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Letters to the Editor Aug. 16, 2012

We shouldn’t ‘give away our hospital’

Having attended both town hall meetings concerning the giving away of our local hospital by the Board of Directors (made up of local citizens), I am full of questions.

Why behind closed doors did you, the Board, vote without any input from the staff, Health Care District or the doctors who care for us or we the people who are the patients and rely on the hospital to care for us? Why did you vote without reading the new bylaws, drawn up by Sutter Health? Why did you vote without making sure there would be a local voice on the new Board?

Sutter Coast Hospital has been profitable every year since the new hospital was built except one, when Sutter Health outsourced its billing procedures and in the process lost millions of dollars. It has been stated that regionalization will keep Sutter Coast Hospital from going broke; well, if millions of dollars weren’t being siphoned off by Sutter Health our hospital would be in fine shape.


Letters to the Editor Aug. 14, 2012

Ownership of Sutter Coast Hosp. unclear

The saga of Sutter Coast Hospital continues, largely off the radar, with occasional glimpses behind the curtain provided   by Dr. Greg Duncan’s tireless efforts at disclosure of events behind the scenes (where Sutter Health obviously prefers them) as well as an occasional article by Triplicate writer Emily Jo Cureton. I am most appreciative of them all.

In his Aug. 11 Coastal Voices piece, “An update on Sutter Coast issues,” Dr. Duncan submitted an informative appraisal of the machinations of Sutter Health.They should be enough to cause all citizens within an area of our hospital grave concern.

The ownership of Sutter Coast Hospital has been nebulous to me, to say the least, but according to Duncan that has been clarified to a degree by none other than West Bay Region President Mike Cohill himself. He states Sutter Coast Hospital owns itself, Duncan wrote. It is separate from Sutter Health,which contradicts claims made by, among other executives, Eugene Suksi,the resident CEO. So even as Cohill’s statement clarifies, it complicates.


Letters to the Editor Aug. 11, 2012

How does fluoride affect our health?

I’m so glad to hear the fluoride issue is going to be back on the ballot.

A couple of year ago I received a post card from the pro-fluoride group that said fluoride was safe and didn’t harm anyone. I don’t believe it and hope that someone will publish a list of side-effects so we can see for ourselves how safe it is.

I meet off and on with my City Council representative, Donna Westfall. I was glad to hear that the fluoride levels were reduced last year, but heard they keep having trouble with the dose staying at 0.7 milligrams per liter. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but drinking this over a lifetime is not good for the body.

If I have a problem taking medication, I go to my doctor and he takes tests and adjusts the dosage. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to adjust the dose of fluoride when I never know how much is in the water, or how much is being absorbed by bathing or what the side-effects are. Even my doctor doesn’t know about fluoride’s side-effects.

My water always feels oily. I wonder why. My husband had a heart attack and his recuperation is going very, very slowly. I wonder if drinking fluoride affected him. Does our city have a higher than normal rate of heart attacks here?

Patricia Holcombe

Crescent City

New harbor should be very well-built

My son and I were perusing the Dudra material yard down at the harbor a few days back; I noticed the large-diameter piling material was properly stamped as to its material constituents; A-265. This is a double-clad steel pipe with highly corrosion-resistant material used for the metal fused in its center, hence it is perfect material for use as the pilings keeping the new docks in place.

As our base rock here is a good solid mudstone, beneath the sediment, I can easily see why Dudra recommended a less expensive alternative to the traditional pole and concrete method, which is far more prone to improper techniques/bad luck in placing a piling.

For if the concrete is not consistently placed without incorporation of sea water, it easily can be the weakest point in the construction. Hence, failure (regardless of insurance) is still failure, causing the damage if not total loss of/to local peoples’ livelihoods; their boats.

Long ago I had the foundation of a home re-leveled using the same pipe and general method, that of pushing it (pilings) far down into the underlying basement, “country rock” — using various techniques such as hydraulic pressure and “buzz” setting. I thus can easily and strongly back the change in the piling placement plan.

Frequently it is the construction team that, over time, has seen what works best; in spite of textbook examples engineers might be tempted to specify, as they are tried-and-true techniques, most of the time. Why spend more on concrete work and additional oversize hole borings, when the work will be just as good, if not better, without concrete?

Kudos for the construction people who stopped and thought it through, rather than just blindly following the engineering plans as presented to them! I foresee a well-built harbor as evidenced even before the first piling is placed, with the good, wait-a-minute back-and-forth talks teamwork going on between the engineering, construction and management folks.

Hilary Herman

Crescent City


Obama’s birthplace, roots questionable

It is so funny to hear about the Obama supporters whine and snivel about the birth certificate issue.

How dare those evil Republicans bring up such a trashy issue! It is a fact that it was a Hillary Clinton supporter who first brought up the issue in 2008. I know this for a fact because I have even heard the guy be interviewed on the Michael Savage show.

