Randy Ansley

So how does a Denver couple end up in Crescent City?

It has been a year since we dropped into Crescent City for the first time. When we first arrived in town, we had no idea that Crescent City would become our home. Sally just wanted coffee on our way up the coast. We had decided to take a driving vacation up the coast to the Pacific Northwest. We loaded up the car with the 4x5 camera and a few clothes, and we arranged for someone to feed the cats. Then we were on our way.

After a couple of days, we arrived in Eureka and spent the night. The next morning, we had breakfast in Trinidad, and by early afternoon we were in Crescent City and Sally was thirsty. We found a place to get her a nice cup of coffee, and as she sipped her prize she was looking through a copy of the Daily Triplicate that someone had left on the table. One of the pages had a photograph of the lighthouse and Sally asked if we could see it. As we were on vacation, I said that we could do whatever we wanted. After we got directions from the young lady at the coffee shop, we found it was only a short drive to the lighthouse.

An offer too good to refuse

Sally wanted to take the tour and I was busy looking for a good spot to set up the camera from the parking lot. A young fellow who had been doing some carpentry work at the lighthouse was putting his tools away on his bicycle. He noticed our Colorado plates on the car and told me he used to live in Colorado. We struck up a conversation and he mentioned that the Historical Society was looking for permanent lighthouse keepers. Being from Denver, we did not have much experience as lighthouse keepers, but I thought we should look into it anyway. I walked up to the lighthouse where I met Sally starting back down. I told her that they were looking for permanent lighthouse keepers and she should go back up to see the people inside and find out who to talk to. She was told to see Linda Ging at the museum.

The museum was only about 10 minutes away and we had no trouble finding it. When we got inside we asked if we could see Linda Ging. We were asked, andquot;What do you want to see her for?andquot; I responded that we heard that they were looking for lighthouse keepers. We were told, andquot;Don't move!andquot; A minute later Linda came to the front and seemed happy to meet us. We talked with her for about an hour and she asked if we could stay overnight and meet with some of the board members the next day. We said, andquot;Sure we can.andquot;

Ready to go

After our very good meeting the next day we were back on our way up the coast. When we got to Gold Beach, Ore., we headed east to Interstate 5 to make up some time. When we got to the Interstate, however, we decided that the interview went really well and we should cut our vacation short and head back to Denver to pack.

It seems hard to believe that it has been a year since we first saw the lighthouse, but Sally and I both agree that it was a wonderful choice to move out here. We have met so many great people and we have tried our best to promote the lighthouse and Crescent City. Thank you to all of you for letting us be a part of your community.

Randy Ansley, the Battery Point Lighthouse keeper, can be reached at