The California Public Utilities Commission now has new tariffs available to support the development of up to 480 megawatts of renewable generating capacity from small facilities throughout California.

These andquot;feed-in tariffsandquot; present a simple mechanism for small renewable generators to sell power to a utility at predefined terms and conditions, without contract negotiations.

The tariffs count toward the utilities' renewable portfolio standard. The program requires electric corporations to increase eligible renewable energy resources by at least one percent of annual retail sales, until they reach 20 percent by 2010. As of August 2007, California's three large investor-owned utilities collectively served 13.2 percent of their 2006 retail electricity sales with renewable power.

Generator tariffs come with a 10-, 15-, or 20-year fixed-price, non-negotiable contract. Customers can sell renewable power under the feed-in tariff terms to electric companies up and down the state, including PacifiCorp.

Customers are offered incentives to install solar, wind, and bio-fuel generators to offset their carbon footprint.

- Triplicate Staff