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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Jan. 22, 2010

Carla Critz’ good ideas welcome at Del Norte Tea Party meetings

In response to Carla Critz’ well-written Jan. 20 Coastal Voices piece, “Tea Party co-opted, corrupted,” much could be added in response but since I agree with almost all of her statements and share her concerns there is little point in taking up space with my verbiage except to say:

You talk the talk well, Carla, but America needs more than talk. The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots meet the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the exhibit building of the fairgrounds. I’m sure you would be most welcome.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City


Letters to the Editor Jan. 21, 2010

Political discourse has devolved to school yard yammering

Sometimes I have trouble believing what I read in the letters section. What have we become? My big fat gas bag on the right is better than your big fat gas bag on the left. Can I really be “fair and balanced” if I have to tell you that I am?

Why go up and down the dial looking for something to hate or fear? Switch channels and get the lies on both sides of every question.

Really, name-calling? Saying that because you said I was wrong I must retaliate and call you un-American. If I oppose a war I am unpatriotic. If I don’t want more taxes or bigger government then I am obstructionist. Democrats are leftists who want to tax and spend. Republicans are fascists who want to give all to corporations and starve the poor.

It all reminds me of school yard yammering that we should have all outgrown in the fourth grade. I believe when I am bound to either side so tightly I am bound to forget America.

Jerry Critz


Letters to the Editor Jan. 20, 2010

Update on what is happening in community with tsunami sirens

My name is Cindy Henderson and I am the emergency services manager for Del Norte County and I wanted to update the community on what is happening with the tsunami sirens.

We are installing two more sirens in the Crescent City limits and we currently have three in Klamath and three in the county, including one in Smith River, one at the harbor and the other one at the Flynn Center.

We are currently working with signal operators at NOAA weather to have the sirens go off the first full-week Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. to test them. We have had some problems matching the signals and we are still having to set them off manually each month from the Sheriff’s Department but we hope to get this corrected soon. Your patience is very appreciated!

Please remember that these are outdoor sirens and are not meant to be heard indoors. They are meant to alert people by the water and those that are participating in outdoor activities. Remember that you can have your own personal siren in your house by purchasing a NOAA weather radio that will sound with an alarm night or day with any hazards that are happening in our area.

Thanks for being prepared!

 Cindy Henderson

Emergency Services Mgr.

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Jan. 19, 2010

As a telecommuter, I need my state-funded cell phone

Regarding Gary. Puente’s Jan. 15 letter (“Additional things governor could do to save Calif. govt. money”) and his reference to taking away the cell phones of all public employees, there are very good uses of cell phones by private and public entities, providing a way for employees to support their employers while being able to have a life.

I have a state-provided cell phone, and am the technical lead for a statewide telephone system that services real people 24/7, 365 days a year. I also live 450 miles away from my employer’s office and telecommute 75 percent of my work time.

There are many state-employed, technology-based staffers that depend on cell phones to keep in touch with the systems we support both during a work day and on off-hours (yes, I work nights, weekends and cancel vacations when work calls).

Without a cell phone many people would be receiving poor service from the state; for example if the system I support goes down during off-hours thousands of people will not get timely information. With a cell phone, no matter where I am, I can be contacted and start the process to fix whatever is broken. This is true for many other state staff.

While looking at cell phone use to eliminate ones not needed is a great idea ,getting rid of all would hamper dedicated state employees from delivering the services we, as taxpayers, expect and deserve.

Joanna Hawley-Jones

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Jan. 17, 2010

It’s too easy to overdose from so many different fluoride sources

Regarding new federal recommendations to lower fluoride levels in water (“Federal govt. says too much fluoride in water,” Jan. 8), we get fluoride from so many sources that it is easy to overdose and putting it in the city water contributes to this problem.

 Today many common fruits and vegetables are saturated with fluoride, as fluoride is predominantly used in chemical pesticide applications. Inorganic California grapes are particularly treated by fluoride-based pesticides, making inorganic grape juice, wine and raisins hazardous to your health. A simple lunch-size box of raisins has two to six times the amount of an equal weight of fluoridated city water.

Letters to the Editor Jan. 15, 2010

Additional things governor could do to save Calif. govt. money

Great start Gov. Brown! (“48,000 state employee cell phones to be cut,” Jan. 13). May I humbly offer some additional ways toward resolving our fiscal deficit?

Why not turn in cell phones in use by all public employees? Let them have the option of keeping them at their own expense. Let us remove cars provided for all public employees and restrict travel allowances to conferences that can be delivered through telecommunication or prepared workbooks.

Why don’t we legislate that “double dipping” is illegal once you are retired? It would create jobs for those in need and eliminate substantial political nepotism in public office! Why should we allow PERS to compensate certain privileged retirees to pad their monthly incomes with vacation, sick, and furlough days to retire sometimes over 100 percent?

Letters to the Editor Jan. 14, 2010

To be true to Constitution, we should abolish corporations

 Since Karen Brooks wants to get back to the Constitution, let’s abolish corporations. Nothing in the Constitution permits investors to create an intangible legal “person” who then takes (or dodges) responsibility for the mistakes of flesh-and-blood persons.

But the Constitution does guarantee flesh-and-blood persons “equal protection of the laws.” I'm sure Karen Brooks is not a bigot, but minorities depend on government to enforce our 14th Amendment rights. Corporations have no incentive to do it.

Barry Wendell

Crescent City

Letters to the Editor Jan. 13, 2011

Staff, tenants partnered to make Seabreeze Apartments peaceful

On behalf of the Seabreeze Apartments, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the young lady referenced in your Dec 30 article (“Police: Man held for rape of girl, 15”). This was truly an unfortunate and unforeseeable incident, from anyone’s perspective.

The circumstances are in the capable hands of the law enforcement. I have been informed by staff that this tragic act took place somewhere outside and neither parties was a resident.

The staff and tenants, over the recent years, have truly partnered to make the Seabreeze Apartments a quiet and peaceful community. Their efforts and success have been recognized and it is my sincere hope that the greater community will retain this perception.

Michael F. Burke

Vice President,

AWI Management Corporation

Auburn, Calif.

Letters to the Editor Jan. 12, 2011

Medicare and social security cuts are bad

For the past two mornings now I have listened to the news report about our deficit and yes, as American citizens it is our deficit. But we American citizens are now and will be suffering because of choices and cuts made by our government. Whether we are Republicans or Democrats, one or the other will get the “hatchet” once our government makes their cuts.

The latest is stupendous cuts to social security and medicare. Why?

Why hurt those who need it most? It’s bad enough there’s been no cost of living increase for two years. What’s next?


Letters to the Editor Jan. 11, 2011

Very grateful for honest people willing to return lost money

I was at the Union 76 gas station on Saturday waiting for my son. After he got there I went inside to get a soda.

I paid for it and went back to my truck when Matt came out and handed me my $10 back that I had drop in the store. That was honest of him to give it back. So I asked my son to go back inside and give him $5 as a thank-you.

I’m very grateful for honest people. Thank you very much, Matt.

Edith Headley

Crescent City

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