Triplicate staff

In 1905, Dr. Ernest Fine got one of the first cars in Del Norte County, according to andquot;Images of America: Crescent City and Del Norte County.andquot;

The red, one-seat Ford roadster carried a four-cylinder engine.

Other types, referred to as horseless carriages, showed up in Eureka, Arcata, Ferndale and other Northcoast spots around the same time. The first in Humboldt County was a Michigan, according to a Fortuna history Web site.

A lumber mill owner drove one into Healdsburg in Sonoma County in 1900, after buying the four-horsepower Stanley for nearly $1,000 in San Francisco, according to the that documents that city's past.

That site recounts commuting trouble over the region's mountainous roads, the parking problems in the center of town a few years later and the eventual construction of the Redwood Highway that would lead travelers north.