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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers concerning The Triplicate's web site.

Q: What is the correct address of The Triplicate's web site?


Q: How do I find different areas of the web site easily?

A: Use the links in the navigation bar at the top of any page to go anywhere in the site. The top bar links are major categories of content; when you click that major category, its subcategories will be displayed in the secondary bar beneath it.

Q: How do I search the Classifieds?

A: Click Search Classifieds in the classifieds navigation bar at the top of each page. Enter a key word for the kind of ads you're looking for. Choose a category. Click on Search. Your keyword must appear in the text of any ad for you to find it. For instance, if you enter the keywords "Houses for Rent" you probably won't find any ads because those words don't appear in the ad text.

Alternatively, click Search Classifieds, choose your category, and scroll through all the ads in that category to find what you're looking for.

Q: What are the best browsers for viewing the web site?

A: The site has been designed to be viewed with the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you aren't using them, get the free downloads:

Internet Explorer, Firefox

Q: Is the entire newspaper published on the web site?

A: No. Selected local news articles are published.

Q: Can I send a Letter to the Editor online?

A: Yes. Go to our convenient web form to upload your letter. Tip: Please create your letter first in a word-processing program. That way you will have a copy in case your browser times out or your computer crashes while you are uploading the letter.

Q: Can I place a classified ad in the paper and on the web site electronically?

A: Yes. Click Place an ad in the classifieds navigation bar at the top of every page of this site.

Q: How can I advertise on

A: Contact Advertising Manager Cindy Vosburg.

Q: How much traffic does get?

A:Contact Advertising ManagerCindy Vosburg.

Q: How can I send suggestions and comments to

A: Send e-mail to