Triplicate Staff

Del Norte Unified School District held a public sale last Tuesday to get rid of some outdated, damaged and no-longer-needed equipment.

The bulk of the surplus was outdated or broken electronics and furniture. The sale is held twice a year in May and once again in October.

andquot;We can't guarantee anything that's here, so we sell it for really cheap,andquot; Melina Allen, purchasing technician for the district said.

Deputy Superintendent Rodney Jahn said the money raised from the sale goes directly into the District's general fund.

andquot;The money is used to pay and cover the cost of the sale,andquot; Jahn said. Outside companies are hired to pick up the surplus equipment from the district's schools, Jahn said.

The money is also used to cover the cost of disposing of the items that aren't purchased.

The funds left over after paying for the costs to transport the surplus are used to pay for trips to the dump and the dumping fees, Jahn said.