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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Feb. 08, 2011

Tea Party is for protecting rights

Regarding Sybil Saxelby’s Coastal Voices piece, (“Look closer at the NCCS, Feb. 1), you have your opinion, and the folks you discuss have theirs. It’s a free country. You have inalienable rights, which are protected by the Constitution. These rights are Natural Law, as opposed to governmental law, which, on the other hand, is supposed to protect our rights and freedoms. I believe this concept of Natural Law is exactly in keeping with the law school definition that you quote, i.e. the freedom of the individual in his “pursuit of happiness.”

So where does all your fear and loathing come from when you say that the interpretation of the Constitution presented at the Tea Party seminar “would effectively dictate how each of us should live and should think in our society?” Again, we have freedom of expression. No one is dictating. You say “That Glenn Beck has decided what religion we are to apply to the functioning of our Constitution is absurd.” Again, we have freedom of religion. Glenn Beck does not decide for you. I don’t understand how his or anyone’s opinion is “an abuse of the rights of all who differ.”

Letters to the Editor Feb. 05, 2011

Abortions against laws of God, cause economic, social upheaval

As Congress is about to make the hard decisions for all the lives of seniors, the poor, and our children, lets look back a few years and see where going against the laws of God and nature can cause great economic and social upheaval.

Here’s a few statistics I looked up about our vanishing work force in the United States in comparison to seniors retiring.

Since Roe v. Wade was enacted, in the USA alone we have murdered over 53 million babies and in many cases it has been used as a form of birth control. Now, keep in mind that since it’s been over 35 years since Roe v. Wade passed into law.

Letters to the Editor Feb. 04, 2011

Is it too much to expect of parents to feed their own children instead of government?

Reading the Jan. 24 article, “Menu of Changes,” left me wondering when the families of this country became unable to feed their children.

Now it seems the government, through the schools, have taken on parents’ responsibilities for the most basic necessities of a successful society.

Are we truly unable to understand what is good or poor eating habits for ourselves and family? What a shameful situation. I recommend that all children bring lunch and other necessary food to school with them, provided by the parents who chose to raise a family.

Preparing a healthy, nutritious lunch and snack for your child costs only a couple of dollars a day if you shop wisely. Is this really too much to expect from a civilized society?

We are capable of taking care of ourselves and family without government assistance. History has shown this to be true. Let’s do it again.

Brett Bergman

Smith River

Letters to the Editor Feb. 03, 2011

Church-state separation and natural law mischaracterized

The Feb. 1 Triplicate contained a Costal Voices piece by Sybil Saxelby (“Look closer at the National Center for Constitutional Studies”) concerning conservative persons and organizations. She begins by a personal attack on Glenn Beck (“chubby, pink jowls”). She also derides books by Cleon Skousen.

Ms. Saxelby, “natural law” has more than one meaning. The founders of this country believed the Natural Law came from God. Separation of church and state, which I am sure you know, is not in the Constitution but the Constitution did mean to keep the government out of religion because of the interference by the government in England through the Church of England. It was never meant to keep religion out of government.

The constitution prohibits the establishment of religion by the state. The constitution is not a “living breathing document” as liberals (progressives) like to think, but a set of principles based on moral considerations as best prescribed by God.

As for twisting the Constitution, I only see this as occurring through progressives who want to change the Constitution through judicial activism instead of the procedure prescribed in the Constitution itself (amendment).

Glenn Felix

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Jan. 28, 2011

Prep sports stats are needed on the Triplicate sports page

I would like to compliment Triplicate Sports Editor Bill Choy for his good sports articles. I do have a request though.

Would it be possible to put the stats for the Del Norte-Humboldt League that we are a part of on the sports page like The Triplicate puts the stats for the NBA and NFL?

It would be nice to see how the other teams in our league are doing. I don’t expect articles, just the stats.

Carolyn Hilger

Crescent City

Editor’s note: The Triplicate has begun publishing Big 5 boys and girls basketball standings and results on a weekly basis. They will usually appear on Tuesday.

Letters to the Editor Jan. 26, 2011

Thanks to all the agencies that attended First Five open house

My name is Christy Runnion and I am the Early Start Connections coordinator for Del Norte First Five. I wanted to thank all the agencies that attended our recent open house on Caring for our Babies from Pregnancy to Preschool.

I was delighted to meet all of you. I was surprised to learn about services that are offered that I was unaware of. I was especially fascinated to learn about Baby Signs. I  thank all of you for what you do in our community.

Christy Runnion

Crescent City


Letters to the Editor Jan. 25, 2010

Want to know more about the Tea Party? Go see for yourself

Regarding the Jan. 20 Coastal Voices piece, “Tea Party co-opted, corrupted,” I want to thank Carla Critz for her opinion. She has now opened her beliefs to debate.

First she claims to know the Tea Party perspective. If so why doesn’t she state it? She claims that if the party is motivated by governments intrusion on our civil liberties, why not an angry cry against the warrantless wire-tapping program? The Tea Party saw its beginnings in 2008 and 2009. The wire-tapping program became public in December 2005 well before the party had its beginnings.

Same for the issue of corporations being granted the Fourteenth Amendment rights. The Supreme Court rulings concerning these rights began in 1886. Is the Tea Party responsible for not making a rally cry now?


Letters to the Editor Jan. 22, 2010

Carla Critz’ good ideas welcome at Del Norte Tea Party meetings

In response to Carla Critz’ well-written Jan. 20 Coastal Voices piece, “Tea Party co-opted, corrupted,” much could be added in response but since I agree with almost all of her statements and share her concerns there is little point in taking up space with my verbiage except to say:

You talk the talk well, Carla, but America needs more than talk. The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots meet the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the exhibit building of the fairgrounds. I’m sure you would be most welcome.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City


Letters to the Editor Jan. 21, 2010

Political discourse has devolved to school yard yammering

Sometimes I have trouble believing what I read in the letters section. What have we become? My big fat gas bag on the right is better than your big fat gas bag on the left. Can I really be “fair and balanced” if I have to tell you that I am?

Why go up and down the dial looking for something to hate or fear? Switch channels and get the lies on both sides of every question.

Really, name-calling? Saying that because you said I was wrong I must retaliate and call you un-American. If I oppose a war I am unpatriotic. If I don’t want more taxes or bigger government then I am obstructionist. Democrats are leftists who want to tax and spend. Republicans are fascists who want to give all to corporations and starve the poor.

It all reminds me of school yard yammering that we should have all outgrown in the fourth grade. I believe when I am bound to either side so tightly I am bound to forget America.

Jerry Critz


Letters to the Editor Jan. 20, 2010

Update on what is happening in community with tsunami sirens

My name is Cindy Henderson and I am the emergency services manager for Del Norte County and I wanted to update the community on what is happening with the tsunami sirens.

We are installing two more sirens in the Crescent City limits and we currently have three in Klamath and three in the county, including one in Smith River, one at the harbor and the other one at the Flynn Center.

We are currently working with signal operators at NOAA weather to have the sirens go off the first full-week Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. to test them. We have had some problems matching the signals and we are still having to set them off manually each month from the Sheriff’s Department but we hope to get this corrected soon. Your patience is very appreciated!

Please remember that these are outdoor sirens and are not meant to be heard indoors. They are meant to alert people by the water and those that are participating in outdoor activities. Remember that you can have your own personal siren in your house by purchasing a NOAA weather radio that will sound with an alarm night or day with any hazards that are happening in our area.

Thanks for being prepared!

 Cindy Henderson

Emergency Services Mgr.

Crescent City

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