By Michelle Radison

Special to the Triplicate

Battery Point Lighthouse has long stood as a sentinel of safety for mariners. For 150 years, it has welcomed ships through the dense fog of Del Norte County's harbor.

For almost as many years as it has stood upon the island there have been reports of bumps in the night.

Lighthouse keepers and curators have stood watch of the horizon, and some believe the past wickies still assist them. Others suggest Captain Samuel Dewolfe of the ill-fated Brother Jonathan roams the residence, forever watching for the hidden reef, which caused his ship's demise.

There have been reports of artifacts moved about the lighthouse by an unseen person. Objects in the dwelling have been thrown to the floor, shattering from an unseen hand. Animals in the lighthouse have swatted at thin air or hissed at a andquot;ghostly intruder.andquot; One of the most hair-raising tales came from a guest attending the tour. As the woman stood at the tower door, a hand gently rested itself on her arm to pass. When the woman turned to see the passerby, there was no one there. This sort of event has happened on more than one occasion.

Sleeping at the lighthouse has caused some to develop goose bumps when a bedmate crawls in next to them, and one can feel the warmth of the blankets. The strong smells of floral perfume or cigar smoke have been reported, as well as people chattering in conversation when there is no one else around.

The player piano creates music in the silence of the evening, footsteps abound up and down the tower stairs during the night as if the wickies of the past are keeping the light hourly.

To this day, many a light keeper, curator, volunteer and visitor have relayed a story of the unusual occurances, some stating they will volunteer, but never after dark. On your next visit to Battery Point, take notice of the rocking chair in the keeper's room, on many occasions it rocks slowly back and forth with no one there. Maybe you will be the next visitor to be gently nudged aside in the tower door, or perhaps you may smell the sweet aroma of cigar smoke.