By Adam Madison

Triplicate staff writer

The 2007 graduating class of Del Norte High School and their friends and family were greeted with warm, sunny weather and a light breeze for the new grads to toss their caps into.

andquot;This weather is awesome isn't it?andquot; said Eric Chandler, a friend of graduate Micala Baxter.

The Del Norte High Concert Band performed andquot;Themes From Rocky,andquot; for the arriving friends and family and the grads as they lined up to take their seats. The traditional andquot;Pomp and Circumstance,andquot; was played as the students took their seats.

andquot;I had a feeling that he might not graduate, that she might have been ditching class too much, but now he's going to Humboldt State,andquot; said Sue Yang, grad Chou Yang's sister.

Eurees Vue, senior class president, welcomed the guests and presented the senior gift. Vue also spoke about the $2,000 that the seniors raised for this year's andquot;Safe and Soberandquot; grad dance and the $3,000 the seniors raised for the sober grad dance for next year's grads.

Kim Longrie, salutatorian gave her speech first.

Longrie began her speech with andquot;the life-altering roller-coaster known as high school.andquot;

andquot;We are beginning what is now known as the rest of our lives,andquot; Longrie said.

Longrie told the new grads that andquot;we should pick the weeds and keep the flowers.andquot;

Longrie ended her speech with andquot;someone (friends, family and teachers) gave us the reason to believe in ourselves, congratulations we did it.andquot;

Valedictorian Ian Uecker spoke next, not about graduation or the class of '07 but about the fear of doing a speech.

Uecker likened giving a speech in front of his peers to andquot;playing around with a scalpel in the middle of a highway,andquot; and having andquot;your intestines caught around the axle of an eighteen wheeler,andquot; with the truckdriver andquot;blaring country music, too ignorant to notice he's dragging you behind his truck.

andquot;It seemed like yesterday, it was cool but trippy,andquot; said Sherman Norton, a Yurok Tribal member, after graduation.

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