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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor March 04, 2011

I know George Bradshaw and I don’t believe charges he faces

The Triplicate’s coverage of the Bradshaw/Gregory case is the definition of biased journalism. A small-town paper partial to exploiting news with whomever’s story they get their hands on first.

George and I have been best friends since we were in sixth grade. I know, more than most, that he is not a violent person. I know this because I know George.

The Triplicate has made him out to be such a terrible person, and that makes me furious. When I read this blasphemy I feel like it’s about me as well. As should anybody put in that position. What kind of person wouldn’t defend themselves? I believe that George didn’t and couldn’t have injured Robert as badly as he ended up.

With the injuries Gregory sustained, how was George supposed to have inflicted those? Who does The Triplicate think he is? Chuck Norris? There was a fight.

I believe Robert Gregory is in a comatose state from something that happened after the altercation, not from a couple punches to the face and a few body blows.

I just wanted to get it out there that there are two sides to every story. The Triplicate is wrong. Try some investigating sometime instead of printing hearsay, especially when the jury comes home every night to read the local newspaper!

Justin Brumm

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor March 03, 2011

Sales, car taxes prove that raising taxes doesn’t work

Two years ago the state raised our sales tax by 1 percent. It’s suppose to go back to 7.25 percent this year. But as usual they want to keep it raised.

Raising taxes doesn’t work because if it did our deficit would have gone down. But instead in the last two years the state went from being $19 billion in the hole to being $25 billion in the hole! Oops, that didn’t work. So they want to try it again, but this time for five years. So let’s see if we go $6 billion more in the hole in two years if we let them do it again, then maybe we’ll be $15 billion more in the hole in five years! So remember this in June when we vote.

As for the car tax, I have a 6-year-old truck that I just paid $221 for the tags. If I lived in Oregon, it would cost me $65 for two years. That would be only $32.50 a year. I think we’ve been getting ripped off for a lot of years and now they want to raise it more!

Other states charge everyone the same price for their tags, but good old California came up with an idea to stick it to everyone. Last year I paid $231 for my tags. They came down $10 this year — that was big of them. So in two years I paid $452. I could have only paid $65 in Oregon. Big difference, I’d say.

If you had employees that weren’t doing the job, you wouldn’t give them a raise or a bonus, would you? You might even fire them. Well, California, you didn’t fire them in November. They haven’t been doing their jobs in Sacramento, so take back their raises and bonuses and whatever else they gave themselves until they get us out of the big hole they put us in.

Don’t forget last November. You hired back the same old people.

Muriel Kaye

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor March 02, 2011

Business owners should be asked about Tsunami Landing

Regarding the Thursday article, “City: Remove Tsunami Landing,” I disagree with a statement that Councilwoman Kathryn Murray made before she voted on taking down the covered walkway.

Before we have any community input on the future of Tsunami Landing, the owners of the buildings in that area need to be asked what they would like. My reasoning for saying this, one only has to look at the empty buildings in our downtown. These owners may want a bigger say on what happens next because they need to fill their empty buildings with tenants. They need to fill these spaces to begin the economic recovery of our downtown area.

Also, I disagree with Councilwoman Kelly Schellong when she made the suggestion that the city bring back Second Street to our downtown area. Come on, Kelly, do you want to see SUVs making their way past our public library? Bad idea, Kelly!

Before the city has any public meetings, my city staff needs to get out their pencils and work on the real numbers of what it would cost the city to replace the overhang. The city should come up with a real vision on what it would like to do before we have any public meeting. I also believe that the owners of the buildings in that area should share in the cost of the city to replace the walkway if redevelopment funds go away.

Letters to the Editor March 01, 2011

Isn’t it time for Tea Party to tell us how to accomplish change?

As an independent voter I know it’s imperative that our government create a balanced budget based on revenue collected. However, in lieu of putting forth a platform or agenda explaining exactly how deep and where cuts would be made to the budget, it seems that Tea Party leaders like Karen Brooks (“Taxing us into serfdom,” Feb. 25) are ever-ready to show the deficiencies of current legislators and incite hatred.

C’mon, insinuating that Speaker of the Assembly John Perez coming from the 46th District of Los Angeles (bordering the City of Bell) has committed the same types of misuse of government funds committed by the city officials there that have been charged with those crimes is ludicrous.  Pointing out that Mr. Perez has received big contributions from unions is knowledge I can appreciate and will be helpful to voters in the 46th district on deciding how they will vote in the next election.

Bottom line is this; in conjunction with saying, “There will be no fiscal responsibility until all elected leaders, and the public employees unions who control this state, bring compensation and benefits to sustainable levels that are more in-line with the private sector,” I am earnestly waiting to hear from the Tea Party, or any other group, the words, “I can and here’s how.”

