By Thea Skinner

Triplicate staff writer

Ideas flowed freely at Friday's Future Scenario Planning Session as representatives worked to identify a stance on the type of social consciousness that will drive the county toward economic prosperity.

David Beurle of Innovative Leadership Australia and Connie Loden of the Heart of Wisconsin project, assisted nearly 120 community representatives in pinpointing items to improve upon, and items that have been implemented successfully.

According to Beurle, within five years, conventional communication will be online.

He explained that two realms of consciousness exist: Contextual, including the dynamics of culture, vision, and environment; and content including practical ideas.

andquot;Think contextually about what forces and regional trends you see that will shape the future of the county,andquot; Beurle said. andquot;Social movement starts with a small group. We are actually ahead of the game, because we have a large group of people here.andquot;

He continued, andquot;Your job is to shape a new culture, not be shaped by the environment you already live in.andquot;

With this in mind, the community representatives brainstormed to identify forces and trends, which were displayed on the wall on a piece of paper.

Representatives also placed circular stickers on pieces of paper to indicate how they perceive certain dynamic areas. Red stickers were placed for needing room for improvement and blue stickers were placed for being successful.

The majority results in each catagory were:

?Evidence of a strong community pride - Red

?Willingness to seek help from outside - Blue

?Invest in the future built to last - Red

?Communities are self-reliant - Red

?Participatory approach to community decision making - Red

?Creatively build new economic opportunities - Red

?Strong presence of traditional institutions integral to the community - Blue

?Support local business - Red

?Deliberate transition of power to new leaders - Red

?Strong belief in support for education - Blue

andquot;When things do not go right in communities like yours, people do what they do best instead of being innovative,andquot; Beurle said.

He urged the community to conduct surveys on who shops locally to andquot;help connect the dotsandquot; on the pieces of paper.

andquot;No one is coming to save you. There are more than enough smart people here to create an environment in which the things we want will flourish,andquot; Beurle said.

Representatives in attendance also identified 20 top forces, or drivers, that will lead the community toward economic prosperity. They are:

?Sustainable and renewable energy


?Transportation infrastructure and multi-modal transportation linkages

?Visual appeal of the community

?Quality healthcare

?Professional job development

?Support of local business

?Regional image or reputation

?Cultural inclusiveness and diversity


?Community cooperation and collaboration

?Community safety

?Small business and entrepreneur development

?Broader vocational education

?Quality of life: Leisure, outdoor recreation

?Backcountry recreation

?Affordable housing

?Leadership transition and development

?Collaboration with local tribes

?Curbing drug abuse

In addition co-owner of Data Center West in Medford, Ore., David Hand, talked to representatives about the possibility of bringing another data center to Crescent City.

The Medford data center is 10 blocks from the Charter Communications facility providing broadband Internet to Crescent City. The Charter Communications facility has created several Internet outages for locals in the past two months.

He explained that he wants to bring a data center here to house all business' IT servers, and provide more technology to the community. But he needs the infrastructure in place to do that.

andquot;I come here for personal interest. I am intrigued by the beauty,andquot; Hand said.

He stressed that the community can create an andquot;anchor tennent to put dollars into supporting such infrastructure.andquot;

Like Beurle, Hand is trying to provide another means to assist the community toward economic prosperity.

andquot;I try to paint that ideal situation, so people can see the possibilities,andquot; he said.

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