Triplicate Staff

The cost of mailing letters and packages goes up Monday.

Perhaps most noticable: The 39-cent stamp used on a letter must be accompanied by a 2-cent stamp or your mail won't be sent.

Other rate increase sinclude:

?First-class two-ounce letter, 58 cents.

?Postcard, 26 cents.

?1 lb. priority mail, $4.60.

?Priority mail flat-rate box, $8.95

?Express mail (1/2 pound), $16.25

?One pound express mail, $19.50

?Two-pound express mail, $21.40

U.S. Postal Service fees also will increase:

?Certified mail, $2.65

?Delivery confirmation (priority), 65 cents

?Delivery confirmation for first-class parcels, 75 cents

?Return receipt (original signature), $2.15

?Electronic return receipt, 85 cents

?Money orders (up to $500), $1.05

New stamps are available at the post office, or can be ordered online at, or by phone, 800-782-6724.