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Updated 4:21pm - Jul 26, 2016

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor July 07, 2011

Some people’s sympathy for inmate rights is pretty pathetic

I sit here in the morning with my coffee and read these articles about the prisoners at the “Bay” and their hunger strike, etc. Hello, this is our world today!

There was a convicted murderer named Gary Gilmore  (executed in Utah, 1977) who said, “I’m guilty carry out my execution sentence.” Well they did about one year later. But the funny part was, well maybe not so funny, that he got two stays of execution against his wishes from the actions of the ACLU.

Hmmmm, what’s wrong with this picture? That’s the world we live in!

Don’t call our enemies out for who or what they are, we may make them mad at us. Don’t treat convicted felons like convicts, they have rights. Give them the best the state has to offer and suck it up Mr. Taxpayer.

We can have inmates who have committed the most heinous crimes but don’t serve them a meal thats to their dislike or heaven forbid don’t disrespect them!

What we need here is a new SHU (Security Housing Unit) built in these people’s backyards who whine and cry for these convicted felons. Or how about a room addition? That way they can live up front and personal with these people and we can close all the prisons and save the taxpayers some money.

Pretty pathetic when you really think about how far we’ve come, huh?

Gary Pelster

Crescent City

Letter to the Editor July 06, 2011

Inhumane isolation in SHU vital reason for inmates’ hunger strike

It seems that all your readers believe that this hunger strike at Pelican Ban State Prison is for food rations! It is not only that, but inhumane, indefinite confinement in the Secure Housing Unit.

Some have been in there for 30 years with no contact with family members who are too sick or old to travel up here.

This isolation is against the United Nations and our Constitution.

The food is just one of the protests that are on the table.

So please print this as they, the readers, are being misled by those that feel it is okay to throw away the key and let them live in total isolation!

Josie Ruiz

Crescent City


Letters to the Editor July 05, 2011

Good time for all that made it to the Crescent Harbor Gallery

I went to the Crescent Harbor Gallery for the Friday night Art Walk.

They had a delightful slide show of someone’s vacation to Four Corners. It was well put together and presented professionally. They also had Tim Blueflint playing the Indian flutes he had made. He is a local boy who came home.

The paintings and pictures were nice, and I found one for my son. All in all it was a really good time for all that made it to the gallery.

Thank you for the great entertainment.

Ellen Dalbec

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor July 02, 2011

Disappointed Memorial Day by state of Potter’s Field

I was very disappointed in our county on Memorial Day. The cemetery was nicely groomed, all but Potter’s Field.

Granted not many people visit their loved ones there, but a few of us do. The grass had not been mowed. The fence and entry was falling down. There were tree limbs that we had to move to visit and pay our respects to my husband’s family.

What happened to the prison crew that used to keep it so nice? I was very glad that the rest of my family did not show up, it was very embarrassing.

I hope this condition can be remedied for future visits by out-of-town relatives.

Connie Fletcher

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor July 01, 2011

There is nothing wrong with billionaires supporting Tea Party

In her June 28 letter of response to Allen Johnson, Joan Miles missed an opportunity.

Instead of opening up the dialogue to readers of the opinion page, she invited Mr. Allen to the lair of the Tea Party for a debate Such an enclave, if accepted, would limit the conversation whereas the opinion page opens it up to the entire community. Let us opt instead for expanded airing.

In addressing the “average Joes” of the Tea Party, Mr. Johnson (“Tea Party’s funders want return to 19th Century exploitation,” June 25) poses the question whether they know that those who “originated and heavily finance the Tea Party are not ordinary working-class Americans? When one traces the origin of the Tea Party, (he continues) one soon comes to the names of some of America’s wealthiest people, namely the Kansas oil billionaires, Charles and David Koch.”

Letters to the Editor June 30, 2011

To person who took my cane: How can you sleep at night?

There must be some pretty hard up people and with no thought of someone else to steal a walking cane from Shop Smart the other day.

I was in there for just a few minutes, set my cane down to get my purse to pay for my merchandise, I was in a hurry to get out to the car, where someone waited who was kind enough to take me to the store. Of course I forgot my cane and, when I got into the car, wondered why my hip was hurting.

By the time I got to the next errand, I had remembered that I left my cane at the store. My friend was kind enough to go back for me while I finished my business and get the cane. But much to her surprise, it was gone.

Letters to the Editor June 29, 2011

County employees should take a lesson from entrepreneurs

Regarding the photo accompanying the June 24 article, “County employees hold protests,” the sign said “Can you survive on a 12.5 percent pay cut?” The answer is, yes I can, because we did, and we didn’t even get to vote to decide if it would be 12.5 percent or 5 percent. It just happened; it’s called “the economy.”

My husband owns his own construction company. At the beginning of this year he went at least six weeks without work. He didn’t have the luxury of unemployment insurance, he didn’t have anyone to point the finger at to blame, to say “cut from the top,” “raise taxes.” Nope, he just sharpened his pencil, beat the pavement and went looking for work.

Letters to the Editor June 28, 2011

Volore, Mortenson family thanks Crescent City for vigil, support

The family of Ashley Volore and Cecilia Mortensen would like to thank everyone who came to their candlelight vigil on Friday, June 17, at the Hidden Creek Apartments. Especially the manager of Hidden Creek, Jackie Guerrero, who organized it.

The family’s prayers of gratitude go to John Berryman, the inspirational speaker, and Charlie Wick and Joyce Christian, who led the singing.

Ashley wants to thank everyone for coming and the donations that were given will go toward Cecilia’s burial with her grandmother and great-grandmother in San Jose.

Letters to the Editor June 25, 2011

Tea Party’s funders want return to 19th Century exploitation

I keep reading and hearing about the Tea Party and its activities in Crescent City. They portray themselves as a grassroots group of everyday Americans. Probably many of the Tea Party members in Crescent City are just that, but I wonder if those who are “average Joes” realize that those who originated and heavily finance the Tea Party are not ordinary, working-class Americans.

When one traces the origin of the Tea Party, one soon comes to the names of some of America’s wealthiest people, namely the Kansas oil billionaires, the brothers Charles and David Koch. Each Koch brother is believed to be worth $21.5 billion according to Forbes magazine.

Letters to the Editor June 23, 2011

Fast-food restaurants have no business asking for your name

I see that some of the fast-food places have now decided to use a little polite blackmail to collect personal names to claim your order.

State Law SB262 (the paparazzi act) specifically forbids such actions. The courts have ruled that, on a cash transaction, no personal information shall be extracted, since coin-of-the realm (money) is all that is necessary.

Oh well, I guess there is still no law north of the Klamath

Claude Schwaninger

Crescent City

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