The National Institutes of Health recommends everyoneolder than 20 have a completelipid screening at least every five years.

Elevatedlevels ofcholesterol andglucose are key indicators linked to many of the most serious diseases that can affect us.

The screening will be offered from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 19 at The Medicine Shoppe.

The screening measures total cholesterol (TC), HDL, LDL, TC to HDL ratio, and triglycerides. A 12 to 16-hour fast is recommended for the lipid panel, but no fasting is required for the total cholesterol or HDL screening.

Testing costs $35/lipid panel, $25/ TC-HDL, $15/TC, $5/glucose (for diabetes) and $20/ALT (for liverenzyme). Body Composition testing (percentage of body fat)is also available for $10.

A two-hour fast is suggested for diabetes screening.

No appointment is necessary, and all results are available in minutes. Contact 888-767-9860.