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Updated 2:34pm - Jul 29, 2016

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Coastal Voices: Changes in ocean due to radiation?

I read with interest the article regarding the “Bleak outlook at fishery  meeting”  in  the Feb.16 Triplicate. What is reported is the flat out admission by Chuck Bonham, the director of California Fish and Wildlife, to members of the joint legislative committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture that he is clueless to the”dramatically`different” condition of the (Pacific)ocean.

Punctuating that condition he recites a litany of sorrows aquatic life is experiencing, e.g., increased whale entanglements,  sea star wasting syndrome, marked decrease in squid landings and nearly extinct kelp beds. Presumably “whale entanglements”refers to whales becoming entangled in nets, what else? If that’s what is meant why would”dramatically different “ocean conditions increase entanglements? I have come across at least two websites on the Internet that report beached, dead whales along numerous beaches; signs of entanglement were not mentioned.

The Triplicate article also is silent on the multitude of dead seabirds counted so presumably the topic was not mentioned by Bonham at the meeting.

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23, 2016

Addie Meedom great with our loved ones

I am writing this letter for two reasons. First off, I am thankful our community has a facility such as Addie Meedom to care for our loved ones. I know first hand how well the elderly are being loved and cared for, due to the fact that I worked as part of the team for 16 years and under five administrators. I am now retired but continue my involvement with the current administration and staff.

I worked with the current Administrator Paul Silva for over two years and I do believe in his ability to oversee and run Addee Meedom. It takes a certain kind of person to work with the elderly. Paul and his staff take this job very seriously and have the residents’ care and safety as a top priority. Any time the families or residents had a complaint, Paul would always stop what he was doing to investigate and work with all involved to come up with a solution.

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 20, 2016

We are watching McClure’s every move

Recently the (Eureka) Times-Standard printed a succinct but scathing editorial re: the Coastal Commission’s ouster of Charles Lester. One of the “back room villains” it referred to was the North Coast’s very own Martha McClure, who not only voted to remove Lester, but also propelled the commission’s decision to hide the process behind closed doors.

When McClure stated her desire for her district to “update their coastal land use plans without more aid from the commission’s staff,” I had to laugh at her use of the word “aid” (translation: inconvenient oversight). Now that it’s quite clear she stands with the local Good Ol’ Boys Network, she should be prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable in her post, since we will be watching every move she makes as commissioner.

Another View: Fishermen need any assistance we can give

Fishermen in trouble need our help —now.

Due to the closure of the crab fishery, fishermen have lost nearly three months of income at the peak of the season. And they aren’t the only ones hurting. Without the millions of dollars the sale of crab normally brings to Crescent City, a number of businesses in town are suffering. Normally bustling restaurants are empty, and even Walmart’s sales have taken a dive.

No emergency funds have yet been released by the state or the feds, and likely won’t be made available until many months down the road.

Pages of History: Highways eyed to tie coast together

From the pages of the Crescent City American, February 1928:

A bill proposing the establishment of a Pacific Coast national highway system that would provide three trunk lines with laterals along the Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico, was introduced today by U.S. Rep. Crail, Republican of California.

It asked an appropriation of $250,000 for the preparation of plans and such other appropriations as might be necessary to build the highways.

Coastal Voices: First time drug offenders need rehab, not jail

A failing system — this is the life we live. 

It is time to change the way things are done when it comes to nonviolent, first-time drug offenders. The way the system works now is not solving the problems. I see a major waste of tax dollars.

I was thrown into this world when a family member got into trouble for a pipe with residue in it. This family member received jail and probation. Things happened and shortly after, he lost his job, home, children and self esteem. He became homeless.

I talked to the district attorney and numerous county workers, explaining this family member needed rehabilitation. I was told the county was broke and there was no money in the budget. So, instead he got stuck in the county’s merry-go-round.

Letter to the Editor, Feb. 16, 2016

Sick in Del Norte? Hopefully you're a dog 

After being in severe pain for some time, my 74-year-old widowed sister made an appointment with her regular doctor in early January. The doctor prescribed ibuprofen and made an appointment for March 28.

The medication had no effect at all. The doctor (by phone) told her to go to the hospital for an X-ray, which showed arthritis and extensive damage to her neck — the doctor still advised March 28 for an appointment.

The pain was intolerable and since we could not get her in to see her doctor, she went to urgent care on the 6th — still no appointment change. We had to take her to the emergency room on the 9th and still the doctor would not see her. 

Coastal Voices: STAA proposal would further destabilize canyon

As a geologist, I have worked in mineral exploration for 34 years in the North Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork canyons of the Smith River and along most of the ridges bordering Highway 199 from the Collier tunnel northeast to Cave Junction.

The Middle Fork Canyon of the Smith River along Highway 199 sits on top of an active crustal zone. It lies over an ocean plate, which is being pulled under the continent by the forces of continental drift beneath our coastal region.

The undercut slopes along Highway 199 that were necessitated by the construction of the current road have left the inner canyon walls of the Middle Fork of the Smith River in extremely precarious condition.

Another View: Homeless people may sometimes surprise us

I became a newspaper reporter four decades ago because of the idealistic notion I could help save the world. But after hanging around too many slimy politicians, bungling bureaucrats, unjust judges, jaded cops, scuzzy crooks, boozy newshounds and other degenerates, I turned into a cynic.

Then I moved to Crescent City, retired, and began volunteering at the Community Assistance Network's food bank. The people who use C.A.N.'s services have given me a new outlook.

For the most part, they're not the homeless bums and drug addicts I expected, but are ordinary folks down on their luck. In general, they face their challenges with such fortitude, it makes me feel silly to think I've got it rough. Compared to them, I've got it made.

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 11, 2016

Billboard advertising legal product isn’t really a problem

In response to, 'Recreational Marijuana billboard needs to go.”

Mr. Smith, I too am disgusted every time I pass a billboard promoting alcohol (88,000 deaths in U.S. annually), cigarettes (6 million deaths worldwide annually), sleeping aids (320,000-507,000 U.S. deaths annually) and pain killers (44 people die daily in U.S. as a result of prescription opioid overdose). Yet, your concern is a marijuana billboard?

Now, I am not naive enough to believe marijuana hasn't contributed to deaths while operating machinery but there have been zero deaths as of yet, contributed to overdose or prolonged use of marijuana.

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