By Cornelia de Bruin

Triplicate staff writer

California State Parks is beginning to develop a general plan for the greater Mill Creek watershed addition.

That's the property just south of Crescent City that Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park recently acquired to extend the park's size.

andquot;I'm hoping this will be a cooperative process,andquot; said State Parks Superintendent Bruce Lynn. andquot;We definitely want to find out what the different interests are and include them.andquot;

That planning process is open to the public. Residents will be invited to attend a series of meetings and give input. Written comments also will be accepted during the process, which is anticipated to last two years.

State Parks will determine how much land use, circulation and facilities, natural and cultural resources, and education might affect the already written Mill Creek General Plan.

andquot;Because the acquisition is so large (25,000 acres), we decided that we needed to develop an amendment to the general plan,andquot; Lynn said.

California State Parks North Coast Redwoods District is 9,000 acres - nearly two-thirds smaller than the Mill Creek acquisition.

andquot;This makes it the fifth-largest state park in California,andquot; Lynn said.

The General Plan Amendment will include all environmental regulations that apply.

After the planning is finished, a State Park Commission meeting will be held in Del Norte County.

Help Create the Plan

?What: Mill Creek watershed addition General Plan Amendment process

?When: 6:30-8:30 p.m. June 21

?Where: Crescent Fire Protection District Station, 255 W. Washington Blvd.