Christine Walters

Denise Macomber opened a beautifully renovated new office for Windsor Capital Mortgage Corporation at 1341 Northcrest Drive in the Old Town Center on Tuesday.

andquot;Windsor Capital was named number two in the nation in loan volume in the June issue of Broker Magazine,andquot; Macomber said. andquot;We have 1,800 loan officers and 350 lenders we can choose from, so we get a lot of preferential rates.andquot;

Formerly a loan officer at North Coast Mortgage for three years, Macomber will be on her own in the beginning, but her 1,100 square foot office has an extra desk and she hopes to be hiring within the next six months.

andquot;I liked working at North Coast Mortgage very much, but I had to leave in April because my husband had extensive surgery that required home care for two months,andquot; she said. andquot;So I got my mortgage broker's license and did a lot of research on mortgage companies. I'm real particular about with whom I affiliate.andquot;

Founded in 1989, Windsor Capital handles FHA, PERS, VA and CalVet loans in addition to conventional loans.

andquot;We also offer the USDA's Guaranteed Rural Housing loan program,andquot; Macomber said. andquot;It is more lenient on guidelines for debt to income ratios and credit ratings. We have lenders that do manufactured homes on land, and there are still subprime loans out there for people who have credit challenges, although it is a little harder to get approved the way the market is now.

andquot;I love what I do and I'll do everything I can to help make my clients' dreams come true,andquot; she said. andquot;If you're not happy with the loan product you're in, I'd be happy to meet with you to go over other options.andquot;

For further information call (707) 464-7000.

New marine repair service

Having moved to Crescent City from Key West, Fl. this summer because his wife was transferred to the Coast Guard station here, Joe Titensor is now offering his services as Joe's Mobile Marine Repair.

andquot;In most cases I try to do everything at the customer's house,andquot; he said. andquot;I do everything from small engine repair to a major engine rebuild. I do replacement parts and handle electrical issues like navigational and anchor lights that aren't working, or bilge repair.andquot;

Titensor has been doing marine repair for 10 years for dealers in Fort Myers, Fl. and Charleston, S.C. as well as Key West.

For further information call (707) 464-4507.

Improvements in storage

Since taking over the management of Del Norte Storage at 175 Arnett St. last December, co-owner Kelsey Mann and her husband Stretch have made numerous improvements that have resulted in happier clients and nearly complete occupancy of the 159 storage units.

andquot;It was quite a mess when we took over,andquot; Kelsey said. andquot;So we cleaned it up and painted it. There was a field full of abandoned trailers and mobiles homes that we got rid of.andquot;

andquot;We installed an improved security system with cameras,andquot; Stretch said. andquot;We're going to add new gutters, a new roof and speed bumps.andquot;

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