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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Oct. 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is about capacity to reach full potential

The Occupy Wall Street movement’s message is “hope.”

These are people are trying to contribute additional constructive solutions to people’s capability to freely realize their own potential. Participants are acting upon an intuitive sense as to what is needed in America (not just for a few, but for many).

These are patriotic people who feel that by creating awareness there will be hope for future results (a useful productive end) such as in areas of a peaceful direction to U.S. foreign policy, health care for all, decent housing and the ability to earn a living wage.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 27, 2011

Silvey wrongly blamed, but all charges will be cleared

Again, I find myself feeling the need to come to the defense of Eileen Silvey after reading the skewed, poorly investigated facts about what was going on at the Senior Center (“Failing the ‘people in need’: Some who sought assistance with weatherization frustrated,” Oct. 15).

 What I want to know is, how did the people interviewed about weatherization come to the attention of the Triplicate reporter?

Did the reporter attempt to look at the Senior Center’s files to find out if they were noted as to why these people didn’t get the work done that they wanted?  It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon, playing the part of the victim.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 22, 2011

History shows GOP presidents have worse deficit records

There should be no more rhetoric from Republicans that they can control our runaway debt better than spend-thrift Democrats.

Shouldn’t we see what the data says about past history, say from Eisenhower to George W. Bush?

How much has the national debt increased when Republicans and Democrats were in the White House? From the first budget year of each president until the end of the last budget year for that administration, here are the debt percentages increased for each adminstration: Eisenhower (R) 9 percent; Kennedy (D) 8 percent; Johnson (D) 13 percent; Nixon/Ford (R) 98 percent; Carter (D) 43 percent; Reagan (R) 186 percent; George H.W. Bush (R) 54 percent; Clinton (D) 32 percent; and George W. Bush (R) 105 percent.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 20, 2011

Thanks to Del Norters showing support for ‘hometown kid’

The Hoffman family would like to express our gratitude to all of you Del Norters and our friends from the East Coast that joined the “Cody Express” and made the trip to Corvallis on Oct. 15.

What a fun time we all had. It means so much that so many of you came out and supported our hometown kid. But then Del Norters are known for their support when it comes to football. Most of you have followed Cody through all his football days here in Crescent City. Whether it was youth football or Warrior football, you guys have been there to follow him and now through college football.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 18, 2011

Government can’t create jobs, should help private sector do it

I see by Marsinah Murakami’s Oct. 15 letter (“Keep pressure on GOP to make jobs, not posturing, its priority”) that Obama’s campaign strategy is working.

Murakami seems to think Obama’s plan is actually designed to create jobs. I don’t think so. I suspect it was presented with the knowledge that even his own party wouldn’t support it, and certainly not the GOP, thereby giving him something to blame on those bad old Republicans. As Murakami says, “... since when are Republicans against building roads and ... against creating jobs?”

Letters to the Editor Oct. 15, 2011

Isn’t it clear both parties colluding with industries at our expense?

In the Oct. 11 letter by Dale Bohling (“Attack on conservative ideology repeats tired arguments of past”), it struck me that the competing element of our political divide is evolving into a culture of its own.

It’s like political poetry. My mind is tickled just melting the vocabulary and analogies together.

Interestingly though, if past elections are any indicator, it would seem that any political leader, either a Dale Bohling or a Bruce Kerwood (“Panning conservative ideology,” Oct. 6), would have received funds from the same sources. Our Obamas and Rick Perrys and so on are bought and paid for before we vote and we couldn’t possibly compete with the money involved.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 13, 2011

Starving budget, LaMalfa shares blame for harbor funding failure

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed AB1429, which would have relieved our Crescent City Harbor District from having to pay 6.25 percent or $1.2 million of repair costs from the latest disaster caused by the tsunami March 11.

The governor sent his California Emergency Management Team to assess the damage and report what we needed. Everything was in place to assist where possible through permits required by agencies that everyone needed in order to proceed. It is rumored that the Santa Cruz harbor ignored the process and failed to get certain permits and lost its funding completely.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 11, 2011

Attack on conservative ideology repeats tired arguments of past

In his Coastal Voices critique (“Panning conservative ideology,” Oct.6,) of my prior reply to Lois Munson’s letter, Bruce Kerwood waxes pale with any original thought in his “panning” of conservatism. It’s true he dressed up some of the time-worn expressions of liberalism in different clothing but sadly they are clothes from a thrift shop. Liberal thought has few funds left for a bright fresh wardrobe.

He expresses expectations of “a cogent argument from ultra-conservatives” in the thesis of my writing in “Can it get more grim?” Sept. 29,, but is quickly disillusioned as I “descended” into that most despised condition of political perdition: conservative expression. What I wrote to entice his progressive appetite remains a mystery. He does not develop that point. He merely kicks over the liberal garbage can and floorboards his anti-traditionalist rhetoric.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 08, 2011

Sat. farmers market has bumper crop, schedule extended to Nov.

While the Crescent City Farmers Market may have gotten off to a slow start because of the weather, there is a bumper crop of fruits and produce available at the market, through the entire month of October, and now it’s been decided to continue through November.

Local support for our community’s Saturday Market has been incredible. Visitors and market supporters have been greeted by 40–50 vendors setting up each Saturday morning, along with food, entertainment and live music.

Letters to the Editor Oct. 06, 2011

May voters not forget failure to enforce law in Dillard case

I for one want to question the judgment of our District Attorney Jon Alexander on his action of not filing criminal charges against Paul Dillard (“No charges to be filed in Dillard case,” Sept. 30).

There is an old saying around here, “There is no God north of Eel River and no law north of Klamath.” Has Mr. Alexander forgotten this old saying? What I do not understand is the clear pass Jon gave Paul Dillard, who is well known for his law enforcement background with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and at Pelican Bay.

People also forget that his son, Bronson Dillard, was also a sworn officer with Humboldt County who is charged with a crime against a child and a warrant from a judge was signed against him, something that Mr. Dillard, was accused of setting aside to protect his son. To me, that shows poor judgment on Mr. Dillard’s part.

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