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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Aug. 06, 2011

Demolishing ‘port in the storm’ doesn’t strike me as progress

Looking out my office window I have to wonder if this is progress. A truck is backed up to the covered walkway at Tsunami Landing. The demolition has started.

Spending five days a week here, I have a very different point of view on the structure. I see the homeless and retirees relax and sit on a bench to watch the fountain and enjoy the outdoors with a protective cover over their head

I see employees take smoke breaks under the covered walkway. I watch people eat lunch and enjoy conversations while sitting and relaxing on a bench. Tourists often stop here after checking their emails at the library.

This has been a “port in the storm” for many who wish to get some fresh air on a rainy day. It’s a place to enjoy a little outdoor time without getting soaked. The activity is continuous. I have come to know some of the frequent consumers of the area and they are mostly delightful.

Letters to the Editor Aug. 05, 2011

Handicapped parking may be abused at times, but don’t leap to conclusions

In regard to George Burr’s July 29 letter (“Some who use handicapped licenses don’t seem to need them”), Mr. Burr, not all handicapped people are crippled.

Some have handicaps that aren’t visible. Some have lung and heart disease. With those diseases you cannot breathe well or walk long distances.

If someone gets out of their car without a limp, cane, crutches, etc., don’t assume they have no disability and have no right to a handicapped license.

Do not judge. I do agree with you about the abuse of these special parking places by thoughtless people.

Carol Antes

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Aug. 04, 2011

Chamber of Commerce hurting the county’s tourism revenue

Our county is a major tourist county. We need and depend on those revenues.

The Chamber of Commerce is and has slowly depleted those revenues. How?

1) The Fourth of July is now worthless to see! Every year it gets worse. There’s less and less to see and do.

2) We don’t have a kite show. It’s held in Brookings.

3) The Sea Cruise Car Show! Every year they’re hassled and less and less classic cars are showing up.

The Chamber of Commerce complains that there are no funds. Gee, I wonder why!

Fourth of July, the kite show and the Sea Cruise Car Show are all major resources of revenue.

The Chamber of Commerce needs to wake up!

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Aug. 03, 2011

In defense of op-ed decrying teaching gay history in Calif.

It behooves me to extend the courtesy of a reply to two writers that critiqued my recent Coastal Voices article, “Gay-history bill an affront.

The reaction of Carla Critz (“Bohling incorrect to say majority does not accept homosexuality,” July 27) to my article was one of bemused cynicism. She viewed my reactions to SB48 as fearful and frustrated at finding myself increasingly in the minority with a diminishing comfort zone owing to conspiracies of those who disagree with me.

 I do find the machinations of the radical homosexual agenda alarming and threatening to our society. However, her assertion that I insisted that my attitude about homosexuality is shared by a majority is simply untrue. I never stated that and it’s a moot point anyway. Moral turpitude is not decided by the crunching of numbers but by the baseness of the activity vis a vis the laws of nature.

Letters to the Editor Aug. 02, 2011

Some may not look handicapped, but don’t assume that they aren’t

I’d like to reply to George Burr’s July 29 letter, “Some who use handicapped licenses don’t seem to need them”) regarding  disabled parking plates for people without limps.

Not everyone who has a handicap plate has a visible handicap. People with bad hearts and severe respiratory problems also have them.

Mr. Burr, I have a handicap plate. I have had it for 10 years. You may not see me limp so much now, because in the past year I have had both knees replaced. The hip is still a problem, but more sporadically. Arthritis is something that can be worse at varying times, especially when it is cold, wet and windy.

Letters to the Editor July 28, 2011

There is mental-hold procedure available in Del Norte County

In regards to the letter of July 22, “D.A. must ask arresting deputies why suicide victim was jailed,” Joseph Villa states that he held a seat on this county’s mental health commission and that there are no facilities to hold psychiatric patients.

Well, that is simply not true. Sutter Coast Emergency Room holds suicidal patients until a mental health specialist comes to the ER to assess the patient and determine if the person needs further treatment. If the patient needs further or more intense treatment, then they are sent to another facility for that type of treatment. This protocol has been structured this way for more than five years.

As for the comment regarding the District Attorney’s Office, I am confident that the DA’s Office knows how to do its job, and it does a very good job at that.

 Wilma Wright

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor July 27, 2011

Pages of History column brought back lots of happy memories

I was reading Pages in History last week and was happy to see an article that brought back lots of memories.

My parents used to deer hunt with Sheriff Chuck Glover when I was a little girl (that was a long time ago). I was 7 and it was my birthday. Chuck and Madge invited me for breakfast. I had “Glovers Gastronomical Golden Glorius Griddle Goodies” and they were the best dad-burned hotcakes I ever ’et.

Chuck tought me how to say all that, then gave me a pair of leaded spoons. You hold them in your hand and beat rhythm to the music. We played around the campfire that night while my dad played guitar. Then Chuck and I jumped on a round log and did the twist.

There were a lot of old-timers there My grandparents Bill and Charlotte McKay, Sharkey and Alice Boyet, Leon Jones, George Hanson Sr., my Uncle Billy Mckay and my parents Benny and Barbara Bennett.

When I go back to that spot I fill my soul.

Debbie Berg

Beaver Creek Calif.

Letters to the Editor July 26, 2011

Lower speed limit on Pacific Ave. before something awful happens

This letter is another plea to the Board of Supervisors and the City Council to please lower the speed limit on Pacific Avenue to 25 mph.

The area is residential and there are several schools that back up to or are very close to Pacific Avenue. It’s such a simple thing and is a prima fascie case for the speed limit to be 25 mph as stated in the California Driver Handbook on page 29. I just don’t understand what more they need.

For example, on Sunday, July 17, my husband and I were driving west on Pacific Avenue and at Fresno Street and Pacific there happened to be a pool of water on the northeast corner of Fresno set slightly back from Pacific. That doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but there were three children playing in that water. Some were sitting, some were sort of lying in it, but they were splashing each other and generally having a lot of fun. They were ignoring what was going on around them.

Letters to the Editor July 23, 2011

Jaramillo made ultimate sacrifice a father can in trying to save son

Regarding the Smith River drowning July 4, all fathers know in their heart that it does not get more heroic than what Eduardo Jaramillo died for — the maximum effort to save his young son’s life.

The ultimate sacrifice, though tragic, is a great legacy of love to his son.

L.J. Carlson

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor July 22, 2011

Inmates in SHU made choices that rightly cost them privileges

What does a hunger strike at Pelican Bay State Prison mean? It’s a situation where people who have a choice to eat decide not to.

Such is the case with these disgruntled inmates in the SHU at Pelican Bay. They have food in their cells, can buy food from the canteen and get room service — a state-issued meal three times a day. These meals are very rigidly monitored — the amount, temperature and time of servings, just to mention a few. I know because I’ve worked in the food service industry.

These inmates are grown adults capable of making decisions on their own and have simply chosen not to eat the food provided by the state. Okay. So what? This is not a hand-wringing crisis situation. They are not being deprived of food. They are choosing not to eat. Fine, don’t eat!


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