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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 3, 2015

We must seek new ideas in this economy

What is under the wigs of our county supervisors? It does not matter if there are 800 to 1,000 square foot homes of efficiency here. It’s done in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino or Sonoma counties. Call them cabins if you will. There are many of this description here in our county.

We’ve gone regulatory nuts. We seek no new ideas in times when folks are making do with less. Try being proactive in this economy.

In Hawaii or New Guinea people of lower class can still live in homes built of sticks where one can fish for his daily fare. Are we elitist only in this community?

Lynne Rackley, Crescent City

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 1, 2015

Muslims can’t be trusted as POTUS

The Chicago Tribune editorial printed Sept. 26 has a hard time finding anything but straw dogs to make their argument in, “A Muslim For President?”

I agree with Dr. Carson that a Muslim who will not value the Constitution over Sharia law has a conflicted allegiance and cannot be an effective president. Personally, I can’t see that Obama has much of an allegiance to the Constitution or Sharia.

Yes, Congressman Keith Ellison is a Muslim. Dr. Carson specifically said congressmen are a different issue, so why build a straw dog here? Leftists always try to draw moral equivalence whenever terrorists do what they do. Why would a sane individual even feel enough empathy for these fanatical murderers to try to defend them? Does anyone need to be reminded that there were no Christian celebrations in the streets after the federal building in Oklahoma was blown up, nor after any of the other examples the column gives?

Pages of History: Fire guts store in Smith River

Burned out on Saturday, back in business by Monday night. This is the remarkable story of Westbrook’s market in Smith River, which completely burned to the ground Saturday night.

Hardy Del Norte residents who are accustomed to fast recovery from almost any disaster were amazed by the speed with which brothers Ted and Tod Westbrook put their business back in operation.

Coastal Voices: Citizens find way to boost local biz

How many times have you heard it said that economic growth is important to our economy?  Yes, it’s the old tried and true mantra of any political candidate. 

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29, 2015

Bus driver: Claims of racial profiling untrue

I am a 13-year school bus driver for Del Norte Schools and have spent the last four years transporting students to and from Klamath every day. 

I disagree with racial profiling and my colleagues and I were highly offended by statements attributed to Ms. Helton regarding racial profiling on our buses. Her stating (Sept. 25 “Pilgrimage” story) that kids are pulled off the bus regularly and entangled with law enforcement is untrue and is an example of race-baiting or reverse racism.

Coastal Voices: Getting off the chemical treadmill

New EPA water quality laws expanding protection to tributaries as well as main stem rivers will be another layer of regulation for the Smith River lily bulb growers.

While their new agricultural discharge permit now being devised by the state Regional Water Quality Control Board will not be issued for several years, growers should be more pro-active and take voluntary steps to reduce chemical discharges from lily fields into the estuary.

Initial bioassay findings from the North Coast Water Quality Control Board (NCWQCB) indicated high levels of copper at some test sites that either inhibited zooplankton reproduction or directly killed these two indicator species, both vital in the food chain. For coho salmon and tidewater goby, Smith River sloughs and tributaries are essential fish habitat and crucial fish nurseries and rearing areas. Both species are federally listed as threatened or endangered and both require zooplankton as their primary prey species during part of their life cycles.

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 26, 2015

Change in paper looks, feels good

Recent changes in content and layout have made The Triplicate more informative and enjoyable to read. It has the feel of an authentic newspaper. As a loyal reader, I wanted to pass on my appreciation.

Aimee Bolender, Crescent City


Physician shortage is a very real issue

I didn’t “chuckle” at all when I read Mr. Cooper’s article to the editor regarding the shortage of medical services in our county. In fact, I became furious when Mr. Richard Cooper made light of our serious problem. (See letter to the editor “No critical shortage with 29 physicians,” Sept. 22.)

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24, 2015

Values mostly the same, solutions are different

It was with interest I read the Sept. 15 edition of the Triplicate; Mr. Shepard’s listing of the conservative values upon which he states the policies of the Republican Party are based.

I do hope others of his party will not be upset or shocked to learn these values are not theirs exclusively. Rather, these are the values of the civilized world encompassing all political, economic and religious philosophies. The programs and policies designed in the name of these values is where the differences occur.

Could it mean traditional means we tend to find it difficult to change with the times?

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22, 2015

Liberals hold traditional values too

Once again, I must respond to Mr. Shepard’s rebuttal. Perhaps he does not realize that we liberals have similar traditional values.

We believe in the preservation of the Constitution, just as he does.

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 19, 2015

McClure is not perfect, but neither is the criticism

In my 13 years in Crescent City I’ve read many letters that were critical of Martha McClure.

Some were logical and well written; others quite the opposite. Sparky Countess’s recent letter fell in the latter category.

Sparky seems to be of the opinion that most of what is holding this county back can be attributed to McClure and her “power-monger” partner, Supervisor (David) Finigan.

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