County has faced tsunamis for 300 years


Many more waves than infamous 1964

By Cornelia de Bruin

Triplicate staff writer

Although Del Norte County is best known for its Good Friday Tsunami of 1964, numerous other waves have slammed the Northcoast for more than 300 years.

A chronology of local tsunamis includes the following events:

?Jan. 29, 1700

A rupture in the Cascadia subduction zone offshore from Northern California left a geological record in this area.

The quake was recorded in Native American legend and Japanese historical records.

?April 6, 1943

A tsunami generated by an earthquake in north-central Chile made a small run-up here.

?Dec. 20, 1946

0.2 meter run-up from a tsunami generated by a quake in Nankaido, Japan.

?March 4, 1952

0.2 meter run-up on Crescent City beaches generated by a quake in southeast Hokkaido, Japan.

?Nov. 4, 1952

1 meter run-up from a Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia- generated quake.

?March 9, 1957

0.7 meter run-up from a central Aleutian Island-generated quake.

?May 22, 1960

1.7 meter run-up and $30,000 damage from a south-central Chile-generated quake.

?Oct. 13, 1963

0.5 meter run-up from a Kuril Islands, Russia, quake.

?March 28, 1964

6.3 meter run-up from a Gulf of Alaska/Alaska Peninsula-generated quake.

?Feb. 4, 1965

0.1 meter run-up from a west Aleutian Island-generated quake.

?Oct. 17, 1966

0.1 meter run-up from a quake generated in Peru.

?May 16, 1968

0.6 meter run-up from a Honshu, Japan-generated quake.

?July 26, 1971

0.1 meter run-up from a New Ireland-generated quake.

?Oct. 3, 1974

0.1 meter from a tsunami generated by a quake in Peru.

?May 7, 1986

0.1 meter run-up from a wave generated by a quake in the west Aleutian Islands.

?April 25, 1992

0.9 meter run-up from a wave generated by a quake in Cape Mendocino.

?Sept. 1, 1994

0.14 meter run-up from a Mendocino Fault-generated quake.

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