Triplicate Staff

Pistol River Concert Association features Sol Flamenco Dance Troupe with guitarists Mark Taylor and Mark Berry 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Pistol River Friendship Hall.

The troupe is under the artistic direction of Joelle Goncalves.

Sol Flamenco offers all the trademarks of flamenco: haunting guitar rhythms, pounding feet, furious and percussive hand clapping, and soulful singing.

Developed by Spanish Gitanos, or gypsies, the centuries-old art form speaks to the human condition: dance and song that express immense joy, deep sorrow and the gamut between. The art form continues to grab the soul of audiences universally.

Troupe members have honed their craft through studies in the United States and Spain. They have worked together for many years, and their improvisational style and interaction is always spontaneous, fresh and charming.

The group's last performance sold out.