By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

CRESCENT CITY A child molester's victims addressed the Del Norte County Superior Court Thursday during his sentencing hearing.

The victims, whose thoughts were read by a North Coast Rape Crisis Team advocate, stated how the actions of Blaine C. Ducat damaged their lives and washed away their childhood purity.

andquot;His scars are unfortunately a permanent part of me,andquot; one victim's letter said. andquot;He stole 12 years of my innocence. An innocence I will never get back.

andquot;He put me in a world where I felt no love ... He hurt me physically, mentally and spiritually,andquot; another letter read. andquot;Didn't he understand that I was not his play toy?andquot;

Over the course of 11 years, Ducat sexually assaulted three girls, who at their youngest were 3 years old.

andquot;When you think of a child molest, you think of Mr. Ducat. He did those acts you find repulsive,andquot; Del Norte County District Attorney Mike Riese said. andquot;It's not kissing. It's not simple touching. It's any of those acts that adults with any morals would find repulsive.andquot;

The assaults were not disclosed to authorities until July 2006, Riese said, making the case 15 years old from the start of the molestation. Ducat was not arrested until this year.

In a handwritten statement he wrote to Del Norte Superior Court Judge Robert Weir before his sentencing, Ducat apologized and asked for help with his problem:

andquot;Please For give me for wat i did i do need help i can noT rite or reed So Please for give me for not Telling you morr if some 1 cood helP me with This Please.andquot;

But due to the nature of the crimes and the length of time they occurred, Judge Weir imposed an aggravated sentence, giving Ducat 10 years in a California State Prison and forcing him to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

andquot;What he did psychologically damaged at least two of these girls,andquot; Riese said of Ducat's crimes. andquot;Child molest makes a victim out of the young boys and girls forever.andquot;

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