Cool it with the rhetoric, clearly explain your platform and spell out the needed reforms and budget cuts that you propose to institute.  Broad strokes are easy, but clear and concise leadership based on reality is desperately needed to keep this country strong and unified. 

Kevin Fallon

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Feb. 26, 2011

People of Crescent City need to keep dogs confined to property

My family and I moved to Crescent City about a month ago. As a runner, I have been encountered by more dogs in this county that are not fenced.

My dog and I have been chased or followed by at least one to two dogs per day. The majority are friendly. Unfortunately, sometimes these dogs will follow us for a good half-mile away from their homes. Despite my repeated attempts to get them to go away, they don’t.

I have to carry mace to protect me from these loose dogs. My dog has even gotten attacked by a dog, who first almost got hit by a car in a 50-mph zone.

I do not understand how dog owners can be so irresponsible when it comes to their dogs. Aren’t dogs supposed to be confined to their yards when the owner is not with them, not walking around the city like people?

I’d like to say to the people of Crescent City, please keep your dogs safe by confining them.

Jeannie Horton

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Feb. 25, 2011

Federal legislators shouldn’t be allowed to serve twice in a row

With the current national deficit that the federal government is trying to solve, here’s a thought and an issue that should be considered.

Although the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are elected officials, the voters seem totally blind to the fact that they are steadfastly stuck in their ways, yet they’re consistently re-elected.

The House of Representatives and Senate should have a re-election limitation, only being able to serve one term after which they must skip a term before being elected once again.

Doing this would thereby create a rotation throughout the House and Senate, bringing the voters fresh views and new ideas. The new faces may very well have suggestions and perceptions as to how to handle the deficit.

Letters to the Editor Feb. 24, 2011

I witness a pattern of kindness and generosity in our town

Last week, for the umpteenth time, Marty returned my previously ailing Hyundai.  It is now full of energy and good health again.  I discovered Crescent City 18 years ago and Marty’s Auto Repair & Muffler a little later. After “iffy” auto services in Southern California, it was an unbelievable relief to find a service that was, still is, dependable, trustworthy, courteous, and even goes the extra mile.

Letters to the Editor Feb. 23, 2011

High time to drive out leaders favoring illegal immigrants

The Feb. 8, 2011, edition of the Times-Standard of Eureka carried three pictures released by the Eureka Police Department’s Drug Task Force displaying among other related things a dinner plate full of black tar heroin destined for our North Coast communities’ streets and children. Wouldn’t you just love to have your youngsters introduced to this devil’s delight at some party they had the misfortune to attend?

The interdiction of the five and a half pounds of this evil substance was the result of a series of busts over a two-week period. The net amount was 15 times the amount seized in all of 2010. Does any fool among us believe that that is just a fluke, a glitch, and is not repeated on a slightly lesser scale, perhaps, with all the other coastal communities?

Where did this slow-death substance come from? Along with an undisclosed amount of cash the interdictions netted six suspects from Mexico. Along with these six, two other conspirators allegedly in possession of heroin were netted in Arcata, where it is speculated that deliveries were being made by two of the illegal Mexican dealers at the time of arrest.

Letters to the Editor Feb. 19, 2011

Congressman’s self-centered ideas bad for Klamath salmon

I was dismayed to read in Friday’s Triplicate of Republican Congressman Tom McClintock’s efforts to block the agreement to remove dams from the Klamath River.

The plan to remove these dams has the support of farmers, fishermen, tribes and conservation groups. It seems the only one against the plan is Congressman McClintock, so he is using his power to try to stop the dam removal.

There have been millions of dollars already spent on studies, reports, meetings, etc., and now he wants to stop a project that clearly has the support of the people.

Seems like one more member of the “Party of No” just can’t bear to see things any other way but his own.

The salmon are in real trouble, Congressman. The removal of these dams will give the species a good chance to recover. Why don’t you go back to your office in Washington, D.C., and let people in the Pacific Northwest deal with our own issues?

 Lawrence Henderson

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Feb. 18, 2011

California politicians need to be unselfish to solve financial crisis

Our state is and has been suffering through a huge budget deficit that got enormously worse while Schwarzenegger was governor. Jerry Brown ran for governor knowing full well that if elected he would be burdened, dealing with the disaster left by Schwarzenegger. And he’s giving it his best effort, but it’s going to take more time than our state and Californians have.

The poor and middle class suffered what seemed an eternity under Arnold’s “Reign of Terror” and still are.

Medical, dental, podiatry, optical, mental health care, education, the disabled, the elderly and numerous other programs have been consistently cut or done away with. Arnold’s budget cuts affected every county and city in our state. He showed no mercy except to the wealthy.

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