It is also a fact that Obama’s former literary agent said that Obama was born in Kenya (she now says that was a mistake). Look it up if you don’t believe me.

The rumor that Obama’s American ancestry goes back to the very first slave here in the United States is just that, just a rumor. Just watch though as the Obama supporters will try and act like that inaccurate and incomplete information is the absolute truth. If you didn’t know, now you know.

Joe Thomas




Letters to the Editor Aug. 9, 2012

GOP in Congress bears most fault for lack of compromise

Thank you for the thoughtful Editor’s Note column Aug. 4, “Wanted: passionate moderates.”

I agree with you that compromise in government is a necessity. We do not have a parliamentary system where compromise is less important. In our government, Republicans and Democrats must compromise if anything is going to get done. Until recently, both parties have been willing to do this.

But I believe you have to go one step further and think about who is responsible for our current dysfunctional Congress.


Letters to the Editor Aug. 7, 2012

SEIU ladies lend needed support to tough decision 

Today was an amazing day for me. I in the last two weeks have made the decision to leave the Crescent City area, where I’m established with a nice little place, two dogs and a very good job.

My reason for leaving the area is to go care assist in the care for my mother. It was almost a calling sort of feeling today. I’m walking through the little fair our community has and came across the SEIU booth and I met two of the nicest ladies. They answered my questions plus more and made me realize that what I was doing was okay.

Because we have such a stereotype about this idea of caring for family. For some reason when you tell people this they just look at you like you’re nuts. Come on people, it is our responsibility to do this.

Letters to the Editor August 2, 2012

Sheriff is nothing but polite, concerned for our welfare

Every so often I read something in the letters to the editor section that hits a nerve and I have to respond. Well here we go again.

I’m not going to name anyone by name but you have all read the letters saying basically how horrible Sheriff Dean Wilson is. I’ve known Dean well enough to walk up to him and say “Hi” since high school and have never known him to be anything but professional, courteous and caring.

To say that he is anything else because he doesn’t believe in your political views is not right! I would guess that most of these letters are written by ultra-liberal environmentalists, or family members of somebody who keeps getting arrested.


Letters to the Editor July 31, 2012

Doctors exemplify what makes a community worth fighting for

I appreciated Dr. Greg Duncan’s and Dr. Kevin Caldwell’s expertise and knowledge of the critical details at hand regarding Sutter Health’s claims on “regionalization,” the takeover of Sutter Coast Hospital.

These doctors truly have heart for our community! Dr. Caldwell has been practicing medicine for 28 years in Crescent City, and was on the Board of Directors for two years. Dr. Duncan has also been there for quite a long time, and is now on the Board of Directors, so they have first-hand knowledge of what is going on.

From what I understand, they do not believe it will be good for the community to turn over control of Sutter Coast Hospital to Sutter Health and its Sutter West Bay Hospitals Board of Directors in San Francisco.

Letters to the editor published July 28, 2012

Feeling stifled by officials about addressing fluoridation concern

I recently reread the article Dr. John Tynes wrote almost two years ago in a Coastal Voices article for the Triplicate in which he said that he “can say without hesitation to you, my patients and my friends, that fluoridation is safe, and, equally important, it is also good for our health.”

I’m no doctor, but I can tell you from personal experience that fluoride causes me to have seizures. I didn’t realize this until I moved out of Crescent City for almost six months.

During the time I was living out of Crescent City, I was drinking and bathing in well water and bottled reverse-osmosis water. My seizures decreased and my medications were greatly reduced by my doctor.

Letters to the Editor July 26, 2012

Height of Pelican Bay tables incorrect

There was a mistake made when Anthony Skeens wrote about the prison (“A day at Pelican Bay,” July 19). The tables in the visiting rooms are not 3 feet tall. That would be normal height. They are about 16 inches high; that is why we call them “knee-knocker” tables.

I found the article interesting though. And we did get our visits back. It had been two months.

Linda Bevier-Vian

Crescent City 





Letter to the Editor July 24, 2012


No common sense in harbor response to pelican deaths


For the first time in years Crescent City business had an opportunity to increase profits and growth due to tourists (mainly sport fisherpersons) coming into town and spending their money here. Not to be! Once again Crescent City Harbor’s incompetency and stupidity take over!

On Friday the Harbor personnel removed all of the cleaning stations (other than the very small building which should have been many times larger) from existence. Compounding those actions, harbor personnel also removed themselves from the “line of fire” that would result when the fisherpersons came in from fishing to clean their catch. 

Taped signs told that Harbormaster Richard Young had made this decision and all fish cleaning would only be allowed in the small building. This resulted in well over a hundred persons trying to use a facility that at the best of times accommodates a dozen.


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