By Cornelia de Bruin

Triplicate staff writer

Less than six months after she was hired as executive director of the Crescent City-Del Norte Chamber of Commerce, Pat Medina has tendered her resignation, effective March 22.

Medina submitted the resignation to Chris Howard, chamber president, on Feb. 28.

andquot;I feel it is important that I take care of my own best interests for my future,andquot; she said. andquot;I have been accepted to law school, with studies commencing April 10.andquot;

In her resignation letter, Medina said she had enjoyed working with the board, but added it was clear to her that she did not have the salesmanship qualities it desired in an executive director.

Although Medina's tenure is short, she has filled a key role during her time here, Howard said.

andquot;We're not too concerned about it,andquot; Howard said. andquot;It's a very good thing that she recognized she wanted to continue on with law training.andquot;

Howard said the chamber will start looking for a replacement andquot;soon,andquot; using the California Chamber of Commerce and Western Association of Chamber Executives as the launch pad for its search.

andquot;She did a good job of getting us organized,andquot; Howard said. andquot;But we need someone who can be in public.andquot;

Medina said that law school has been a constant desire during her career path but one she has often put off. The first time was when she decided to work as a street officer, then when she took three foster children, ages 11-14, into her home.

Next came a commitment to teach in law enforcement, followed by the time-consuming hours of being a police chief for 10 years.

Medina is ready to go for the gusto now, having been accepted into Concord Law School, an on-line program that will enable her to work while she studies.

She's gotten a job as a Starbuck's barrista, which will allow her the freedom of working part-time as she learns law.