The Brown Pelicans have returned to the shores of Del Norte County and Crescent City. The Northcoast Redwoods Interpretive Association will host a program and slideshow describing pelican biology and ecology from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday. Deborah Jaques, wildlife biologist and seabird researcher for over 20 years will host the discussuion and following field trip. The field trip will follow the slide-show and presentation. Meet at Lake Earl Wildlife Area Headquarters, 2591 Old Mill Road, Crescent City.

Guests will head to the Lake Tolowa estuary to view the pelicans. Jacques will also discuss her knowledge of the pelican's communal roosting behavior, habitat use and range expansion.

Attendees should wear layered clothing and comfortable shoes. Guests should also bring binoculars, a favorite bird guide, drinking water and snacks. Contact Sue Calla at 707-465-6191.