Triplicate staff

A Website that lets its visitors experience the ecology of a redwood forest will be up and running Friday as the Northcoast Redwoods District of California State Parks launches its new project.

Called, the site features 12 interactive pages that let users explore many facets of old-growth forests.

andquot;A Website is the perfect way to teach kids about ecology,andquot; State Park Interpreter Marnin Robbins said. andquot;Just as in nature, the Internet works like a web, where each part is linked to everything else.

The interactive pages vary from banana slugs and maidenhair ferns to Roosevelt Elk and mountain lions.

The medium, accompanied by state-of-the-art interpretive design, allows users to explore at their own pace, as they would do on a real hike through the forest.

The project was a collaborative effort by California State Parks, Humboldt State University and Humboldt County Office of Education.

HSU Natural Resources Interpretation practicum class developed the Website's content and design.

High school Cybertribe students created a andquot;flash movieandquot; for the site, then encoded each of the interpretive Web pages.

Cybertribe is a project of the county education office's Regional Occupational Program.