If you look in the box below this editorial, you will read that The Daily Triplicate andquot;is published daily except Sundays, Mondays. New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.andquot; Don't believe it! This year, because Christmas and New Year's fall on a Tuesday, the first day of our publishing week, the management and staff of The Daily Triplicate have decided to publish newspapers on Tuesday, Dec. 25 and Tuesday, Jan. 1.

It just didn't seem right to us to leave you without any local news for three days in a row. So we've got folks coming in to work Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the office in Crescent City and at the plant in Smith River. Our carriers are working on Christmas Eve for the first time in who knows how many years to bring you a very special Christmas edition.

Late Monday afternoon (earlier than our normal deadline) we'll print the Christmas edition (and we'll do the same the following week for New Year's). Some of you will probably receive the Christmas Day edition of The Daily Triplicate Monday evening. If you check your porch or tube you might have your paper delivered about the time you're finishing up dinner on Christmas Eve. That would be the perfect time to stir up some hot chocolate and gather the family around to read the more than 650 Letters to Santa that will be in the Christmas newspaper.

Better than being tied in a big red bow, the Christmas edition of The Daily Triplicate will be decorated with the dreams and delights that only come from the very young. The children of Del Norte have spoken and their wishes come alive on our newsprint pages. Some letters are humorous, many are touching. andquot;Please bring me a puppy because I need a new friend,andquot; says one second grader. Some requests are practical. andquot;This year for Christmas I would like a pre-paid cell phone,andquot; Britney says. Others want to see what's beyond their immediate reality. Quinton asks Santa, andquot;please give me a telescope that can see all the planets.andquot;

So plan on a Tuesday newspaper filled with letters and all the local and community news we can gather up for you over the weekend. And from all of us to all of you, have a safe and happy holiday season.

- Michele Thomas, publisher