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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Sept. 27, 2011

It doesn’t matter if historically relevant figures were gay/lesbian

In response to Barry Wendell’s Sept. 21 letter, “Students need to learn about the contributions of gays and lesbians,” honestly, what difference does it make what your sexuality is or isn’t and why on earth do we have to teach it to children in school.

“Now class, the man who invented clear steel was a highly educated physicist and a genius. Oh, and our government requires that I tell you that he is gay.”

Now, seriously, can someone please explain to me why that little snippet of sexual information would be important to or appropriate for kids or the public for that matter? You can’t because it doesn’t matter.

Certain individuals are making it a point to force you to know and to bring about “awareness” and “cultural diversity.” How many ways can we, as Americans, be so divisive and separate each other from one another?

Your sexual preference should only matter if you were about to ask someone on a date. Other than that, most people don’t really care. Think about it, when is the last time you met someone new at a business meeting or function and shook hands with someone that said, “Hi, I’m Dave and I’m gay.” Or, “Hi, I’m a lesbian and oh, my name is Sue.”

This country is headed down the toilet and California is one step ahead of the country. I have never felt the need to organize a heterosexual pride parade but this hand basket we are all riding downhill is picking up speed and I simply don’t know how to stop it.

Donna Eller

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Sept. 23, 2011

Congress totally out of touch with plight of the unemployed

Normally, any letter that I have written to the editor has been complimentary to the subject. Not this time.

I’m inspired by the editorial cartoon of Sept. 15 in The Daily Triplicate, which pictured a real truth. The people that we have elected to Congress, both Senate and representatives, are totally out of touch with the plight of those caught up in the unemployment dilemma that faces our nation. They sit in session jawing about it but do nothing. Meanwhile, our citizens are losing their homes, are having to accept charity, or maybe worse.

Once these Congress people are in office, they are almost untouchable. Salaries and perks are their main objectives.

Letters to the Editor Sept. 22, 2011

Christian woman supports her LBGT brothers and sisters

Regarding the Sept 17 letter about SB48, “Time to stand up against requiring teaching about gays in history,” first, it is putting down our LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) community (and yes we do have many here in Del Norte). It reads in one line, “I don’t mean to offend” and then in another line starts talking about “the diseases.”

What diseases?  Does the LGBT community carry different diseases? Do we revert back to 1950s and build them separate bathrooms and so on? Those “diseases” can happen to anyone who is sexually promiscuous.  Anyone can catch HIV/AIDS, not just from being homosexual.

I feel that those complaining about SB48 have not really read the bill itself.  In a nutshell:

Letters to the Editor Sept. 21, 2011

Gay history is a part of who we are and should be taught

What is it about having gay history taught in schools that bothers people so much? (“Time to stand up against requiring teaching about gays in history, Sept. 17.”)

This is not some conspiracy to try to turn all of our children and grandchildren into homosexuals. That’s not how it works!

Are people concerned that if we take “a look back” at gay history we will become pillars of salt? How can people point a finger at someone and say that they will face fire and brimstone?

Letters to the Editor Sept. 20, 2011

Chilldren can be whatever they want, regardless of their gender

In regards to “Gender restrictions for youth sports a problem in Del Norte,” Sept. 15, I agree with letter-writer Kelly Lynch.

I too have girls who want to ride the bulls during the fair and want to play football. If we lived in a big city they would be able to play whatever sport they want. My oldest was even in boxing in Fresno County.

Their size doesn’t matter, if they want to do something we should help them. We teach our children that they can be or do whatever they want, no matter what gender, and if they are not allowed to it is against their constitutional rights and against the law to be prejudiced against one gender.

Letters to the Editor Sept. 17, 2011

Astonished at lack of effort to prevent future harbor damage

With millions of dollars being spent to restore the harbor boat basin, over and over again, I am astonished that no apparent effort is going into a prevention of future damage.

Example: A well planned and designed surge gate installed at the entrance to the boat basin, one section or two, electrically, hydraulically or manually closed, vertically “floating” sections resting on the bottom and tested monthly, would keep the entrance clear of sand/mud and prevent any heavy surge from impacting the boat basin.

The goal would be to slow the surge, not a water-proof barrier. Seems as if locals could design one, then engineer it and seek funds to build it.

A slow rise of water in the basin would be harmless. Prevention is far better than expensive cures!

Bob Douglas

Smith River

Letters to the Editor Sept. 16, 2011

Work crew made Elk Creek look best it ever has, is worth a visit

I would like to comment on the work crew that has been working in the Elk Creek area.

There has been a tremendous amount of work done there. Berry vines, brush and grass have been cleared from the trail and you can see Elk Creek and the old log ponds again. This is the best I’ve seen the area look.

I would encourage those that like to walk and enjoy the beautiful area we live in to go to the end of Second Street and walk the Elk Creek Trail. You will see a beautiful area of Del Norte County right in your back yard.

Thanks to the work crew who was friendly and accomplished something extraordinary.

Philip Dailey

Fort Dick

Letters to the Editor Sept. 15, 2011

Refutation of op-ed on which president has spent the most

In her crystalline response to Marlowe Thompson’s Aug. 25 letter to the editor (“President has added more debt than all others  for past 200 hundred years”), Crystal Griffin’s Coastal Voices dissertation of Sept. 8 (“Jobs aren’t coming back”) makes a number of assertions intended to negate   Mr. Thompson’s thesis that the sitting president along with  his radical Democrat cohorts has outspent all combined  previous administrations from the inception of our history.

She immediately departs from her primary assertion and writes that “there is  so much wrong information out there.” Okay, that is likely true, but that does not spell out what she asserted  was the error(s) of Mr. Thompson’s letter.

Letters to the Editor Sept. 14, 2011

Comeback Town USA needs to find ways to keep its youth busy

I trust that since school is now back in session for Del Norte that there will be more activities to keep our youth occupied, since our summer seemed to be upsettingly lacking.

I came home on leave for a three-week period this summer with a whole to-do list for myself and my siblings. Imagine how deterred I was when virtually none of those items were available. In summer!

Bowling alley? Closed (on certain days). Roller rink? Closed. Kidtown? Graffitied and trashed. Skate park? Even more run down than when I left 4 years ago. That left our options to the movie theaters, Denny’s, or the beach. Or maybe we could have taken in the trend of Del Norte’s adolescents and gotten involved in drugs and underage drinking, a statistic that has increased the last couple years.

Letters to the Editor Sept. 13, 2011

Thank you Sheriff Wilson for taking a stand for liberty

So, the chairwoman of the county Democratic Party believes Sheriff Dean Wilson’s  involvement in the Tea Party is “offensive” (“Tea Party Sheriff,” Oct. 3). Most members of her party believe the Tea Party is “offensive” because it’s a threat to those who think their purpose is to intrude in every aspect of our lives. 

The Tea Party believes that unalienable rights come from our Creator.  Her party finds this “offensive” as well. They assume our rights come from the EPA and a gazillion other regulatory agencies that keep American prosperity stuck on its meat-hook.           

Debra Broner states her purpose is to “bring information to the voters … not shove (ideas) down people’s throats.”  Are you kidding me?  I can think of a host of freedom-robbing, tax-increasing, social engineering agendas that her party is shoving down our throats with ill-regard for our personal liberty.       

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