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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor April 02, 2011

Kudos to high school for its ‘Alice in Wonderland’ production

Again I am pleased to let all know I attended Del Norte High School’s production of “Alice in Wonderland,” and it was great.

I wish to give my granddaughter and the others kudos. This means the behind-the-scenes crews for doing such a great job. The drama teacher should be very pleased with her students.

I am looking forward to many more plays to come.

Thank you again for giving us such a fine performance.

Mary Thiessen

Crescent City


Letters to the Editor April 01, 2011

Del Norte County shouldn’t pay for services for illegal immigrants

The January 2011 numbers are in from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services. Welfare and food stamp allocations for parents who reside in the United States illegally and collect benefits for their native-born children in L.A. County are up $3 million from one year ago.  A staggering total of $53 in welfare benefits ($22 million for CalWORKS plus $31 million for food stamps) are diverted away from deserving citizens to individuals who have entered the USA illegally.

The above figures come from L.A. County Fifth District Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

For the 12 months of 2010, over $625 million in welfare and food stamps were issued to the children of illegal aliens; that’s up 10% from 2009.

Letters to the Editor March 31, 2011

Health clinic approval damages trust with local faith community

An open letter to the Del Norte County Unified District Board: I have analyzed the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the school district and the Open Door Clinic. I am dismayed by the provisions embedded in the policies of the clinic, despite the highlighted disclaimer on the first page of the MOU that abortion services will not be provided at Two Trees.

Your disclaimer will not prevent the dissemination of abortion information or services to the teens (aka, minor children) who use the clinic. The clinic will operate within its own charter (not yours), as you provide in Section 4 of the proposed agreement. Their rules include providing services to minor children for “Pregnancy. Contraception. Abortion. Emergency Medical Services. Sexual Assault Services” etc. Minor children "of any age" may sign a consent form for any of these services. Parental notification or consent is not required. And that is reprehensible.

Letters to the Editor March 28, 2011

Beach cleanup shows strength and character of people here

I wish to send my appreciation to all the people who assisted with the Crescent City beach cleanup.

On the afternoon of March 19, many people, including myself, assisted in removing a lot of debris.

It was windy and rained for several minutes including a bit of hail, but a lot of people stayed despite the weather. That demonstrates real strength and character of the many people who live here.

I climbed up onto the rocks to gather and remove large wooden parts and removed many lead fishing weights including many other items that filled three large garbage bags. Some debris was so big it could not be put in a bag, so we pulled it up to the side of the road for easy collection at removal.

There were many more people working behind the scenes, including city and county staff, and I wish to thank all of them as well.

Joseph Aliotti

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor March 25, 2011

E-mail comment soon to prevent road closures in recreation area

The managers of the Smith River National Recration Area are planning to close many roads and make other areas road-free. Instead of managing our forests for recreation and our enjoyment, they are planing to shut many more areas down.

Please comment on the current project. You can e-mail comments to the Forest Service at the following email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

April 2 is the end of the comment period so if you care about any activity or access to our forests please comment early and often.

The Board of Supervisors disagreed with this plan when it voted Tuesday to send a letter to the Forest Service asking them to coordinate better with the local government. If nothing else, ask the Forest Service not to close any more roads.

Jon Olson

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor March 24, 2011

Stop U.S. offensive military ops and embrace peaceful solutions

The U.S. needs to aim efforts toward a new international peace initiative. These efforts in the Middle East can encourage hope for the future. It can bring more desirable results instead of allowing for chaotic destruction. It costs too much money, especially at times when other economic priorities need to take precedence.

Libya is not a direct threat to America. Defensive measures can provide sufficient security and safety from terrorist attacks. We need to stop U.S. offensive military operations and embrace the solutions peace can bring.

Roger W. Galbraith

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor March 23, 2011

Governor, Legislature should make decisions, not initiatives

Jerry Brown was elected governor by great efforts and money on the part of the unions, including the California Teachers Association, and the green energy crowd, among others. The California Legislature has been predominately controlled by the Democrats for more years than we care to think about! Now they want the “people” to decide whether to tax themselves or not. Really!

The leadership of this state has caused the financial dilemma we are in right now. They have given power to the unions, CTA, and the energy opportunists, among many. They have increased their voting base to assure continued rule by allowing sanctuary for illegals, as well as causing our health care to bend under the weight of these illegals who pay nothing and get more than the ordinary taxpayer. We are sick of politics and power grabs! Give us back some honesty and common sense.

Letters to the Editor March 22, 2011

Buy American-made products: Taxes will go down and jobs up

Reading all of the political spins should be making everyone dizzy by now, and it is only getting worse by the day, saying that public employees are the reason for the recession when it is everyone’s fault.

Everyone can complain that not enough people are working, but how many of us look at where things come from? I do and I try my best to either buy American-made products or wait until the stores slash the prices cheaper than I can buy the same things at a yard sale. I have tried to put my money where my mouth is and bought my youngest daughter a set of frying pans made in the USA for her birthday, and for my birthday I got three pairs of American-made jeans, and they didn’t cost any more than ones at a nice store that were made in a Third World country.

Letters to the Editor March 19, 2011

Thank you, Crescent City, for helping us to help you

An open letter to the people of Crescent City:

As the tsunami event unfolded on March 11, the world watched in wonder, struck by the awesome power of the earth and sea. The people of Crescent City witnessed this power firsthand. When the call came Friday evening to deploy to locations affected by the tsunami, many of our staff volunteered to serve in Crescent City.

They descended on Crescent City, a mass of strangers arriving in the midst of a disaster as it unfolded. We sent them under the directive to help and serve the people of Crescent City to the best of their ability.

While all of us have witnessed some of the worst of what Mother Nature can deliver, our teams in Crescent City have also witnessed some of the best of human nature. We sent our people to help Crescent City, and Crescent City responded by helping them.

Letters to the Editor March 18, 2011

Public unions have responsibility for our budgetary mega-crisis

In his March 8 Coastal Voices piece, “Don’t blame public workers,” Mr. Barry Wendell zooms in on Karen Brooks, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the Tea Party as singling out labor unions for the balancing of current budgetary meltdowns. His solution to that impending disaster is the time-worn mantra of liberalism: Tax the rich.

Positing the position of defender of the common-man, big-labor union bosses and their minions have called out their militia to defend their bastion of ensconced power. Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, union workers find themselves on the tip of a dilemma: whether to side with a few emergent leaders with courage who ultimately rely on the support of the Tea Party Movement in reining in the escalation of rampant union demands, or to kow-tow to cigar-chomping Big Labor bosses on whom they rely for sustenance.

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