Randy Ansley

When I was a kid, my mother would tell me that someone was going to come and get me with a butterfly net (in the old days that was how they caught crazy people). Well they never got me with a butterfly net, but I ended up on the net just the same; the Internet.

When Sally and I moved to the lighthouse we started a blog. For those of you that don't use computers, a blog is an open letter on the Internet. We publish dozens of pictures and lots of stories about Crescent City and the lighthouse and what it is like living here. Our blog was very well received and read by people all over the world.

A short while back we had a problem with our blog. The company that hosted it shut down and no one could gain access to it. We were getting calls from folks all over the country, but we could tell them nothing because we were in the dark as well. It was time to take action.

Our spot on the Web

We decided to get our own URL (Universal Resource Locator). We can now be found at At this time we just have a paragraph explaining that the blog site is under construction. In a few weeks we will have many of our old postings, as well as new ones, and photographs and links up on our new blog.

Blogs were invented to publish short items on the Internet. Many software companies are using blogs now for things like general information or how-to manuals that are easily changed as needed. You might say that our blog is mostly for entertainment, but it is also a historical document of our time as lighthouse keepers at Battery Point Lighthouse that will be available for future generations to read.

I hope that from time to time you will stop by and read our blog. After all, it is about your lighthouse and your community. Your feedback and your comments are always welcome.

Our spot on the island

Now if you are just not into computers you will just need to visit us at the lighthouse in person. Battery Point Island is open from sunrise to sunset, and you only need to keep an eye on the tides. During the summer months we are open for tours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays when the tides permit. The cost for the tour is only $3 ($1 for children). If you think you would like to make frequent trips to the lighthouse or the museum, then you are encouraged to become a member of the Del Norte County Historical Society. You not only get free admission to both facilities, but you also get a discount if you purchase any merchandise. Hope to see you soon.

Randy Ansley, the Battery Point Lighthouse keeper, can be reached at