By Dick Trone

During the years since I returned to Del Norte High School there has been a person that has contributed so much to Warrior sports it has always been a real inspiration to me.

Aaron Finley has never been able to put on a football helmet and take the field or put on sneakers and run up and down the basketball court. When I first met Aaron while he was a student at Del Norte, I knew right away that he was a real sports nut. He was always at Warrior contests as a student. He had knowledge and insight into sports that was mature beyond his age.

I learned early on that Aaron wanted to pursue a career in sports journalism. When he is talking sports his eyes just glitter. During his junior and senior years at DNHS I found that we needed an announcer for our football games. In past years it had always been an adult from the community. As athletic director I thought why not give Aaron a try.

When I approached him about this he was all for it. When he got behind the microphone he was and still is a natural. His mature knowledge of football was amazing. This past year he again took the mike for the semi pro football team, the Wild River Storm. Again, a great job.

When you attend a contest in Thunen Gym, the pleasant voice you hear is very often Aaron. He is there not only because he is covering the contest as a part of his job, but also because he is a true Warrior.

After graduation from high school, Aaron started pursuing a college degree in journalism by taking classes at College of the Redwoods. After completing his time at CR he transferred to Humboldt State University where he received a degree in journalism.

After college graduation, Aaron worked for a time covering Warrior sports for The Daily Triplicate. He now covers local Warrior contests in all sports for the Eureka Times-Standard. Aaron is a wonderful example of a young Warrior that took the talents that he has and made the most of them. He is fast becoming a walking history of Del Norte High School sports and is a true inspiration to this old Warrior.