By Adam Madison

Triplicate staff writer

While some visitors drive to Del Norte County to experience the summer beauty, three of Crescent City's most recent recent visitors enjoyed the views from their bicycles.

andquot;It's nice seeing the world go by slower on a bike,andquot; said Holly Sue Allen, from Philadelphia, Pa., one of the trio of cyclists.

andquot;The pace we go is faster than walking, but slow enough to see what's around,andquot; said Aaron Wolfe of Buffalo, N.Y.

The cyclists Allen, Wolfe and Alex Boll, from Hamburg, Germany, all met at different points during their journey.

But so far the trio agrees that they've had the most fun in Crescent City.

andquot;We all went surfing, we all caught the same wave,andquot; Wolfe said, grinning.

andquot;You both flipped over at the same time,andquot; Boll said, while nursing a bruised elbow sustained from his fall from the wave.

andquot;Yeah, that was definitely the highlight of the trip,andquot; Allen said, laughing.

Boll and Wolfe met for the first time in Anchorage, Alaska, and rode with each other until going separate ways in British Columbia. The pair met up again in the Yukon.

While pedaling through Pacific City, Ore., Wolfe and Boll met up with Allen and the trio have ridden together since.

Each rider had different reasons for wanting to bike the majority of the West Coast.

andquot;I finished my university, I like biking a lot and I wanted to see how far I could go,andquot; said Boll, who received his diploma in engineering and economics, which is Germany's equivalent of a bachelor's degree plus one additional year of school.

Allen, who hasn't owned a car for the five years she's been in Philadelphia, said, andquot;I thought that I'd be in good enough shape to go as far as a car ... on a bike.andquot;

It was the first bicycle trek for Allen and Boll, but the second for Wolfe, who biked down the East Coast in 2006.

andquot;My first trip was all about the culture,andquot; Wolfe said. andquot;This trip is all about the wild.andquot;

For two of the riders, finances and gas prices played a substantial part in choosing bikes over cars.

andquot;It's nice not to have to pay for gas,andquot; Allen said. She added, andquot;The bike was the most expensive part of the trip.andquot;

Laughing, Wolfe said, andquot;I was in school, had a free summer and no money. (The trip) was cheaper than keeping my apartment.andquot;

After meeting, each rider decided to head to the same destination of San Fransisco.

Allen began her bicycle trip in Seattle, Wash., on Aug. 1, Boll began his trip on June 20, and Wolfe began his trek on June 12.

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