By Cornelia de Bruin

Triplicate staff writer

Although Patrick Creek Lodge is taking reservations for its summer season, owners Greg and Ellen Schaub might not see the season out.

They're selling the property, and plan to move to New Zealand - not a casual move nor one for the faint of heart, but a beautiful corner of the world in which to live.

andquot;We want a warmer place,andquot; said Greg Schaub. andquot;Whatever country you like, they have it.andquot;

The couple has owned Patrick Creek Lodge about two and one-half years, improving it during their tenure.

andquot;I've been a contractor, and I've done a lot of work on the place,andquot; Schaub said.

Work like re-roofing the place and other major improvements. He's even built a home for the property's owners.

andquot;My deck is 15 feet from the river,andquot; Schaub said proudly.

The Schaubs make a point of living in beautiful places. They moved here from the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

So, besides a mention of more warmth, why is the couple leaving this gem of all landscapes?

andquot;New Zealand doesn't have outrageous policies and everyone is much nicer,andquot; Schaub said. andquot;Here the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and everyone thinks the stock market is alright.andquot;

The Schaubs don't know whether a recent bit of serendipity is helping their summer season this year, but it certainly doesn't hurt that a Seattle Times reporter's travel story, which notes Patrick Creek Lodge, was reprinted in the April 29 issue of The Orange County Register.

andquot;A few people have mentioned the story, but we still book people from north of San Francisco,andquot; Schaub said.

Nevertheless, he added, andquot;If we sell it we would be heading south. We've been to an immigration expert who did a pre-scan and assured us we could get in.andquot;

Their expert, Schaub added, andquot;doesn't get paid if the couple are denied immigration.andquot;

Del Norte County, Schaub said, andquot;Is awfully beautiful this time of year, especially when all the wildflowers are blooming, but...andquot;

Between now and the end of the couple's residency here, andquot;We are holding our barbecues every third Saturday of the month,andquot; Schaub said.