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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor May 27, 2011

Recent Fawn Morris accolades bring to mind another memory

Seeing the recent accolades for Fawn Morris (“Fawn Morris will be remembered for efforts in behalf of county fair,” May 11) gave me incentive to write this remembrance of her also.

In high school she was very skillful at “jitterbugging.” The dance floor would clear to watch her and her brother “Juke” dance to the music of the Big Band sounds that came from our rented jukebox.

Mary Jean Goecker

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor May 26, 2011

County seems to have record of going soft on men who kill women

Kill your mother in Del Norte County and you only spend 68 days in jail! This is outrageous.

Del Norte County seems to have a record of going soft on men who kill women in our county. Kill your friend and throw her off a bridge: 11 years.

Women in this county should be concerned.

Peggy O’Neill


Letters to the Editor May 25, 2011

Cartoon ridicules those bringing attention to illegal immigration

I wish to also register my objection to a political cartoon published in May 12 Daily Triplicate last regarding illegal immigration.

Dale Bohling wrote a letter (“Cartoon introduces racism into heretofore peaceful community,” May 19) similarly expressing his concern The Triplicate would irresponsibly run a political cartoon mocking Tea Party patriots’ concern that illegal immigration laws in this country and California are summarily being ignored.

The picture of the hard-working migrant filling a wheel barrel infers there is no cost to the taxpayer. Assuming this particular migrant is a law- abiding person (other than his breaking America’s border law) is unrealistic since the crime rate is so disproportionately high among this population of immigrants.

My concern is this political cartoon ridicules and marginalizes those that bring to the attention of our federal government the devastating effects of illegal immigration. I consider the members of the Tea Party and Minutemen to be patriots who endure this ridicule.

And for those of you who are still undecided about the effects of illegal immigration burdens on our state, look at the facts: Illegal immigration costs California billions of dollars a year. Eliminating that cost would ameliorate the chasm of deficit California presently suffers from.

Defend that practice as Gov. Jerry Brown and the Assembly/Senate ask you to pay more taxes on income, sales and DMV fees to support this madness.  Say no thank-you.

 Roger Gitlin

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor May 24, 2011

Can’t pity those on system when I work and have costly insurance

Regarding the May 17 letter “Unfair to say that people who live on system are lazy, criminals,” are you kidding me! Unless a person is born with a silver spoon in their mouth they have to find their way in this world!

California affords the most disadvantaged all that the country has to offer! The federal government pushed to get everyone educated!

I didn’t grow up with a great support system in my family but I married a wonderful husband that is one of the smartest people I will ever know. If you want to lean how to beat depression, pull some weeds! There is nothing better to deal with ADHD than turning off the TV and if your child is inappropriate in words or actions than start gardening or go for a hike.

Letters to the Editor May 21, 2011

There is no longer any dedicated Social Security fund; it’s just IOUs

In reference to Laurel Marquart’s May 18 letter, “SSI, SSDI services should not be paid out of Social Security fund,” my question is, what Social Security fund?

The so-called fund has long consisted of nothing more than a stack of government IOUs, and is now only a part of our national debt. All Social Security benefits are now paid from current taxes, not from some mythical “fund.”

Social Security was founded in 1935 as a retirement plan, in which workers would pay into a special fund through payroll taxes over their working lives, and would later draw retirement income from the accumulated fund. What happened? Politicians saw all that money coming in and scooped it up to pay for their pet projects, leaving only a stack of worthless government IOUs in its place!

If a private employer stole from his company’s worker retirement plan in the same way that politicians have treated the Social Security plan, that employer would be in prison!

 John Cupp

Smith River

Letters to the Editor May 20, 2011

Many people with health issues work to support those who won’t

I read with interest the letter May 17 letter (“Unfair to say that people who live on system are lazy, criminals”). The writer asked if anyone else in the USA lives like her family.

Of course, an untold number of families “walk in your shoes”; most of them are hard-working, tax-paying citizens who even though they work full-time are still struggling to support their families and trying to stretch their paychecks to cover medical expenses, day care, food, etc.

The difference is they are also supporting you! Dare to walk in their shoes. Go to work every day, juggle children, day care, grocery shopping, housework ... day in and day out, living paycheck to paycheck, not able to afford to purchase a home or go on a vacation, and for many no medical insurance.

Letters to the Editor May 19, 2011

Cartoon introduces racism into heretofore peaceful community

Cartoons are just funny little pictures created in the minds of insightful, creative people that map a shortcut to the core of a set of statements or belief systems, right?

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. It is also apparent that there are mental gnomes that occasionally get their pathetic efforts published in a few backwater newspapers of little consequence. A case in point would be the editorial cartoon by Mike Keefe as presented in our local paper by the paucity-driven need to fill a 4- by 6-inch void on the May 12th opinion page. Better by far would it have been to leave the space void.

The cartoon sadly introduces the charge of racism as attributed to the Tea Party by ignominious race-baiters across America into our heretofore quiescent and tolerant community.

Letters to the Editor May 17, 2011

Article about Obama, border full of inaccurate claims, information

In response to the article entitled, “Obama talks about immigration in Texas,” I must have my input.

Obama declares our border with Mexico is quite secure. Yeah right! That’s his point of view from Texas. The rest of the country’s borders are easily accessible.

Locally we have zero or next to no border patrol agents. Entry points for illegals are too numerous to count.

Getting serious about enforcement as stated by the Republicans is an absolute necessity, but impossible until nationwide those illegals without proof of citizenship are eliminated.

It is detrimental to our country’s deficit and safety! Terrorists, murderers and even those illegals who raise the unemployment rate by taking jobs that should be for citizens and by occupying housing that could help the low income and homeless.

The article states there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. Try again! Someone can’t count! More than likely it’s double or even triple that number.

No matter how you weigh it, illegal immigrants are a huge drain on our country’s finances.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor May 14, 2011

Del Norte County Democrats stand by Calif. state workers

The Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee voted unanimously at our May meeting to contact Senator LaMalfa about the recent vote in the state Senate regarding the contract for the California Correctional Peace Officers Association. We noted that Mr. LaMalfa voted NO for SB 151 that included the Memoranda of Understanding for CCPOA.

Democratic Central Committee members have family and friends that work at Pelican Bay State Prison. We know firsthand what law enforcement at PBSP faces each day. Our family members and friends, who are civilian staff, return home each day unharmed due to the professional conduct of law enforcement. We know that CCPOA has been without a contract since it expired in 2006, and they deserve to have an elected representative stand with them. We are disappointed that Mr. LaMalfa, as their elected representative, did not stand with them when they needed his support. Only 2 republicans voted with the Democratic senators on May 2.  I will quote the CCPOA spokesman JeVaugh Baker: “we wanted to do our fair share to help the state through a serious budget crisis while protecting the rights of our members in a tough economy. We believe our contract reflects this.”

Letters to the Editor May 13, 2011

McArthur doesn’t understand role of being a representative

When I first read Donald McArthur’s Coastal Voices piece I thought, “Another self-important, small-town politician who is minimizing the problems actually to be faced, lives in an idealogical fantasy world and has no real answers.”

Mr. McArthur begins his piece with a combination of hand-wringing platitudes about how wonderful things would be if only Californians, meaning Republican lawmakers, would truly appreciate the importance of a good public school education and therefore fund it. In the process he supports his argument with a flurry of GDP numbers all the while minimizing the true nature of the problem. Currently California doesn’t have $29 billion to cover the deficit and must by law find a way of doing something about it.

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