I'm celebrating my first anniversary as publisher. With the promotion came the move from Brookings. We dragged our patient realtor to nearly every house between Smith River and Gasquet. Too big, too small, too much work, too much money, too far. I realized I wanted to live near my work. Now I'm 1.3 miles away. A four-minute drive if I don't stop for a coffee.

I love the fact that The Triplicate's in the heart of downtown. I go to the bank, the post office, my hairdresser, to lunch - it's on foot. And I really like my neighbors. Just like in a residential neighborhood, we sweep our porches, water our gardens and shout andquot;Good Morningandquot; from across the street.

While visiting my neighbor Cheryl recently, she said, andquot;For your column, ask people what books they're reading.andquot; Cheryl is a book hound. I liked her idea, but it made me uncomfortable. Ask who? Would they think I was silly? Wasting their time? Invading their privacy?

Well, let me tell you, Del Norters have lived up to their reputation of being incredibly friendly and helpful! I sent emails and made calls, and no one told me to mind my own business. Instead they gave me lists - not just what they're reading now - but what they just finished and what they're planning to read next! It was as though my question was a cry for help and these folks dropped what they were doing to give me what I needed!

So, here's what's on the nightstands of some good neighbors and friends. Kevin #1: Barak Obama's andquot;The Audacity of Hopeandquot;; Kevin #2: books about flying and andquot;Tuesday's With Morrieandquot;; Kevin #3: newspapers; Bev W.: andquot;Team of Rivalsandquot; and andquot;Snow Flower and the Secret Fanandquot;; Mike S. is also reading andquot;Team of Rivalsandquot; ( about Lincoln's cabinet) and andquot;At the Tomb of The Inflatable Pig: Travels Through Paraguayandquot;; Cheryl C.: andquot;Oregon Curiositiesandquot; and andquot;Miss Hickoryandquot;; Rich Y.: andquot;Sacred Stonesandquot;; Gerry N.: andquot;700 Sundaysandquot; (Billy Crystal) and andquot;Better than Perfectandquot;; Alison E.: andquot;The World is Flatandquot; (Thomas Friedman), Michael Pollan's andquot;Omnivore's Dilemmaandquot; and Barbara Kingsolver's andquot;Animal, Vegetable, Miracleandquot; (I just gave a copy to my Rick who put down Janis Joplin's bio andquot;Buried Aliveandquot; to start it). Marlene E.: andquot;State of Fearandquot; and Golda Meir's andquot;My Lifeandquot;; Rick N.: andquot;The Wild Treesandquot;; Shirley C. : andquot;The Memory Keeper's Daughterandquot; and andquot;Bird Songsandquot;; Liz M.: andquot;The Worst Hard Timeandquot; (about survivors of the Dust Bowl) and andquot;Polio: An American Storyandquot;; Kimble: andquot;Plum Lovin'andquot; (Janet Evanovich); Rene: andquot;The Dog Whispererandquot; in anticipation of her new puppy; patient Norma: andquot;The Book Thiefandquot; (Markus Zusak) and andquot;The Husbandandquot; (Dean Koontz); Brian O.: andquot;Paddy Whacked: The Untold Story of the Irish American Gangsterandquot;; Will C.: andquot;Defiant Gardens - Making Gardens in Wartimeandquot; by Kenneth I. Helphand; my best friend Denise (most voracious reader I've ever known) andquot;Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesiaandquot;; library director Long: andquot;A Walk in the Woodsandquot; (Bill Bryson) and andquot;The Gravedigger's Daughterandquot; (Joyce Carol Oates). Me? andquot;The Unbearable Lightness of Beingandquot; (Milan Kundera).