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Updated 2:34pm - Jul 29, 2016

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30, 2016

Coastal Commission director being fired for support of public interests

The California Coastal Commission, charged with oversight of coastal land use and public access, is about to fire its executive director, Charles Lester. Lester’s sin is his support of public coastal access over the profit-mongering of billion dollar corporations intent on using the land for luxury home developments.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s four appointees to the commission are said to be behind this outrage. Martha McClure was appointed to the commission by Brown.

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 28, 2016

Raccoons can only see 5 feet ahead, watch out for them

This note is sent in to your paper to share some interesting information with our community about raccoons. Now that daylight is much shorter and the darkness much longer during the winter equinox, there appear to be many dead raccoons on our streets.

Do you know that the raccoon’s field of vision is only 5 feet? That is it. They can see only 5 feet around them. So, when you are driving your automobile and there is a raccoon ahead, please be aware that it literally cannot see you until you are within its 5-foot field of vision. Further, your headlights are blinding to it.

You may view these nocturnal raccoons as pests but they are really very intelligent, social mammals, who can manipulate their 5-digit paws similarly as we do our hands. They are important to the environment because they eat insects, garden pests and carrion. It’s a small inconvenience for the benefits they provide.

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26, 2016

Specialists in short supply, but plenty of urologists ... now

You could find yourself in the back of an ambulance with siren blaring as you blaze down the highway to Sutter Coast Hospital with EMTs feverishly taking your vitals. Even fairly young people can suddenly find themselves stricken with agonizing chest pains.

Upon arriving in the ER the staff begins stripping off your clothing and bedding you. Bright lights, tubes, needles and intense faces form a collage of swirling pain and nausea. Thankfully, under the ER doctor’s skilled actions and directives you are relieved to learn that your situation has been stabilized… attenuated... not healed.

Your heart sinks when you are informed that you will be flown to San Francisco since Sutter Coast Hospital does not have a specialist nor the support facilities required to restore your system to a viable level. The realization that your family will be left to their own devices to join you as you are wheeled to the ambulance bay compounds your already stressed system.

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23, 2016

Sutter pays Wall St. salaries, pays no taxes, hides its books

Sutter Coast Hospital is granted a tax exemption as a 501c3 non-profit “charity” — the same as Salvation Army. But why? In 2014, Sutter Coast made $10.8 million in profits from our community.

In 2012, Sutter Health CEO Pat Fry received $6,393,883— that is $122,959 per week. Mr. Fry also receives a paid membership in a “local social/business club.” Apparently his base salary is not enough to pay for social clubs.

It must be nice to be Mr. Fry. In 2013, his nephew Matthew was paid $39,712 as an intern. Mr. Fry’s niece Catherine was paid $102,327 as the “quality, cost and scheduling manager for Sutter Health.” Is Catherine Fry in charge of quality and cost at Sutter Coast?

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 21, 2016

Keep tabs on loved ones in nursing homes

As I read the recent article of one local assisted living facility, I became compelled to write something about that disturbing piece.

As a person with a family member in such a facility, I have seen first hand, how the care one receives is good, bad, and ugly. The good care comes from an outstanding group of caregivers. It is amazing that someone chooses a job of such, that takes extreme patience, caring, and mental stamina to complete each day. If you ever decide to take a moment to tour these types of facilities, you will get a better grasp of what I speak of.

Now, for the “Not so good care,” what goes on in these facilities during off hours, without direct supervision, can be questionable. As a family member on the other side of the doors, if I became aware of an abusive environment, which directly affected any resident member, hell would come calling. If the care affects one, it can affect all.

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 16, 2016

Community is losing an excellent urologist, Dr. Davis

When I learned that Dr. Mark Davis was closing his urological practice, I felt a deep sadness on many levels.

First, Dr. Davis is an eminently qualified and capable specialist. When my husband, Keith, was diagnosed with bladder cancer, he became a patient of Dr. Davis; and when Keith finally succumbed to the cancer, there was none to be found in his bladder. Thanks to the treatments Dr. Davis provided, the quality and length of my husband’s life were extended.

Secondly, Dr. Davis is a valued member of our community. Twenty-two years ago, he and his wife (and nurse), Karen, came here to make their home. They bought real properties, built a house and a professional building, raised three children, created jobs, and paid their taxes.

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 14, 2016

The ‘stink’ you smell isn’t coming from HCD

In regard to your recent editorial about the Del Norte Healthcare District: 

You have a lot of gall to come into our community and attack an elected body who is doing everything they can to make sure we have quality, affordable health care.

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12, 2016

No discussion of STAA trucks, Last Chance

The meeting on the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan was jam-packed with folks from Crescent City, Hiouchi, and Gasquet, among other places, to the surprise of Project Manager Jeff Schwein. A large percentage — two-thirds to three-fourths by show of hands — were there with concerns about Caltrans’ project to alter Highways 199 and 197 to allow the longer STAA trucks.

This fact was enlightening for Jeff, but Tamera Leighton, representing the Transportation Commission, already knew I’m sure, by some familiar faces and petitions that were being given out.

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 9, 2015

Solid Waste facts ignored on front page of Triplicate

I’m writing in order to correct misrepresentations in your recent front page article of the Triplicate, with regard to the Grand Jury report about the Solid Waste Authority. Are you kidding me? I can see why no one wanted their name showing as the author of this distasteful, distorted and unethical article.  

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7, 2016

Trigg looking out for community health

As a senior citizen, living on a fixed income, I worry about the impact of Sutter Health’s conduct on our health and our community. I learned recently that our District Attorney Dale Trigg is preparing subpoenas so that he can investigate possible illegal activity that came to light in the Hussey vs. Sutter lawsuit. I commend Mr. Trigg for looking out for all of us. This could be a turning point in our community’s effort to stop Sutter’s plans, which include the ongoing threat of Sutter taking hospital ownership out of Del Norte County and downsizing our hospital to Critical Access status.

Harley Hiscox, Crescent City


Meager projections another Sutter ploy proven false

The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors and (Crescent) City Council issued a joint resolution (2015-055) supporting the (Del Norte) Healthcare District’s efforts to ensure high quality health care in our region. www.co.del-norte.ca.us/departments/board-of-supervisors

One section in the resolution jumped out at me. It said the Camden Group study’s reports regarding profitability, numbers of in-patients and the need for Critical Access designation at Sutter Coast Hospital “have proven not accurate.”

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