you are, I truly hope that you or someone you know have children who are struggling to eat, sleep or concentrate on school studies because they have dental pain. Maybe you will see that you have robbed from our most vulnerable and precious population, and return it.

Liz Carver, Crescent City

Don’t blame guns; put prayer back in school

Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Does anyone realize this can also be linked back to the devil that deceived Adam and Eve? When God created Adam and Eve his world for them would have been paradise compared to what we have now.

This also leads to the first murder. Cain killed his brother Able. However, it was not with a gun, I am sure. We did not have guns back then. Was it a stone? Therefore, when we think about banning guns, let’ also think of other ways that a person can kill another.

In the beginning of time, people were stoned to death for crimes committed. This was justified, of course, as they saw it was a way to take care of a sinner. Then we can see that knives were made at some point. Knives also can kill people.

Letters to the Editor Dec. 29, 2012

Preventing shootings

We ended the year on a sad note with the terrible events in Newtown, Conn. Our prayers were and still are with those families.

Sadly, evil exists in the world. I wonder if our loss of moral direction in America, as in much of the world, doesn’t have a lot to do with it.

It is sad, isn’t it, you will find the Ten Commandments on the wall of the Supreme Court, but it’s not allowed in our schools! When a child in school, is sent home for wearing a religious or patriotic shirt, expressing his First Amendment rights, it is OK why?

But, a video game producer, or Hollywood movie maker, for that matter, cannot be censored for glorifying killing, it’s his right. (There is a video game  about killing kindergartners, been out for 10 years).

Video game makers, and Hollywood, have dumbed down our children, with our permission! Making them think that violence is a game, a way of life.

I do not advocate taking away their First Amendment rights. I advocate for parental control. I want parents to realize and control what is happening to our kids, what they are playing, and seeing.

I want people to speak up when someone might have a mental problem, help them get help or treatment. The murderers in Newtown, Tucson, Columbine, Fort Hood, Aurora, were/are madmen and should have been noticed and stopped.

Violating our Second Amendment rights, imposing more gun controls, will not stop a criminal or a madman.  They have no moral compass, and will always find a way to do evil. Would you outlaw knives, explosives, baseball bats, automobiles? They have all been used for violence against people, young and old, here in America and all over the world.

No new laws, rules or regulations will change the people, the people must change. Not by “executive order” or amendment to the Bill of Rights, but on their own.

Looking forward to a better year in 2013. Following our Constitution and Bill of Rights, God Bless America.

Virginia Walworth, Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Dec. 25, 2012

Sutter Health motivated by money, nothing more

Just when my friends and I were starting to breathe a sigh of relief, Sutter Health is back in the picture. It is not only back in the picture but it is still pushing to regionalize the hospital and turn it into “Critical Access.” It reminds me of the schoolyard bully who just won’t go away. It is very clear that Sutter Health is not thinking of our community and many of our doctors. The compelling reason for its persistence and determination is very simply the money involved and nothing more. It is certainly not concerned for us.

The community and most of our doctors do not want our hospital to be regionalized. Why, then, are our voices not being heard? We had heard that Asante Health System was very interested in our hospital and that sounded like very good news. We would not lose our hospital beds but gain the likelihood of more doctors and more equipment. Asante also has a very good reputation.


Letters to the Editor Dec. 22, 2012

Seeking practical solutions for homeless

This time of year, every year, we hear a lot about homelessness, both pros and cons. Both sides make some good arguments, but neither side has made any headway in solving this issue.

Perhaps the focus on homelessness needs to be narrowed just a bit. While it’s true that there are hard-core homeless folks out there that have absolutely no interest in becoming employed and housed, there is a segment that would jump at the chance.

There are those in our community that, through no fault of their own have found themselves homeless. Loss of jobs due to the economy, illness or simply being under-employed may have contributed to their situation.

Letters to the Editor Dec. 20, 2012

Some of us like to hear what Alexander has to say

I’d like to respond to Karen Olson’s Dec. 1 letter (“Spare us DA’s ramblings”) about DA Jon Alexander’s pieces in the paper.

In it, it seems she complains about the DA writing anything at all. Obviously, she has a problem with him, which would be the case whether he wrote anything or not. She prefers he be censored, evidently. That would not sit well with me or a great many members of this community who voted for him and still stand by him.

Hundreds have voiced support for Jon, many more than the 50 “koolaid” drinkers she refers to (and I prefer Tetley British Blend, thanks). We are not blinded by the rhetoric and understand better than you give us credit for.

The DA is a man who is not always easy to understand and who is not perfect. Who among us is? But he loves and respects the law and has shown an unrelenting sense of purpose, drive and dedication to our small community.

And he loves to write and wax poetic or quote a lyric or two. So? Is that forbidden now? I don’t think the majority of us have a problem with multifaceted individuals. He writes about life experiences, people worth knowing, and problems we all face.

I personally like to hear these things and, though I may not always agree, I can appreciate the viewpoint and humanity with which it was written or uttered. I don’t feel put upon or threatened if Mr. Alexander wishes to speak. He is a passionate person and not one to sit there and say nothing or mutter under his breath.

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