Triplicate staff

In less than a month, Justine Bartow-Funk of Crescent City will graduate from Stanford University in Palo Alto - June 17 to be precise.

She will attain a bachelor of science degree, with a major in earth systems, concentrating on biosphere.

andquot;I'm pretty pround of her,andquot; said her mother, Marla Bartow, a single parent. andquot;She worked really hard to get in there, and she's worked hard while she's been there.andquot;

Like nearly most graduates, Justine is courting the job market in advance of collecting her degree. andquot;She's looking at four jobs,andquot; said Bartow.

One of the prospects would require Justine to live in Hawaii. Her mother chuckled when asked whether she had her fingers crossed about that job and its future requirement that she would have to visit Justine in Maui.

Bartow has two other children, Lucas, who graduates from Del Norte High School two days before his older sister's graduation; and Kala, a younger daughter.