By Cornelia de Bruin

Triplicate staff writer

Two businesses have succeeded in working through their leasing issues with the Crescent City Harbor District and its board of commissioners.

Finding ground both can work from has taken the board and Bill Bradshaw about one month. Bradshaw owns Lucy's Crab Shack, a business he purchased from Monty and Lucy Gonsalves at the beginning of December.

Working from the harbor board's opinion that he should pay a fixed boat slip fee to a second proposal that Bradshaw should pay rent and a portion of his earnings, the two sides hit on a solution earlier this week.

The board and Bradshaw agreed he will pay 2.5 percent of the crab shack's monthly profits, or rent, whichever is greater. Terms of the lease are for 14 months.

Amanda Bradshaw runs the dock-side business, selling seafood that George Bradshaw catches and brings into port on his dad's vessel, andquot;Swan.andquot; Bradshaw describes himself as andquot;the go-ferandquot; for his daughter, Amanda, and son, George.

The board has also worked out a lease with Susan Williamson, who does business as Silly Suzy's Ice Cream.

She posed a new situation for harbor board members.

Used to dealing with stationary businesses, the board needed to figure out how to charge a mobile vendor who spent only about 15 minutes at their facility at a time.

Williamson also vends in Brookings, and is approved to sell ice cream at the municipal pool parking lot, Howe Drive and the city's food court.

The harbor has offered to charge her 3 percent of her month's profit, to be paid on an honor basis, on a trial basis.

Williamson anticipates that she will have a final answer from Crescent City by late spring.

In other matters, the harbor board voted to support changes to parts of the Harbors and Navigation and Public Contract Codes.

If the changes are made, the harbor district could borrow more money up to $2.5 million instead of just $1 million to make improvements.

Another change in the code would help Moss Landing, a small special district in Monterey County governed by the Harbors and Navigation code and the Public Contract Code for projects.

The code, unchanged since 1983, requires a competitive bidding process on all projects exceeding $5,000.

In its letter to the harbor board, Moss Landing seeks support in amending the Public Contract Code so the process of public works projects will be less burdensome.

Crescent City's board voted to support the request.