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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Dec. 10, 2011

Pledge argument used divisively

I am writing in response to Rodger Gitlin’s Dec. 3 Coastal Voices piece, “Sticking up for the pledge,” about the Pledge of Allegiance. Mr Gitlin refers to people opposed to the pledge’s principles as “American-haters” and “whiners.” Maybe some are.

But, as I am sure Rodger knows, this is really about a belief that God should stay out of our government. Less “America-hater,” more “atheist.”

There are nations in the Middle East that mandate patriotic exercise and faith in God, theocracies. I think perhaps our land and people deserve a bit of “love and loyalty;” love of country, on the other hand, can be conditional.

Letters to the Editor Dec. 08, 2011

Consultants are not solution to Del Norte’s education problems

 I appreciate the Dec. 3 article, “Reports fuel school reform effort.” I thoroughly enjoyed discussing it with my family of educators. I agree that high absenteeism and graduation rates are serious problems in our schools; and I appreciate the effort put forth by the participating organizations to gather student input, but I have issues with the conclusions.

First, I know the Triplicate doesn’t like to dwell on the fact that we are one of the poorest and most unemployed counties in the state, but the correlation between that and student achievement cannot be overlooked. It is a well-known fact that the best indicator of individual student performance/attendance is 1) parents’ education level, and 2) parents’ income.

Letters to the Editor Dec. 06, 2011

Smoking should be no more a gov’t responsibility than obesity

In her Dec. 1 letter (Why are we looking to the government to battle obesity,” Amanda Marx claims it is not the business of government to take care of us.

If it is not the business of the government to take care of us, then why do we see store clerks legally required to check IDs on cigarette sales, and why are extremely exorbitant taxes imposed on cigarettes?

Letters to the Editor Dec. 03, 2011

$19,800 is a lot of money for TV spot with dubious results

The Dec. 1 article, “In search of national exposure,” opens up a question that many of us in the 99 percent movement would like to know the answer to.

How will Terry Bradshaw, Fox network, ESPN or CNN put any money in our pocket?

Maybe Bill Renfroe (executive director of the Tri-Agency Economic Development Authority) will tell me why the 1 percent here is not stepping up and reaching into their pockets to pay for the whole thing.

Letters to the Editor Nov. 29, 2011

How vital is our language?

Judging from the recent spike of letters to the editor on the subject of language, one might  conclude that it’s an important element of our society. So how important is language to one’s culture?

Jill Bausch, in  her Nov.19 letter, “Country overrun with immigrants; ballots should only be in English,” Nov. 19, cited voting and its multiplicity of translations involved in the process of an American election. She pointed out that  the printing of voting material costs the taxpayers multiple thousands of dollars per election which, according to her, should be in the primary language of America-English.


Letters to the Editor Dec. 01, 2011

Newspaper thieves impact more than Triplicate staff

It’s a sad day when people stoop so low as to steal a newspaper.

Yes, it’s my business because it affects all of us in the cost of the paper. Every paper stolen affects the employee on pay day. A complete restructuring of the business had to be done to cut the costs of providing a paper.

I don’t like the 75-cent price any more than you do, but what to do so we can have a paper? The thieves don’t steal from the paper only, but from all of us in price increases if we are to have the news.

Letters to the Editor Nov. 22, 2011

Smith R. meeting raises concerns about costs, English language

Regarding the Nov. 19 article, “What does Smith River need? Stay tuned,” it appears what Smith River really needs most is a reality check.

It’s great to want these things, but we actually have to live in the real world. Wouldn’t it be great to have sidewalks, more street lights, a deputy, etc.?

Unfortunately, these are taxpayer projects. I believe most of the property taxpayers in our little area have reached their limits. Drive around the block and see the foreclosed homes.

Letters to the Editor Nov. 19, 2011

Country overrun with immigrants; ballots should only be in English

With an election year coming upon us, the news is keeping us well informed and updated.

One thing I’ve noticed is the horrendous amount of paperwork involved for what should be just a simple ballot.

Why? Because they’re being printed in numerous languages.

This is America, where the primary language is English.

Letters to the Editor Nov. 17, 2011

Obesity in Del Norte County not just health problem for children

A front-page story in the Triplicate of Nov. 12, “Bad news on youthful obesity,” reports that a new study shows that 45 percent of children in Del Norte county are seriously obese.

The report carefully and tactfully says nothing about adult obesity in Del Norte, but I suggest you visit your local supermarket, observe the people around you, and make your own estimate. I believe the state of Mississippi still leads the nation in obesity, but Del Norte seems determined to be hot on its heels.

The growing problem of obesity has been known and reported on for years. While the anti-smoking crusaders among us have been wringing their hands about cigarette butts on the beach, apparently the much more serious and widespread problem of obesity has exploded all around them.

Letters to the Editor Nov. 15, 2011

Targeting dispensaries wastes tax revenue, law enforcement

With regards to the Nov. 10 article “County may target pot dispensaries,” doesn’t the county have better things to do with its time and money than to go after the dispensaries that are helping people?

They need to do something about the crimes that are happening around town and I am sure they’re not being committed by people that use the dispensaries but by people that are high on meth or taking illegal prescription drugs.

I am a user of the dispensaries and if it were not for them I would not be able to get the medical marijuana that helps me live a productive life. I am a normal, law-abiding 45-year-old mother that owns my own home and I have never been in trouble with the law but I would not be able to grow my own or to help grow in a community garden and I don’t want to break the law and buy it from some stranger on the street so I need the dispensaries to get my medication.

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