By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

Six people will vie Thursday for the vacant City Council spot left by former council member Herb Kolodner, who resigned earlier this month.

If chosen, the new appointee will sit on the council until November 2008, when Kolodner's term would have expired.

Below is a list of the candidates in the order their interviews are scheduled. Candidates responses are from their applications, including the reason they applied for the position and some of the issues they believe are important to Crescent City's future.

Debbie Weist

Debbie Weist is owner of Dance With Debbie, a ballroom dance studio in Crescent City:

?Reason for applying - andquot;I feel a strong sense of civic duty and am interested in helping Crescent City become all that she can be.andquot;

?Important issues - Economic development without degrading natural resources and child protection, education and development.

Richard Enea

Enea is a former council member and reserve Crescent City Police officer:

?Reason for applying - andquot;I like to be involved in my community and I have the time to serve.andquot;

?Important issues - Waste water plant expansion, airport expansion, blight clean-up, retail business expansion, providing a better quality of life for city residents.

N. Charles Slert

Slert is a Crescent City architect:

?Reason for applying - andquot;To get directly involved. To make a contribution. To serve the citizens. To inspire people. To help city to realize its full potential. Use my collective skills as architect, planner, college educator and businessman to move city forward with a vision.andquot;

?Important issues - Blight clean-up, support airport and Elk Valley Rancheria development, redevelop harbor and downtown, clean-up U.S. Hwy. 101, make city a desirable destination.

Noya Reno

Reno is firefighter and EMT with Crescent City Fire Department:

?Reason for applying - andquot;I would like to serve on the City Council because I feel like I can be the voice of the people. I see areas of improvement and am not afraid of talking to others to hear their concerns.andquot;

?Important issues - Stronger sentencing for drug charges, public safety, bringing small business to downtown.

Hiram (Stan) Jones

Jones is a retired Del Norte County teacher:

?Reason for applying - andquot;I now have time to serve my hometown and to pay back everything that Crescent City has done for me.andquot;

?Important issues - Airport, improve harbor, build an ice rink.

Kathryn Murray

Murray is director of the family services division of Community Assistance Network:

?Reason for applying - andquot;I care deeply about our community and want to contribute to the growth and development at every level possible...and vow to embrace diversity and work diligently to help ensure this community becomes healthy and prosperous.andquot;

?Important issues - Economic development, physician recruitment, collaboration with county, airport, harbor and tribes to improve infrastructure and safety.

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City Council


?What: The City Council will meet to interview six candidates who want to fill the current vacancy left by former councilman Herb Kolodner.

?When: 5 p.m. Thursday

?Where: Cultural Center, 1001 Front St.