Oregon National Guard Sgt. First Class Mark Browning wrote this about Bruno de Solenni:

andquot;He is a hero, a champion, a gift from God. His good nature and genuine care for others was infectious and spread not only to our team but other nations incuding the Afghans, the British and the Danish. Everybody loved Bruno. He was a force of nature.

andquot;Bruno and I had a special bond and there was no doubt in my mind that we were going to be life-long friends. We looked forward to hunting trips with my family and fishing trips with his. I am so sad.

andquot;I am also so proud. Bruno was not your average officer. His conviction to duty went far beyond rank or title. I think that's why we all just called him 'Bruno.' He didn't need rank to be a great leader. It just happened naturally.

andquot;He will be missed, but never forgotten and always loved. We will carry on for him. The U.S. commander of Southern Afghanistan stated tonight that the Oregon ETT team was doing the hardest job in Afghanistan. He also said we were doing the best work with the least assets.

andquot;The job just got much harder without Bruno, but we are a great team and will continue to make Bruno proud.andquot;