Christine Walters

William Crociata, Legal Document Assistance, will open officially on Monday at 508 H St., Suite 8. Crociata recently moved to Crescent City from the Bay Area, where he managed a law office for eight years that practiced exclusively family law.

andquot;Among my many duties, I performed paralegal work,andquot; he said. andquot;I've definitely acquired the skills to prepare various judicial counsel forms, motions, orders to show cause and other things that litigants who can't afford an attorney may need assistance with. I don't give legal advice. I prepare documents for people so they can represent themselves in pro per.andquot;

Often, people think they have completed a legal document properly and they present it to the court clerk, who tells them, andquot;No, you have to do this, this and this,andquot; he said.

andquot;Instead of having to sit in a law library trying to figure out for themselves what to do,andquot; he said, andquot;I can help them prepare the appropriate documents correctly at a cost much cheaper than an attorney.andquot;

The client then takes the documents from there, signing them, copying them and filing them with the court.

andquot;I have all the tools at my disposal,andquot; Crociata said. andquot;I can help people with name changes, guardianship, adoption, modification of prior orders, divorce and civil lawsuits in general.andquot;

The office location, directly across from the county courthouse, will no doubt be convenient for his customers. For further information, call 464-3444.

Verizon Internet available

The Verizon Wireless store that opened in July at 1302 2nd St. on Hwy. 101 N. recently added internet service to its product line.

andquot;Our service is absolutely wireless and mobile,andquot; said co-owner Oggy Zohar.

He and his silent partner, Trinidad Ramirez, own Elite General Retail d.b.a. Dr. Cell Phone with kiosks in Roseburg, Ore. and at Bayshore Mall in Eureka. In addition, they are now authorized retailers/dealers for Verizon Wireless.

andquot;We plan to invest from Coos Bay to Eureka,andquot; Zohar said. andquot;We started with cell phones and accessories, then expanded into fixing phones, both hardware and software. That's our biggest advantage. Unlike any other retailer, we can actually crack the phone open and see what's happening inside.andquot;

Another advantage Zohar claims is cell phone coverage over the entire county.

andquot;We get service in Hiouchi and Klamath. We've had a couple of dead spots, but we've worked them out within 30 days,andquot; he said. andquot;We have a 'worry-free guarantee' to try our service for 30 days and if unsatisfied, you can discontinue service with no fees.andquot;

The internet service is getting rave reviews since it began three weeks ago, Zohar said.

Store manager Jason McKinney said that although Verizon's internet service is not the same speed as Charter's, it is wireless with a small modem about the size of a cell phone that plugs directly into the laptop and operates wherever cell phone service is available.

andquot;We work with our customers to solve their problems,andquot; Zohar said. andquot;Different phones have better reception in different areas, so we custom fit the phone to the customer.andquot;

Verizon offers various types of cell phones, including 'smart phones' that function as a PDA and full size camera as well as a cell phone.

Sales agents Jared Dannenberger and Sawyer Tatman round out the new Verizon team. For further information, call 464-2000.

Rock shop moves

Stone Art Studio moved in September to the 101 Mall at 425 L Street, just behind Denny's Restaurant.

andquot;We have almost double the space here,andquot; said owner Debra Herman. andquot;So we've expanded our inventory for beads, jewelry and rocks. We got a dinosaur jawbone, a big new selection of turquoise beads and a lot of new amethysts. We also doubled our tie-dye shirts and added a bunch of agate wind chimes.andquot;

Stone Art Studio was formerly located at 122 U.S. Hwy. 101 N. and has been in business in Crescent City for three years. Herman also sells inventory on eBay and her own web site, She has been in business a total of five years.

andquot;We expanded our gemstone bead selection to include coral, tourmaline, jaspers, jades, agates and moonstone,andquot; Herman said. andquot;People really like the agates.andquot;

In addition to beads, jewelry and rocks, Stone Art Studio carries rock tumblers, amethyst crystal clocks and all the related findings for making jewelry, including earwires, silk threads and bead caps.

For further information, call 218-5415.